Friday, July 8, 2016

Playstation 4 Cheats - Foul Play

To unlock the following Trophies, complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
A Cult Classic (Silver Trophy) --- Completed Play 4
Amateur Dramatic (Bronze Trophy) --- Leveled up for the first time
AMAZING SCENES! (Gold Trophy) --- You achieved a x200 combo
BREATHTAKING DEEDS! (Bronze Trophy) --- You achieved a x50 combo
Court Wizard (Silver Trophy) --- 12 Charms unlocked
Daemonologist (Gold Trophy) --- All Charms unlocked
Foul Players (Gold Trophy) --- Completed Play 5
Headline Act! (Silver Trophy) --- 75 Stars collected
JaBaroni (Bronze Trophy) --- Performed 100 Stunning Piledrivers
Kraken Show (Silver Trophy) --- Completed Play 3
Parlour Magician (Bronze Trophy) --- First Charm unlocked
Platinum Trophy (Platinum Trophy) --- Get all other trophies
Roughly Tumbled (Bronze Trophy) --- Performed 50 Cannonball Combos
Speaking Part! (Bronze Trophy) --- 25 Stars collected
Team Player (Bronze Trophy) --- Equipped 2 Team Charms
Tested Trouper (Silver Trophy) --- Reached Level 6
The Stagehands Hate Me! (Bronze Trophy) --- Performed 50 Stage Crasher moves
The Tools and the Talent (Bronze Trophy) --- Played with 2 Charms equipped
Thespian Vampire Killers (Bronze Trophy) --- Completed Play 2
To me, to you (Bronze Trophy) --- Performed 30 'Heads-Up' moves
True Thespian (Gold Trophy) --- Reached Level 12
UNBELIEVABLE THRILLS! (Silver Trophy) --- You achieved a x100 combo
Undying on Stage (Bronze Trophy) --- Completed Play 1
Unstoppable Force (Bronze Trophy) --- Performed 100 Magnificent Combos
Up and Coming! (Silver Trophy) --- 50 Stars collected
Vaudeville Legend! (Gold Trophy) --- All Stars collected
Well Rehearsed... (Bronze Trophy) --- Performed 50 Perfect Scenes
Whitechapel Clairvoyant (Silver Trophy) --- 6 Charms unlocked
Working the Wire Men (Silver Trophy) --- Remained in the air for 15 seconds
You REALLY love me! (Bronze Trophy) --- You earned your first 5 Star performance
You should see my backhand... (Bronze Trophy) --- Performed 50 Ace Returns

To me, to you - Achievement / Trophy Guide

During Play 2 Act 1, there are heavy werewolves that throw smaller ones. Catch the werewolves that are being thrown at you. Note: Hitting an enemy into the air against the side "wall" of the screen and catching them while in mid-air also qualifies.

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