Monday, June 19, 2017

Atari Jaguar Cheats - Jaguar (hardware)

Remove "Paused" screen text:
Press 1 + 3. Note: This may not be enabled in all games.

Disable and enable music:
Press 0.

Control spinning cube:
Press Pause + Option while the Jaguar logo is displayed or hold Pause after the spinning cube appears. Then, press Up or Down to control the cube's size, Left or Right to control the speed, and 0 to control the direction. To continue loading the game, release Pause (if held). Alternatively, press Option, Pause, or Pound + Asterisk.

Memory track manager:
Hold Option and power on the Jaguar. Use following controller actions to access various features.
Code --- Feature
Up or Down --- Select files
A, B, or C --- Delete selected file
Option + * + # --- Delete all files
Option --- Select alphabetical or size sort.
Option + 1 --- Sort type and save settings
Option + 7 + 9 --- Change name or size of selected file
Option + * + 0 + #  --- Self-test

* + # --- Exit

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