Sunday, May 21, 2017

SNK Neo Geo Cheats - Top Hunter

More Levels:
Play in console mode to access all game levels (in MVS mode only 9 levels are available, whilst AES mode gets you 13!)

Exclusive to the Japanese Neo Geo home console:
(AES) version are 6 different endings. One of the endings is the default one you normally get, to get the other ones you need to defeat one of the first four bosses and then the last boss with a specific special move. If done right, you should see the bosses ejecting from the seats. To get the 6th and final ending, defeat all of the bosses using the required special move.

Required special move to defeat each boss in the last level:
1) Sly (Forest Boss) = Slide Attack (qcf + B)
2) Misty (Ice Boss) = Turn Attack (Charge Down + Forward, then press Forward + A)
3) Big Man (Wind Boss) = Atomic Bomb (Jump and press Down + A)
4) Burn (Fire Boss) = Rolling Attack (Charge Down, then press Up + B)

5) Captain Klapton (Last Boss) = Rolling Upper (Forward, Down, Forward + A)

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