Thursday, May 25, 2017

Playstation 4 Cheats - Tour De France 2014

To unlock the following Trophies, complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
21 bouquets (Silver Trophy) --- Win each stage at least once
As a team (Bronze Trophy) --- Finish a stage in Cooperation mode
Attack! (Bronze Trophy) --- Attack during a stage
Baptism of fire (Bronze Trophy) --- Finish a stage
Big thighs (Gold Trophy) --- Score over 600 points in the points standings
Champion of champions (Platinum Trophy) --- Obtain all trophies
Duel between friends (Bronze Trophy) --- Finish a stage in Versus mode
Fan (Silver Trophy) --- Achieve all team objectives in Tour de France mode
First stars (Silver Trophy) --- Gain 3 advancement stars in Tour de France mode
Forewarned is forearmed (Bronze Trophy) --- Carry out a reconnaissance
Give every last ounce of energy (Silver Trophy) --- Win a stage after a blow up
Hat trick (Gold Trophy) --- Be top of the overall standings, points standings and climber standings with the same rider
Into legend (Gold Trophy) --- Win the Tour after taking part in 21 stages
Master of his kingdom (Bronze Trophy) --- Win a stage in England with an English rider
More stars (Silver Trophy) --- Gain 6 advancement stars in Tour de France mode
Mountain king (Gold Trophy) --- Score over 300 points in the overall climber standings
Pacesetter (Bronze Trophy) --- Relay at the front of the peloton
Poser (Bronze Trophy) --- Breakaway for, at least, 10 kilometres
Ready! (Bronze Trophy) --- Perform warm-up
Revelation (Silver Trophy) --- Win a stage with a rider without a gold, silver or bronze specialisation
Sports director (Bronze Trophy) --- Create a team in Pro Team Mode
Superstar (Gold Trophy) --- Gain 10 advancement stars in Tour de France mode
Unrivalled (Gold Trophy) --- Win the Tour with more than 5 minutes lead over the second

Winter transfer (Gold Trophy) --- Purchase a rider with a score of over 80 in Pro Team

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