Sunday, June 25, 2017

Sega Saturn Cheats - CrimeWave

Arcade Mode
To play crimewave with an "Arcade" type screen, hold L and press X + Y or Y + Z. This turns the screen sideways for a larger playfield. Of course you must also turn your monitor or TV on its side (read your users manual to see if this is safe), but the size of the playfield is worth it.

Sector Select
At the Name Entry screen at the beginning of the game enter your initials as "J A W" and you will be able to select any sector in the game!


Level select:
Select the "New Player" option and enter JAW as initials. The "Select Zone" screen will now allow any game level to be selected.

Sideways screen:
Hold L + Y and press X during game play to turn the screen sideways. Hold L + Y and press Z during game play to turn the screen in the opposite direction. Hold L + Y and press B to return to normal mode.

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