Thursday, May 25, 2017

Atari Jaguar Cheats - Battlemorph

Cluster passwords:
Enter one of the following player names to start at the corresponding cluster will all weapons and ammunition that would have been earned at that point in the game. The phrase "Zephyr Cluster" will appear on the load game screen regardless of what name is entered.
Name --- Cluster
ATDC2 --- Carmine
ATDC3 --- Ferial
ATDC4 --- Pan Alma
ATDC5 --- Straussen
ATDC6 --- Pyroxine
ATDC7 --- Cygnus
ATDC8 --- Pernish

Quake weapon:
Destroy almost all of the trees on all the first cluster's worlds.

Funny mode:
Enter A_NAME as a player name. A sound will confirm correct code entry. Skylar's voice, the cockpit graphics, and FMV sequence narration will be altered.

Bonus ships:
Obtain a score that ends with "99" upon completion of a world to receive two bonus ships.

Bonus points:

Obtain a score that ends with "42" upon completion of a world to receive 99,958 bonus points.

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