Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Atari Jaguar Cheats - Brutal Sports Football

Fix league mode bug:
Enter RMVVKL343 333VZ6387 as a password.

Play in second league with the Mad Dogs:
Enter 05CWLXSSR W1W08YVWX as a password. Enter a different team's name in the last nine positions of the name prompt.

Last league game:
Enter HWB!5YKKK KK3LZZ759 as a password.

Demons passwords:
Status --- Password
First League, First Match --- P167FV777 77FF4FFFF
First League, Second Match --- VDQTD!PPP PPZVS2Z10
First League, Third Match --- VBNHP4RRR RRX5LZYVW
First League, Fourth Match --- V6077JXXX XXRC2GSSS
First League, Fifth Match --- 8ZPJXLQQQ QQYFM!VV0
First League, Final Match --- 5TY48VZZZ ZZP!WGSLQ
Second League, First Match --- 9J105R444 44JJ7JJJJ
Second League, Second Match --- 2GRLKJDDD DD84K987!
Second League, Third Match --- 7Q5!94000 00NDVQLPM
Second League, Fourth Match --- !3MRQXJJJ JJ40FV685
Second League, Fifth Match --- L93ZCP222 22L3XGNQS
Second League, Final Match --- 6N26XZ333 33KY8LDFC
Third League, First Match --- M9BRJ5111 11MMYMMMM
Third League, Second Match --- K3M5WD999 99CH6DCDC
Third League, Third Match --- WRL7D6!!! !!BL5JDFC
Third League, Fourth Match --- WQ2DWQBBB BB!YH1849
Third League, Fifth Match --- XHWF8XJJJ JJ4MF06W6
Third League, Final Match --- LY0TB9DDD DD8MKX904
Fourth League, Second Match --- HBKBNZ333 3NHF8GKJH
Fourth League, Third Match --- DVZHP2PPP P417SX102
Fourth League, Fourth Match --- 15XDXCRRR RRX9L62YW
Fourth League, Fifth Match --- PYB44F!!! !!BV5QHGF
Fourth League, Final Match --- Y4SYXHWWW WWS5ZCMNN

Savages passwords:
Status --- Password
First League, First Match --- CWQFPKPPP PPZZWZZZZ
First League, Second Match --- NPTJNQLLL LL2YXZ201
First League, Third Match --- 6H5BZM888 88DNKGFBC
First League, Fourth Match --- K!VMD6220 !2LGRCPPP
First League, Fifth Match --- TRJ78RCCC BT5S6X865
First League, Final Match --- 83TXFZLLL MJYFX3XXX
Second League, First Match --- 0JRRDKWV7 5D4838888
Second League, Second Match --- BJ37ZY222 22LQRPLMN
Second League, Third Match --- CD0071555 55HRBFGGC
Second League, Fourth Match --- NPKGYGLLL LL26X9Y1Y
Second League, Fifth Match --- CBY113777 77FYJTKCH
Second League, Final Match --- P74915111 11M8QJRPB
Third League, First Match --- 7HPBML777 77FFJFFFF
Third League, Second Match --- CLFQNLZZZ ZZPTSLPNM
Third League, Third Match --- 76W6LXJJJ JJ4W7!635
Third League, Fourth Match --- !HSD5R444 44JNFTGDH
Third League, Fifth Match --- 93VVZFKKK KK3L8Z579
Third League, Final Match --- CR374PTTT TTVG0!ZZ2
Fourth League, Second Match --- 5QLS74VWH 8HTQRPLPL
Fourth League, Third Match --- SVBCHY!!K 9TDLHJFFB
Fourth League, Fourth Match --- MY99XRCCC BW!X62569
Fourth League, Fifth Match --- FGMQCX111 G1L4QHRQN

Fourth League, Final Match --- XWHGS9555 55HWBNDBJ

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