Sunday, December 6, 2015

Nintendo 3DS Cheats - Imagine: Fashion Designer

Marie-music producer

Hello people who may or may not have a 3ds this is one cheat that is easy and can be done fast. Now listen carefully go to Career, then go to Marie-music producer and click onClassy Concert. So far ok now it will probably say u have to get hair accessory, glam style, A necklace, Camera and print Dress, High Heels, And Good spending. Now you may think this is easy welll its not the dress is hard and i had this for 3 years. Ok moving on im giong to tell you what you need to where. first high heels pick 24 dollars high heels, next necklace pick a 90 dollar necklace, NOW HERE COME THE DRESS PICK A 60 DOLLAR DRESS FIRST DO CAMERA A GOOD PICTURE THEN 1 PRINT BUT ALSO DO AN OUTRAGEOUS DESIGN I KNOW IT DOESNT SAY BUT THAT WHAT U HAVE TO DO TO PASS. Last but not least A 24 DOLLAR SILK FLOWER. then u will pass thanks for reading my cheat i hope it helps xoxo

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