Thursday, December 31, 2015

Nintendo 3DS Cheats - LEGO City Undercover

Unlock Zombie
Go to the mainframe in the police station. And go to Codes and enter hvgtpg

Cheat Mode
Use the following codes at your "Extras" menu...
Code: --- Result:
YXJRTC --- Circus Clown
RMRQFN --- Deep Sea Diver
VZHHDM --- Drakonas
CXPNXX --- Ninja Warrior
MRPHVQ --- Sentinel disguise
HVGTPG --- Zombie

A farmer can ride a pig too!
You need the farmer suit then look for a pig by using a scanner (the corner of the bottom screen that sometimes blink) when you are next to a pig press A and bring it the green. shoot the middle of the ring and you get a ribben.

How to fly without space suit

Sooner or later you'll have to do a mission we're you have to save NATILIA by clearing the helicopter pad as you progress trough that mission you'll have to press two buttons when you reach the button run up to it and then stop when you exactly hit the button and then you fly away.

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