Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Nintendo 3DS Cheats - Inazuma Eleven Go: Light

To enter the passwords you need to go to the "EXTRAS" and select the respective option.
Password: --- Result:
iz7kP3v4U --- Unlock Avery Rarecard
yhJpfkSQJ --- Unlock Caleb Stonewall
DvS1nLdKn --- Unlock Corvus Cardson
lpfITZI3A --- Unlock Damon Valiant
PJPkEhMnV --- Unlock Esau Taric
WVJuU6OVr --- Unlock Everard Valiant
iOviw3bTQ --- Unlock Flam Berg
GVxM7GiYi --- Unlock Fletch Blitzen
dsIHHKCBo --- Unlock Grandpa Danger
f3wBfGa3x --- Unlock Jack Wallside
fej5E4gFw --- Unlock Jude Sharp
dM3Zh86z0 --- Unlock Koro-Koro-Gon
SqvSSePMY --- Unlock Lawrence Leepson
8NOLwsloX --- Unlock Master Stroke
Ph9pYDwpQ --- Unlock Nathan Swift
rFI9c4Y3v --- Unlock Seal Matrix
nOWVoA0qz --- Unlock Shawn Froste
Cu6H4N3AD --- Unlock Shortcake Holmes
e7ao8hLCb --- Unlock Spot Barkley
FIfaDOj8P --- Unlock Tale of the Dragon

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