Sunday, April 9, 2017

Playstation Vita Cheats - Scram Kitty DX

To unlock the following Trophies, complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
5 Jumps (Bronze Trophy) --- Clear 'Engine Rooms 5' jumping fewer than 5 times.
Forever Penniless (Bronze Trophy) --- Clear 'Engine Rooms 2' without collecting a single Golden Penny.
Hot Potato (Bronze Trophy) --- Do 12 Fire Jumps in 10 seconds.
No Naked Flames (Bronze Trophy) --- Clear 'The Vents 2' without Fire Jumping.
Pacifism (Bronze Trophy) --- Collect 25 golden pennies in 'The Vents 1' without shooting OR fire jumping.
Penniless (Bronze Trophy) --- Clear 'East Wing 3' without collecting a single Golden Penny.
Penniless DX (Bronze Trophy) --- Clear 'Engine Rooms 4' without collecting a single Golden Penny.
Quick Commander Kill (Bronze Trophy) --- Defeat the Mouse Commander and collect the Black Cat in just one encounter, in 'The Vents 5'.
Rail Hugger (Bronze Trophy) --- Clear 'Engine Rooms 3' without jumping a single time.
Rail Hugger Redux (Bronze Trophy) --- Clear 'Test Labs 5' without jumping even one time!
Short Cut (Bronze Trophy) --- Finish 'Docking Bay 2' in under 20 seconds.
Speed Run 1 (Bronze Trophy) --- Clear 'Approach 4' in under 9 seconds.
Speed Run 2 (Bronze Trophy) --- Clear 'East Wing 5' in under 90 seconds.
Speed Run 3 (Bronze Trophy) --- Clear 'Engine Rooms 1' in under 30 seconds.
Speed Run 4 (Bronze Trophy) --- Clear 'Test Labs 4' in under 30 seconds. You need to get to that laser quickly!
Spinboard Specialist (Bronze Trophy) --- Clear 'Docking Bay 3' without touching any special rails.
Spinboard Specialist DX (Bronze Trophy) --- Collect the White Cat in 'Test Labs 3' without touching any special rails
Still Penniless. (Bronze Trophy) --- Clear 'East Wing 4' without collecting a single Golden Penny.
Ten Jumps or Fewer 2 (Bronze Trophy) --- Clear 'East Wing 1' jumping fewer than 10 times.
Untouchable To The End (Bronze Trophy) --- Finish 'The Energy Core' without taking any damage.

Wrecking Ball (Bronze Trophy) --- Reach and defeat the Mouse Commander in 'Test Labs 2' without firing a shot.

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