Thursday, December 10, 2015

Nintendo 3DS Cheats - Iron Combat: War In The Air

Play as Ratel
Successfully complete Story mode two times. Then, hold L + R while selecting the "New Game" option. A voice will confirm correct code entry.

Unlockable Medals
To unlock the following Medals, complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
ACE --- Complete a stage without getting hit.
All stages --- Complete all stages in both paths.
Destroy the giant --- Kill a Boss in less than three minutes .
Earth --- In Mission 6A, destroyed the prototype machine (Earth).
First tuning --- Equip a subunit.
Fluorescent lance --- Get an "SS" rank in all stages.
Jupiter --- In Mission 10, destroy the prototype machine (Jupiter).
Launch --- Start the game.
Let's go shopping --- First subunit bought.
Mars --- In Mission 8, destroy the prototype machine (Mars).
Mercury --- In Mission 2, destroy the prototype machine (Mercury).
Mission 1 --- Complete Mission 1.
Mission 10 --- Complete Mission 10.
Mission 11 --- Complete Mission 11.
Mission 12 --- Complete Mission 12 (any path).
Mission 13 --- Complete Mission 13 (any path).
Mission 14 --- Complete Mission 14.
Mission 15 --- Complete Mission 15.
Mission 16 --- Complete Mission 16.
Mission 2 --- Complete Mission 2.
Mission 3 --- Complete Mission 3.
Mission 4 --- Complete Mission 4.
Mission 5 --- Complete Mission 5.
Mission 6 --- Complete Mission 6 (any path).
Mission 7 --- Complete Mission 7 (any path).
Mission 8 --- Complete Mission 8.
Mission 9 --- Complete Mission 9.
Moon --- In Mission 6B, destroy the prototype machine (Moon).
Neptune --- In Mission 14, destroy the prototype machine (Neptune).
Pluto --- In Mission 16 destroy, the prototype machine (Pluto).
Rank S --- Earn "S" rank or better in all stages.
Ratel --- Complete the campaign (Missions 1 through 16) without losing to Ratel.
Samurai --- Kill at least 1,000 enemies with a sword.
Saturn --- In Mission 12A, destroy the prototype machine (Saturn).
Shopping spree --- Purchase all parts.
Standard demon --- Complete the campaign (Missions 1 through 16) without using any customized parts.
Uranus --- In Mission 12B, destroy the prototype machine (Uranus).
Venus --- In Mission 4, destroy the prototype machine (Venus).
White god of death --- Complete the campaign (Missions 1 through 16) without losing or aborting a mission.
Worthy opponent --- Destroyed your rival in less than two minutes (except for Mission 5).

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