Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Nintendo 3DS Cheats - Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

Cheat mode
Below a list of cheat codes you can use. You have to type them at the main console in the Batcave. Note: the codes below will only unlock the items, this means you still have to purchase them.
Code: --- Result:
MNZER6 --- Attract Studs
ZHAXFH --- Beep Beep
GTDHR3 --- Big Heads
TPJ37T --- Character Studs
ZQA8MK --- Character: Heavy Joker Goon
9ZZZBP --- Character: Joker Goon
W49CSJ --- Character: LexBot
M9CP6L --- Character: Poison Ivy Goon
V9SAGT --- Character: Police Officer
Q285LK --- Character: Riddler Goon
95KPYJ --- Character: Two-Face Goon
BWQ2MS --- Disguises
4LGJ7T --- Extra Hearts
7TXH5K --- Extra Toggle
TPGPG2 --- Fall Rescue
MBXW7V --- Gold Brick Finder
LRJAG8 --- Minikit Finder
RYD3SJ --- Peril Finder
5KKQ6G --- Red Brick Finder
ZXEX5D --- Regenerate Heats
A92HDW --- Studs x 10
74EZUT --- Studs x 2
EY2B5C --- Studs x 4
HYF2B7 --- Studs x 6
4H9HQE --- Studs x 8
JN2J6V --- Super Build
C79LVH --- Vehicle: Harley Quinn's Motorbike
JXN7FJ --- Vine Grapples

Unlock wonder woman
On the level the final battle you have to destroy the the silver recycle box and get the minikit she is 100.000. good luck :)

Lots Of Money
If You have a stud multiplier (x2, x4, x6, x8, x10) Then if you die you get more money then you started with if you collect up the studs from when you died!!!

Clayface minikit
In gotham metro in the part where you defeat the drill guys use green lantern on the left side of the stage and you will see a green thing then turn it into a punching glove and you will see a mud puddle wash all of the puddles with Aquaman and you will get the minikit.

Azrel uses heat vision
Azrels fire thing use heat vision on some gold things but he can't cut wires and can't put out gold stuff if hes not near them or if its on the floor.

Other way to make the vines go away on Arkham estate
In the start of Arkham estate In story mode you have to make a thing that sprays poison when you turn the wheel with a silver thing but in free play mode you can use poison ivy to remove the vines too without building the thing that sprays poison.

How to get a lot of studs
Go to the Gotham Finland (parking lot) , get in the green car, and break some of the cones it's really easy:) . :( bad news it might take a wile to get there. :) you can go to the bat cave and teleport there.

Weird flying water glitch

I suggest doing it in arkham asylum. so what you have to do is go to the big pool of water and a character with a flying ability and with a swing weapon ability.so you get the character with the swing ability and you hit the side kick with the flying ability and hit them with the weopon in the water. then you'll find out that the character is UNDER WATER FLYING! I suggest for the flying guy to be invincible.

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