Monday, January 2, 2017

Playstation Vita Cheats - Natural Doctrine

To unlock the following Trophies, complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
[Multi] Beginner Collection (Bronze Trophy) --- Obtained 5 cards.
[Multi] Card Collector (Silver Trophy) --- Earned 50 cards.
[Multi] Card Master (Gold Trophy) --- Earned 300 cards.
[Multi] Co-Op Victory (Bronze Trophy) --- Won a cooperative multiplayer match.
[Multi] Dominating Superiors (Bronze Trophy) --- Defeated a higher ranked player than you.
[Multi] Duel Master (Gold Trophy) --- Won 100 times.
[Multi] Rank Up! (Bronze Trophy) --- Increased your multiplayer rank for the first time.
[Multi] Shining Star (Bronze Trophy) --- Obtained a truly superlative card.
[Multi] Super Size! (Bronze Trophy) --- Obtained a card with a maximum size of 4.
[Multi] The Chosen One (Silver Trophy) --- Reached A rank.
[Multi] The First Step (Bronze Trophy) --- Switched out a card in a registered multiplayer deck.
[Multi] Top Rated (Silver Trophy) --- Created a deck of rating A or higher.
[Multi] Victory (Bronze Trophy) --- Won a competitive multiplayer match.
Bergman Explorer (Bronze Trophy) --- Collected a total of 10g of Pluton.
NAtURAL DOCtRINE (Platinum Trophy) --- Earned every other trophy.
Next Initiative (Bronze Trophy) --- Defeated an enemy who had the next Initiative, leading to consecutive Initiatives.
Pluton Destruction (Bronze Trophy) --- Used 'Pluton Arrow' for the first time.
Return Fire! (Bronze Trophy) --- Defeated an enemy with return fire.
Vogeljaeger Bodyguard (Bronze Trophy) --- Defeated 100 goblins.

Secret Trophies
To unlock the following Secret Trophies, complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
A Precious Thing (Bronze Trophy) --- Found Vasily's ring.
Adaptation! (Bronze Trophy) --- Switched equipment during battle.
Bosom of the Enemy (Bronze Trophy) --- Stepped foot in the lair of the gorians.
Breath of the Ancient (Bronze Trophy) --- Encounter the ancient dragon Onatu, secluded deep within the Sacred Mountain.
Complete Victory (Gold Trophy) --- Cleared the game without losing a single ally.
Death of an Undying King (Silver Trophy) --- Defeated the Undying King that reigned over the abandoned city of Sodom.
Defeating the Big One (Silver Trophy) --- Defeated a gorian dreadnought.
Dragon Priestess (Bronze Trophy) --- Gomori joined the party.
Free and Easy (Bronze Trophy) --- Tatyana joined the party.
King of the Orcs (Bronze Trophy) --- Met Aslan, the Lion of Legend.
Labyrinth Domination (Bronze Trophy) --- Defeated the minotaur.
Leaving the Ritterorden Behind (Bronze Trophy) --- Erna joined the party.
Li'l Golem Lover (Bronze Trophy) --- Mel and her iron giant joined the party.
Master of the Undying Army (Bronze Trophy) --- Met Gomorrah, the Undying King.
Meet the Bergman (Bronze Trophy) --- Signed a contract with Anka.
Overcoming a Challenge (Silver Trophy) --- Defeated a gorian ultron.
Pompous Apprentice (Bronze Trophy) --- Nebula joined the party.
Releasing Mom and Dad (Bronze Trophy) --- Defeated Tatyana's parents.
Revenge! (Bronze Trophy) --- Defeated a gorian sentry.
Survival of the... (Silver Trophy) --- Defeated the gorian queen.
To the Burning Castle! (Bronze Trophy) --- Entered the fortress of Feste.
Together Forever (Silver Trophy) --- Saved Vasily.
Treasured Ultranium (Bronze Trophy) --- Borrowed a rare treasure from the kingdom of the lizardfolk.
Unrelenting Sage (Bronze Trophy) --- Ingbert joined the party.
Vasily...! (Bronze Trophy) --- Vasily has left the party...
War Veteran (Bronze Trophy) --- Zekelinde left the party, and joined up once again...

Waves of Anger! (Silver Trophy) --- Linked with all 9 allies.

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