Thursday, May 18, 2017

Sega Saturn Cheats - Battle Monsters

Level Select
In Vs. mode, choose your character with the A or C button and continue to hold the button as the character-select screen fades. A stage select menu will appear, allowing you to choose which stage you'd like to fight in.


Stage select:
Enter Vs. mode and hold A or C to select a character. Continue to hold either button to display the stage select menu.

Alternate costumes:
Highlight a character and press A at the selection screen.

Fight as Steel Fangore:
Highlight Fangore and press A.

Fight against a shapeshifter:
Play through the game as any character. And once you reach your character's stage, you will fight a shapeshifter.

Hint: Taunt:
Press C during game play.

Hint: Headless Harn: Drethdork morph:
While playing as Headless Harn, press Back, Forward, A. Harn will morph into a monster similar to Drethdork. Note: This only happens for a few seconds.

Hint: Fatality:

Enable the "Select stage" code, then choose Hungry Cave. While fighting in the Hungry Cave, jump off the very end of either the right or left edge; or, have either player knock their character off the edge. Note: This can also be done in Game Start while fighting against Headless Harn.

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