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Nintendo 3DS Cheats - The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time 3D

Master Quest
You have to beat the game once in Normal mode.

Boss Challenge
After growing up but before talking to Sheik for the second time on the Time Temple to learn the Prelude Of Light, she will tell you that you can rest in your home to replay past battles. This allows you to fight any Boss at your house after they are first defeated during the storyline. To unlock the last challenge, which is all bosses in sequence, defeat them all in Boss Challenge mode.

Biggest Deku Seed Bag
This bag can carry up to 50 seeds for the slingshot, Win the archery game as child Link after you got the Big one (40 seeds).

Huge Rubys
First, destroy 20 gold skulltas. Then,go to the spiders house and get the "Shard or agony." Then, complete the fire temple. Then, by the tree where the to boys are and by the stairs, in the middle of them, the shard of agony will be in the corner of the screen. Use the hammer you get in the fire temple on the ground andthere will be a hole! destroy the corps in it there will be a box. In it there will be a gold ruby called the "huge ruby." It is worth 200 rubys! (you dont have to everything in order. corps have the power to stop you to hurt you.)

When sheik tells you that you can put the master sword back to be little LINK do that and go the the Market and its in one of those doors.

Getting the Biggorron's Sword
First, you'll need Epona, then you need the pocket egg (go talk to the cucco lady).When you have it, you need to hatch it, then you'll have "Cojiro".When you have him, give it to the man in the lost woods (adult).After you've completed that, talk to the girl that's in his spot.She'll give you the odd mushroom.You have a time limit, so you need Epona.You have to take it to Kakoriko Village. Then you get the Poacher's Saw.Take the potion to the pale man in the lost woods. Then the odd girl will give you the saw. Now take it to Gerudu Valley and show it to the head carpenter. Then you get the broken Biggoron's sword. Take it to Death Mountain and show it to the giant goron. Now you'll get the Prescription. Now go to King Zora and show him the prescription. He'll give you the Eyeball Frog. Now take the frog to the man in the shop place in Lake Hylia. Now you should have the World's Finest Eyedrops. Take them to the top outside of the fire temple. Go to the rig by near the cave entrance. The big goron will be there. Give him the Eyedrops and you'll get the sword in 3 days (or play the sun's song twice)

Young link with master sword
First free epona then get the biggoron sword then in hyrule field equip the biggoron sword get on epona and save the game and quit then open a new file and before you get the kokiri sword press b and you will have the master sword but in the sword slot nothing will be there.

Nayru's Love time spell
If you activate the spell Nayru's love as either an adult or a child and change between the timelines the spell will still be active regardless of the time transition. (But only for a short time).

Adult Link in Jabu Jabu's belly

Go to the piece of ice where Jabu Jabu was in the past and walk around a lot of times. And the screen will turn black and you're in Jabu Jabu's belly.

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