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Xbox One Cheats - Wolfenstein: The New Order

Enigma codes
Note: You must collect all the pieces for each code.

999 mode
Uber difficulty, 999 health, unlimited ammunition.
01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09
08 07 06 05 04 03 02 01 09

Walk In The Park mode
I Am Death Incarnate difficulty, HUD disabled.
02 04 06 08 01 03 05 07 09
07 05 03 01 08 06 04 02 09

Hardcore mode
Uber diffculty, all health and armor drops disabled.
03 06 09 03 06 09 03 06 09
06 03 09 06 03 09 06 03 09

Ironman mode
Uber difficulty, one life.
04 08 03 07 02 06 01 05 09
05 01 06 02 07 03 08 04 09

Complete one of the following achievements to collect their Xbox Live Gamerscore points:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
All that glitters (20 GP) --- Collect 25 gold items
AR magazine + (10 GP) --- Unlock tactical perk 6
Assassin (30 GP) --- Unlock stealth perk 8
Autopanzer (10 GP) --- Unlock assault perk 6
Bullet feeder (10 GP) --- Unlock assault perk 4
Bullseye (10 GP) --- Unlock demolition perk 4
Deadeye (10 GP) --- Unlock tactical perk 1
Deliverance (30 GP) --- Release friend
Double reload (10 GP) --- Unlock assault perk 1
Dual-wield expert (30 GP) --- Unlock assault perk 8
Endurance I (10 GP) --- Unlock assault perk 2
Endurance II (10 GP) --- Unlock assault perk 5
Fergus saved (30 GP) --- Choose to save Fergus
Grenade pouch + (10 GP) --- Unlock demolition perk 2
Grenade pouch ++ (10 GP) --- Unlock demolition perk 3
Gun magazine + (10 GP) --- Unlock tactical perk 4
Gunner (20 GP) --- Save allied planes
Hardened (30 GP) --- Unlock demolition perk 8
Heart of gold (30 GP) --- Collect all gold items
Hidden in the deep (20 GP) --- Locate the underwater stash
Knife sheath + (10 GP) --- Unlock stealth perk 3
Knife sheath ++ (10 GP) --- Unlock stealth perk 4
Knife throwing (10 GP) --- Unlock stealth perk 2
Liberation (100 GP) --- Complete game on any difficulty
LKW battery + (10 GP) --- Unlock assault perk 7
London uprising (20 GP) --- Defeat the London Monitor
Marksman magazine + (10 GP) --- Unlock tactical perk 7
Power to the laser (30 GP) --- Find the Laserkraftwerk
Quick draw (10 GP) --- Unlock tactical perk 2
Quick regeneration (10 GP) --- Unlock tactical perk 3
Quick reload (30 GP) --- Unlock tactical perk 8
Rocket magazine + (10 GP) --- Unlock demolition perk 5
Scavenger (10 GP) --- Unlock assault perk 3
Scout I (10 GP) --- Unlock stealth perk 1
Scout II (10 GP) --- Unlock stealth perk 7
Secrets revealed I (30 GP) --- Solve the first Enigma code
Secrets revealed II (30 GP) --- Solve the second Enigma code
Secrets revealed III (30 GP) --- Solve the third Enigma code
Secrets revealed IV (30 GP) --- Solve the fourth Enigma code
Sentinel (10 GP) --- Unlock demolition perk 7
Shotgun magazine + (10 GP) --- Unlock tactical perk 5
Silent shot (10 GP) --- Unlock stealth perk 5
Super hero (50 GP) --- Complete game on I AM DEATH INCARNATE! (or UBER)
The lives of others (30 GP) --- Collect all letters
Throwback (10 GP) --- Unlock demolition perk 1
Uber hero (50 GP) --- Complete game on UBER
Vampire (10 GP) --- Unlock stealth perk 6
Vaporize (10 GP) --- Unlock demolition perk 6
Vive la resistance! (20 GP) --- Locate the resistance
Wyatt saved (30 GP) --- Choose to save Wyatt

Defeating Fire Troopers
Use your shotgun when facing them at close range, but be careful as they will do lots of damage. You should have a large amount of health and armor if attempting close combat. A few Tesla grenades and the Assault Rifle will work well at medium range. To take them out at long range, use the Marksman Rifle or Laser.

Under the Uber difficulty setting, try firing constant shots from the AR Marksman's automatic plasma rifle. A few shots fired using the LaserKraftwerk's Targeting Scope at close range also will kill them. Getting two direct hits with the Rocket Launcher will also take one down.

Defeating the London Monitor
Start by attacking its eye, then both the eye and the missile launchers. After all the missile launchers are destroyed, the area underneath its red spot will open. Go under the London Monitor and shoot up into its engine. Continue to shoot both its eye and engine until it has been defeated.

Defeating Kampfhunds
With either the 1946 or 1960 version, kill the Kampfhund before it is alerted by a knife throw or silenced pistol shot.

Defeating Rocket Troopers
Use heavy weapons, such as rockets, against them. One or two shots should destroy them. Under the Uber difficulty setting, use repeating shots from the AR Marksman's automatic plasma rifle.

Defeating Space Marines
Space Marines are vulnerable to Tesla Grenades. You can also hit them with a MG-60 or an AR Marksman to take them down. If you can use stealth to approach them, a knife or headshot from a suppressed Handgun 1960 will also work.

Defeating Supersoldaten
- When facing the 1960 version, use energy weapons. Standard bullets will only do minimal damage on its armored parts. Try firing a fully charged LaserKraftwerk and connect all its lasers.
- You can also use the Assault Rifle in dual-wield mode with its under-slung rocket launchers to do significant damage.
- Fire the Mount Machine Gun if you need to save ammunition for other weapons. Charge up again when its energy gets low and repeat.

Destroying Zeppelins
Use the following strategy when facing the two Zeppelins in the last level. There are two Flak cannons mounted on the sides of the upper levels of the back. Use them to hit the cylinder tube on the bottom. One cannon cannot be used to destroy both tubes because of its limited firing radius. After they are destroyed, Deathshead cannot use his shield.

Laser Cutter upgrade
After finding the Laser Cutter in Chapter 4, you can upgrade it into a Laser Pistol. Later in Chapter 4, you will get on the catwalks above a coal-moving vehicle below. Go down the steps to the left to collect the item that resembles the battery originally collected to charge the cutter.

LaserKraftwerk upgrades
The LaserKraftwerk is obtained in the London Nautica during the Resistance's attack to get Prototype Stealth Helicopters. It can be upgraded as follows.
- Strobe: When firing, a blinding light flashes and temporarily disorients nearby targets.
- Tesla: Alters the beam's frequency to affect mechanical targets close to its path.
- Targeting Scope: Allows it to track, target and fire at several enemies simultaneously at the cost of depleting its battery power.
- Generator: Slowly regenerates battery power. Obtained in the Da'at Yichud vault.
- Reflector: Laser beams can reflect off a surface, but do less damage.
- Automatic: Allows full-automatic firing.
- Final upgrade: Increases ammunition capacity by 25 rounds.

Max's Missing Toys side-quest
In Chapter 7, after collecting a sample of the "Super Concrete" for Anya, Max will return to his room and go to sleep. Look for a crayon drawing of Max's four missing toys near his bed. The toys are hidden in the Kreisau Circle base. After finding all of them, return to the crayon drawing to set them down. Completing this side-quest unlocks Max's entry in the character info panel. The toys are located as follows.
- Robot: Found on your way out of the Kreisau Circle Hangar. It can be heard near the hangar entrance.
- Telephone: Search Caroline Becker's desk.
- Letter Blocks: Inside the hidden chamber behind the poster in Caroline's bedroom. Crawl into the gap and look to the left and on the ground.
- Fire Truck: Talk to Wyatt or Fergus to get the key, open the locked door, then look on the shelf just to the right of the door.

Ramona's diary entries
The following entries are in Ramona's diary.
- Entry #1: "May 11, 1940. I've only been back home for three days and now the Nazis have arrived in town. They killed Jakub Brozek. He was shot in the head. His horse was blocking the road. He taught me how to French kiss. I'm going to do something about this situation."
- Entry #2: May 12, 1940. The Nazis have taken over the police station. They are asking local people to volunteer for service. I'm going to volunteer. I'm going to find a way to kill them."
- Entry #3: May 18, 1940. Daytime I care for the sick, working at the asylum. On the evenings, I go to town to prepare for supper for the Nazis at the police station. They seem to trust me. I think I can lure one of them away. If I can get to a Nazi alone, I think I can kill him. I have never killed anyone. I don't know how to fight or fire a weapon. I will have to be smart about it. I miss the university. Perhaps, what I'm about to do will be a learning experience."
- Entry #4: June 25, 1940. The Nazi appears to have a very high opinion of his mother. I learned this as a he was bleeding to death at the end of my knife at the outhouse next to the bakery. "Mutti!", "Mutti!" he whimpered. My hands were shaking. Nearly dropped my knife. I had told him I would kiss him and he let me lead him outside. Into the night."
- Entry #5: November 29, 1940. The Nazi appears to love his sausage. I learned this as he kept on eating his supper even though the cyanide must have ruined the flavor. His eyes rolled back, all white. Yet he kept chewing. The cyanide I stole from mother's cabinet. At times I am struck with pangs of remorse. But then, I think of Jakub Brozek."
- Entry #6: May 2, 1941. The Nazi appears to become sleepy after climaxing. I learned this as his little soldiers were leaking out of me onto his sheets. And his face turned blue, from the rope applied to his neck in his slumber. Tomorrow is my eighteenth birthday."
- Entry #7: May 29, 1941. The Nazi appears to have been brought up lazy. I've learned this when I outran three of them, carrying a crate of grenades. I think I'm pregnant. I wish I knew how to use a gun."
- Entry #8: July 6, 1941. The Nazi appear to be overly devoted to his police station. I learned this while tossing grenades into the building. Seven grenades went in but not a single Nazi came out. Does killing Nazis make me a murderer? Don't know. Don't think so. I'm not a soldier, but this is what soldiers do. And I have to steel myself from emotion, like a soldier does."
- Entry #9: August 9, 1941. The Nazis appears to be highly gullible. I learned this as I pretended I was drowning and he dove in to save me. Body armor and all. I had only to apply the gentlest of pressures to push him until he stopped struggling. I am pregnant. It's not showing but I think mother suspects. I've decided to find an apartment for myself."
- Entry #10: August 30, 1941. I have my own apartment, two floors above the bakery. I can't leave this Nazi baby inside me anymore. It has to come out. I took some pills from my mother's cabinet. They did not work. All they did was make me sick."
- Entry #11: September 3, 1941. The Nazi appears to be a reckless driver. I learned this after I cut his brake line and his car went over a cliff, as he drove down the mountain. I didn't see it happen, but there was a picture in the paper. I had a friend at the university who successfully terminated her pregnancy, through consumption of Pennyroyal oils. I have written her, for instructions."
- Entry #12: September 13, 1941. A letter arrived from London today. I have presumed a vial of Pennyroyal oil. I have stolen some antibiotics from mother. I won't be coming to work tomorrow."
- Entry #13: September 14, 1941. Pain unbearable. Won't stop bleeding."
- Entry #14: September 20, 1941. Still alive. The Nazi baby is gone. After the weekend I go back to work. I have patients to tend to. I have Nazis to kill.
- Entry #15: January 5, 1942. The Nazi appears to have poor reaction time. I learned this as I ran him over at a red light. I don't know what came over me. It was in the middle of the day and people were looking. I drove away as fast as I could. I have to reduce the rate of my attacks, or they will catch me."
- Entry #16: July 9, 1943. The Nazi appears to be made of bacon. I learned this as nine of them burned alive inside a late night establishment. A lot can be accomplished with padlocks and gasoline. Father could smell the gasoline on my coat. I lied to him. He mustn't know what I have done. He's too sensitive."
- Entry #17: July 4, 1944. The Nazi is a hopeless romantic. I learned this while smashing his skull, using the hammer I had hid behind my back, as he knelt to pick up my fallen glove. If I was a boy, father would have taught me how to handle a rifle. But instead I was trained to nurse the afflicted, dig dirt for relics and write papers. I wish I knew a soldier. He could teach me how not to feel remorse. He would understand me."
- Entry #18: September 23, 1946. A man came in today. Horrible head trauma. He has scars all over him. He won't speak. No ones knows where he's from. I think he's a soldier, but not a Nazi. I wish he could talk to me. He has a strength about him."
- Entry #19: July 10, 1948. The war is over. The Nazis have declared victory. People are celebrating the peace. I can't stop crying. For me, this war is never ending."
- Entry #20: November 16, 1951. The Nazi appears to have a hot temper. I learned this as I attempted to smash his head with a flower pot I dropped from my apartment window. Sadly, I missed. He had friends nearby. They broke my door down. I said it was an accident but they gave me a black eye and spit on my dress. I want people on my side I can rely on. My grandparents are on my side. But they are not fit to fight."
- Entry #21: July 17, 1955. The Nazi appears to be a choosy bachelor. I learned this as we sat on a picnic blanket in the meadow lands. He said he would kiss me, if I bleached my hair blonde. I was nauseated by his request. But as long as I smile and hide the hate, no one is suspicious of me. So he drank the wine I spiked with sedatives. And I rolled him down a shallow grave."
- Entry #22: December 24, 1956. My heart is breaking. Friends I've known my whole life have all become Nazis. Mother and Father are not happy about it, but they comply rather than resist. I feign my smile and act cheerful, but I have started to resent my own parents. I am 33 years old. I am all alone in the world."
- Entry #23: May 6, 1957. I should keep fighting. But who is there to fight? Everyone is a Nazi now. Or at least they pretend to be. I can no longer tell the difference."
- Entry #24: August 28, 1960. Deathshead's men are coming by the asylum every other week. They are taking people that have been in my care for years. I look the other way. I hate them. I hate myself for giving up. But I can't fight alone anymore. I watch the man with the scars. I whisper things to him. Sometimes I can see some part of him awake. I wonder if he can see me. I will not let them take him." That was the last entry, William. Some of the things in this diary happened a long time ago. And some of them may have happened to me. I miss you. I missed you a long time before I met you.

Very first level of Wolfenstein 3D
Play for about a few hours into the game. Once you arrive at the headquarters of the resistance movement, go to the top floor. There's a mattress on the ground just left of the bulls-eye hanging on the wall. Focusing on the mattress will give you the option to enter a "nightmare." Enter the "nightmare" and you will find yourself in the very first level of Wolfenstein 3D!

Quake 3 reference
During the opening sequence for Chapter 6 "London Nautica", Bobby Bram drives Blazkowicz to his objective in London. The keychain hanging from the ignition is a rocket launcher from Quake 3.

Mario series reference
Enter your hideout and go upstairs to Max Haas's bedroom. You should can find Power Stars plushies on his bed.

Fallout 3 reference
In Chapter 7, Anya will ask for a sample of the moldy "Super Concrete". Look to the right of the Kreisau Circle Hangar entrance and find the large red circular door covered in steam. It is marked with "101", a reference to Vault 101 and its huge circular door in Fallout 3.

Wolfenstein 3D level
In Chapter 4, meet Anya in the Resistance secret base. After the helicopter theft, go upstairs to the top floor and search for a room with an old mattress on the floor near the window. Use the bed and select the option to enter a nightmare to play a level of Wolfenstein 3D.

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