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3DO Interactive Multiplayer Cheats - Ballz

Enter the codes during a fight. They can also be done at the same time. R L are Right and Left on the dir pad.
BALL LARD BALL --- Huge balls.
BALL RADAR LULU --- Shrink balls.
BALL BLUR BALL --- Transluscent balls.
BALL DRAB BALL --- Black and white balls.
BALL BLAC BALL U --- Opponants balls turn black and white.
BALL CLUB U BAD --- Lethal hit.
BALL CRAC ALL --- Unlock all bosses for player.
BALL BLA BLA BLA --- Infinite time. *May require several attempts*
BALL DRACULA --- Swap power bars.
BALL ADD A CABARA --- Gives camera control to controller 2 during 1 player game.
BALL ADD RADAR --- Gives camera control to controller 3 during 2 player game.

When your opponent's power bar is critical, stand nearby and press Up, Up, Up. After your opponent shatters, press A several (5) times to execute the post-fatality move (there is only one after fight move per character).

Guggler Trick
Wait until it hides its head. Then taunt around five times. Because taunts build up, one shot will kill it.

Boss Moves
Note: The bosses probably don't have fatalities.

Note: Left, Punch means to press Left, then Punch -- while Left And Punch means to press Left and Punch at the same time. The code in brackets after the fighter's name is the code to morph into that fighter.

BALL BUCABUCA will morph a boss character into Kronk.

Down + A + B --- Tail sweep
Down + B + C --- Tail whip
Down + A --- Duck punch
Down + B --- Duck kick
C, A --- Jump punch
C, B --- Jump kick
Up, Up, Up, A --- Tail bounce

T-Wrecks [Unknown]
A (when close) --- Chew and spit
B --- Tail sweep
C --- Charge
A + B --- Stomp and chew
Down + B --- Tail stomp
A (when far) --- Roar

Guggler [Unknown]
A + B --- Taunt (Butt wiggle)
B + C --- Flip Kick
Down + B --- Toss
Down + C --- Head in sand
Toward + C --- Jump attack
Up + B --- Jump turn kick

Down + A --- Morph to Byte Viper
Left + A --- Morph to Spike
A + C --- Morph to El Ballz
C --- Slip flip
A --- Punch
B --- Forward punch and tail flip
Toward + C --- Slither charge
Toward + A --- Corkscrew

El Ballz (the bull)
A --- Head butt
B --- Hind leg kick
C --- Stampede
Up + A --- Rear up
A + B --- Morph to Lamprey

Spike (the scorpion)
A --- Grab and sting
B --- Tail strike
C --- Jump
Toward + B --- Super tail strike
Up + C --- Jump flip
A + B --- Lunge
B + C --- Jumping sting
Down + A --- Jumping arm attack
A + C --- Morph to Lamprey

Byte Viper (the snake)
A --- Lunge
B --- Tail whip
C --- Jump up
Toward + B --- Roll
Up + C --- Dive into ground
Toward, A + B --- Eat opponent
A + C --- Morph to Lamprey

Regular fighters Moves
Boomer [Right, Left, A and C]
Down, A and B --- Punch at three times arms length
C, A and B --- Kick with both feet
Down, Toward, B --- Power kick
Left, Left, Kick --- Handstand Left
Right, Right, Kick --- Handstand Right
Up and Punch --- Jack-in-the-box
Down and Punch and Kick --- Telescoping arms
Right, Down, Left, Up, Punch --- Self Destruct
Down, Up and C --- Dive Bomb
Away, Towards, Punch --- Head hurl
Away, Towards, Kick --- Bowl Head

Bruiser [Up, Right, Down, Left, A and C]
Down, B and C --- Duck uppercut
Down, Up, A --- Buckle heave
Away, Toward, A --- Buckle toss
Away, Toward, B --- Buckle kick
C, A and B --- Kick with both feet (also when jumping)
Down and Punch and Kick --- Sweep (When close)
Left and Kick and Jump --- Sidestep Left
Right and Kick and Jump --- Sidestep Right
Left, Left, Kick --- Cartwheel Left
Right, Right, Kick --- Cartwheel Right
Down, Down, Kick --- Slide Tackle
Right, Down, Left, Up, Punch --- Tornado
Towards, Away, Towards --- Spin
Jump and Down, Down --- Cannonball
Back, Forward, Kick --- Kick Ball
Back, Forward, Punch --- Throw Ball
Up, Down, Up, Down --- Jumping Jacks (heal)

Crusher [Up, Left, Down, Right, A and C]
Away, Away, A --- Lean back and crank arm
Up, Toward, Back --- Foot stomp
Up, Down, Up --- Ground shaker
Left, Down, Punch --- Charge From Left
Right, Down, Punch --- Charge From Right
Towards, Towards, Punch --- Fencing
Away, Towards, C --- Horn Slide
Up, Down, A --- Grand Slam
Away, Toward, Punch --- Underhand Horn Heave
Away, Up, Punch --- Overhand Horn Heave

Divine [Up, Right, A and C]
Away, then arc to Down and A --- Uppercut
Hold B and C and Down x3 --- Flying kick
Away, arc to Down and B and C --- Flying kick
Down, B and C --- Low lunge kick
Down, Toward, A --- Ducking uppercut
Down, Toward, B --- Side thrust kick
Punch and Kick --- Flip & Throw (When close)
Down, Down, Towards --- Knee to Nuts (Wnen close)
Toward, Toward, Toward --- Scissor Throw
Down and Left and B and C --- Sidestep Left
Down and Right and B and C --- Sidestep Right
Left, Left, Kick --- Spin Kick Left
Right, Right, Kick --- Spin Kick Right
Up, Up, Kick --- Toe Leap
Away, Up, Towards --- Helicopter
Down, Down, Up --- Sing
Towards, Away, Towards, Away --- Bump'n' Grind (must be in line-of-sight)
Down, Down, Away --- Fake Dizzy

Kronk [Left, Left, A and C]
Up, A --- Overhead club
Away, Toward, A --- Throw loogie
Down/Away and A and B --- Bone sweep
Toward, B --- Lunging kick (impervious to ground attacks)
Toward and A --- Jumping club attack
Down, Up --- Club uppercut
Down, Down, Punch --- Nut Crush (When close)
Down and Away and A and B --- Bone Sweep
Toward, Toward, Punch --- Fencing
Up, Punch --- Lunge
Jump and Down, Down --- Flying Spear
Away, Up, Punch --- Loogie

Tsunami [Left, Right, A and C]
Away, Away, C --- Flip away, then do double flip at opponent
C, A and B --- Sumo slam
Up, B --- Flip kick
Left, Left, Kick --- Jumpside Kick Left
Right, Right, Kick --- Jumpside Kick Right
Up, Towards, Punch --- Karate Chop
Away, Away, Jump --- Flying Somersault
Up, Up, Jump --- Meditate (heal)

Turbo   [Right , Right, A and C]
C, A and B (when close) --- Spinning pile driver
Toward, Away, A --- Uppercut
Away, Toward, A --- Crank right arm for a wind up
Away, arc to Down and B --- Drop back on arms and kick out at opponent
Up, Towards, Punch --- Head Pound
Jump, Kick and Jump, tap Jump --- Hovering
Jump and Down, Down --- Flying Dart
Towards, Towards and Punch --- Super Blow
Away, Towards, Jump --- Torpedo

Yoko [Up, Left, A and C]
Up, A --- Uppercut
Right, Right, Up --- Jump back and grab pole
Left, Left, Up --- Jump back and grab pole
Toward, Up, Up --- Swing attack
Left, Left, Kick --- Pole Swing Left
Right, Right, Kick --- Pole Swing Right
Up, Kick --- Backflip
Down, Kick --- Leg Swing
Towards, Up, Up --- Swing Attack
Jump, Up, Up --- Swing in Trees
Away, Away, Away --- Stun fart

Zombie [Down, Down, A and C]
Down, Down, B --- Grave digger
Toward, Toward, B --- Somersault
Down, Toward, B --- Power kick
Up, A --- Ducking punch
Away, Towards, Kick --- Coffin Chase
Away, Towards, Away --- Spin
Jump and Down, Down --- Jumping Kick
Down, Down, Kick --- Grave Digger
Away, Towards, Punch --- Boomerang
Up, Towards, Punch --- Shoot Eyeballs

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