Monday, December 7, 2015

Nintendo 3DS Cheats - Inazuma Eleven 3: Bomb Blast

Characters Passwords
During gameplay you wiil find specific characters who will request passwords. By informing them these passwords you might battle them where they appear for employment through capsule machine, or if it's not a team password, they outright join you.
Password: --- Result:
Letsplay --- Andy (linked to Aurelia)
Football --- Aurelia (linked to Andy)
Elements --- Bernie (element team)
Buildadeck --- Deck (The Card team part 1)
Pumpkin --- Gouger (Halloween team)
Fullmoon --- Howler (Halloween team)
William --- Isaac
Word, ends well, believing, merrier --- Jordan
Fullhouse --- Pogue (The Card team part 2)
Gungnir, epsilon, Kyoto, Gaia --- Quagmire
Followrules --- Stickler (team)
Broomstick --- Vicked (Halloween team)
Wrappedup --- Wraps (Halloween team)
Cappuccino --- Zolletta

Basic Strategy Hints

Examine your Player Binder to see all the players you have actually run into. Bear in mind to invest any tokens you get on the Capsule Employee stations. There's no autosave option in this game, so be warned before you turn your 3DS off.

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