Friday, June 16, 2017

Playstation 4 Cheats - Volume

To unlock the following Trophies, complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Agent 48 (Gold Trophy) --- Wear a disguise 100 times in core levels
Always the Taffer (Gold Trophy) --- Be seen by enemies 300 times in the core levels
Arcade Flynn (Silver Trophy) --- Die 200 times
Be Heard (Bronze Trophy) --- Fire the bugle 50 times in core levels
Because it'll hurt more (Gold Trophy) --- Stun enemies 100 times in the core levels
Compiled Texts (Gold Trophy) --- Read 75% of text in the core levels
Enjoy your trip (Bronze Trophy) --- Place 20 follies in core levels
Ghost from the... (Silver Trophy) --- Fire 40 figments in core levels
Hidden in the shadow of Moses (Bronze Trophy) --- Hide in 50 lockers in the core levels
If it bleeds... (Silver Trophy) --- Go invisible 30 times in core levels
Illuminated Manuscripts (Silver Trophy) --- Read 50% of text in the core levels
Imperial March (Bronze Trophy) --- Travel 1 mile
Leaps of faith (Bronze Trophy) --- Jump 25 walls in the core levels
Light Reading (Bronze Trophy) --- Read 25% of text in the core levels
Long Walk to Freedom (Bronze Trophy) --- Travel 3 miles
Lore of the Things (Gold Trophy) --- Read 100% of the text in the core levels
Q (Gold Trophy) --- Use every gadget in the core levels
Rogue Unlike (Bronze Trophy) --- Die once
Semi Final (Silver Trophy) --- Complete 50 core levels
The Complete Works (Gold Trophy) --- Complete all core levels
The Darkest Couple of Hours (Gold Trophy) --- Complete 75 core levels
The First Ballad (Bronze Trophy) --- Complete 25 core levels
The Platinum Arrow (Platinum Trophy) --- Gain all trophies in Volume
Warming Up (Bronze Trophy) --- Play for 20 minutes
Wearing Lincoln Green (Silver Trophy) --- Play a level with a customized character

Agent 48 - Achievement / Trophy Guide
This was the most time consuming achievement to obtain in the game, a minimum of for me. It at least can be farmed in any story level you come across the Disguise device. It takes rather a long time till the camouflage has actually charged and it also lasts very long so you require about around 30 seconds for each activation of the 100 times you have to trigger it for this achievement. I wound up incorporating my farming for this with the Hidden in the Shadow of Moses Achievement and concealed in a locker every few seconds in between the camouflage being and charging triggered.

Hidden in the shadow of Moses - Achievement / Trophy Guide
This can be farmed in any level where there is a locker offered. Just leave the locker and enter to ultimately get the achievement. I would advise waiting up until you completed the game however, because you will have built up around half approximately of the needed 50, depending upon your design of play. Farming this can be a bit tiresome otherwise.

Wearing Lincoln Green - Achievement / Trophy Guide

After you've finished the game you are able to customize your character from the main menu. Just edit anything you wish and finish any level to make the achievement pop.

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