Thursday, April 6, 2017

SNK Neo Geo Cheats - Garou: Mark of the Wolves

Secret Taunts:
Just after the opponent is down and before the words K.O. appear, press left+start or right+start. Depending on which button you pushed, the character will do a new taunt. These taunts cannot be done during playtime.

Win Pose Selection:
Press a button immediately after beating the opponent. Each button gives a specific win pose.

Random Roulette Select:
Hit start at character select screen

Hidden Survival Mode:
Keep A, B, C, and D pressed as you press start [MVS]


Fight as Grant:
Highlight Rock at the character selection screen and press Left to highlight Grant. Press any button to select him.

Fight as Kain:
Highlight Terry at the character selection screen and press Right to highlight Kain. Press any button to select him.

Random fighter:
Hold Start at the character selection screen. It is possible to fight as Kain or Grant randomly through this method.

Select victory pose:
Press any attack button immediately after defeating your opponent.

K.O. taunts:

Beat your opponent until he goes down. Quickly press Left + Start, Right + Start, or Right + Down before the "K.O." message appears.

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