Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Sega CD Cheats - Star Wars: Rebel Assault

Cheat Mode
Press Up + A, Down + A, Up + A, Up + A, Left + A, Right + A when the LucasArts logo spins during the introduction sequence. The words "LucasArts" will be spoken to confirm correct code entry. The following cheat functions may now be enabled.

Level skip
Press C during game play.

Full energy
Pause game play, highlight the "Restore Health" option, and press A.

Less energy
Pause game play, highlight the "Remove Health" option, and press A.

Switch endings
Hold A + B + C when the losing ending appears to change to the winning ending sequence.

Easy Level Password
These are the easy level version passwords
Password: --- Result:
NORVAL --- Final level
BOSSK --- Start game at level 02
ENGRET --- Start game at level 03
RALRA --- Start game at level 04
FRIJA --- Start game at level 05
LAFRA --- Start game at level 06
DERLIN --- Start game at level 07
MOLTOK --- Start game at level 08
MORAG --- Start game at level 09
TANTISS --- Start game at level 10
OSWAFL --- Start game at level 11
KLAATU --- Start game at level 12
IRENEZ --- Start game at level 13
LIANNA --- Start game at level 14

PAKKA --- Start game at level 15

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