Thursday, June 2, 2016

Xbox One Cheats - Elite: Dangerous

Complete one of the following achievements to collect their Xbox Live Gamerscore points:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
A Jewel in the Night (5 GP) --- Sell data on a celestial body
A Long Road Ahead (10 GP) --- Win a CQC match
A new Ranulph? (35 GP) --- Reach an Explorer Rank of Trailblazer
A Real Team Player (20 GP) --- Participate in 10 successful community goals
A True Champ (35 GP) --- Win 250 CQC matches
Black Market (10 GP) --- Sell illegal goods
Bullseye (10 GP) --- Win 50 CQC matches
Centre of the Galaxy (35 GP) --- Visit Sagittarius A
Cha-Ching (10 GP) --- Cash in combat bonds worth 100,000 credits
Classic Collection (30 GP) --- Own 10 different ships simultaneously
Combative (35 GP) --- Reach a Combat Rank of Expert
Consumer (30 GP) --- Buy 100,000 units of goods
Elite... Dangerous (35 GP) --- Destroy 50 Elite Combat rated ships
Gettin' it done (10 GP) --- Complete 5 missions
Heavy Lifting (10 GP) --- Sell 10,000 units of cargo
Kepler's Eye (25 GP) --- Be first to discover a planet
Killer Instinct (5 GP) --- Destroy another ship
Market Diversity (15 GP) --- Sell at 100 different markets
Mining like a champ (10 GP) --- Refine 100 tonnes of Minerals and Metals
Mission Accomplished (40 GP) --- Complete 250 missions
Mission Complete (20 GP) --- Complete 50 missions
Painite in the Asp (25 GP) --- Refine 10 tonnes of Painite
Playing the Markets (35 GP) --- Reach a Trade Rank of Merchant
Pledge Allegiance (5 GP) --- Sign up with a power
Pro Player (35 GP) --- Reach a CQC Rank of Professional
Rares, I Like Rares (25 GP) --- Sell 1,000,000 credits worth of rares
Refined Taste (20 GP) --- Refine 500 tonnes of Minerals or Metals
Scratching the Surface (5 GP) --- Refine 1 tonne of Mineral or Metal
Ship Hoarder (60 GP) --- Own 20 different ships simultaneously
Sneaky (15 GP) --- Sell 50,000 credits worth of illegal goods
Space Lasso (30 GP) --- Interdict 25 ships
Splashing Out (20 GP) --- Buy a new ship
Super Market Sweep (40 GP) --- Sell at 500 different markets
Well Trained (25 GP) --- Complete all the tutorials
What Did You Do? (35 GP) --- Get a bounty of 100,000 credits
Wing Friends (10 GP) --- Form a full Wing
You can run... (15 GP) --- Collect 1,000,000 credits in bounties

Secret Achievements
Complete one of the following Secret achievements to collect their Xbox Live Gamerscore points:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Elitist (100 GP) --- Get an Elite Ranking
Full Ranking (30 GP) --- Reach CQC Championship Rank 50
I Found You! (10 GP) --- Cash in a bounty
That's Scooper (10 GP) --- Fuel scoop 100 tonnes
Well Avoided (5 GP) --- Avoid an interdiction

Working Together (10 GP) --- Participate and receive a reward in a community goal

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