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Xbox One Cheats - Goat Simulator

Unlockable Alternate goats
To unlock the following, complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Angel Goat --- Remain idle for five minutes after spawning.
Builder Goat --- Collect one of the three Minecraft blocks in the Goat City Bay level.
Evil Goat --- Leave five bodies in the pentagram in the forest.
Feather Goat (ostrich) --- Collect 10 Golden Goats.
Giant Goat (whale) --- Collect 20 Golden Goats.
Goat Queen --- Site on the burning thrown on the top floor of the spiral tower near the spawn location.
Goatborn --- Earn the "Alexander Goatstafsson" achievement.
Ripped Goat --- Knock all the goats out of the fighting ring in the fields.
Robot Goat --- Put the robot from the blue container and the special Sanctum statues in the pentagram in the forest.
Space Goat (alien) --- Collect all 30 Golden Goats.
Sweet Autumn Goat --- Earn the "Trying To Bring Forth Sanctum 3?" achievement.
Tall Goat (giraffe) --- Collect 5 Golden Goats.

Complete one of the following achievements to collect their Xbox Live Gamerscore points:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
A Story about my elevator (30 GP) --- Get up on the skyscraper without using the elevator
A story about my goat (15 GP) --- I'm sorry about my goat
Alexander Goatstafsson (15 GP) --- Win the title bout!
Angel Goat (15 GP) --- Do no evil
Around the World in 5 Jumps (30 GP) --- Visit 5 trampolines in one jump, bouncing on each trampoline once
Boulder of Death (15 GP) --- Hit the party with the Boulder of Death
Builder Goat (90 GP) --- Find all the blocks
Demogoat (30 GP) --- Have 10 gas canisters explode at the same time
Devil Goat (30 GP) --- We are each our own devil, and we make this world our hell
Disgusting (15 GP) --- Why did you step in that? Yuck
Dodge This (15 GP) --- Make sure the Hillbilly never drives again
Goat of the hill (15 GP) --- Everything the light touches is your kingdom
Goat Queen (30 GP) --- Become the Queen of Goat Ville
Goats 'n' Stuff (15 GP) --- Hold your own concert
Hat Simulator (30 GP) --- Buy all hats
I freaking love goats (30 GP) --- Find all collectibles on level 2
Is that a goat? (30 GP) --- Lick the rollercoaster with 6 batteries attached
Ling Ling into battle go (15 GP) --- Fight the turtle
LOEK master (30 GP) --- Find the Sanctum 2 Walker Statue
Mattress Madness (30 GP) --- Bounce 100 times on mattresses within 30 seconds
Mile High Club (90 GP) --- Lick the Hanging Glider
One Ball (90 GP) --- Ride a bike for 60 sec
Pedestrian (15 GP) --- Find the Sanctum 1 Walker Statue
Rymdskepp i Rymden (100 GP) --- Travel to space!
The Flapmaster (30 GP) --- Score 10 points in Flappy Goat
Tony Goat (30 GP) --- Finish all manual quests
Try Hard (30 GP) --- Find all the trophies in Goat Ville!
Trying to bring forth Sanctum 3? (30 GP) --- Sacrifice the 3 Sanctum items
Valkyrie (30 GP) --- Go on the catapult with a rider on your back
What is its purpose? (30 GP) --- Thrash the Goathenge

Play as Angel Goat
Stand totally still for 5 minutes to unlock Angel Goat. The Angel Goat can drift by pushing [Special Action]

Easy "Tony Goat" achievement
Walk on your front legs and get 3,000 Manual points to get the "Tony Goat" achievement. Start by standing on level ground. Tap S (move backwards), then W (move forward) in quick succession to get your goat to walk on its front legs. Keep balanced while accumulating Manual points. If the balance meter gets too high, press S, and press W if it is too low. You can also press F to enter slow-motion to make it easier. However, you will spend more time maintaining your balance. To keep accumulating Manual points for the achievement, you must get back on four legs flawlessly. To do so, press [Jump].

Easy "The Mage's Favourite" achievement
Simply head-butt or kick a person into a barbecue stand or a brazier to ignite them and get "The Mage's Favourite" achievement. This can be done on the "Goat City Bay" level with Marie, who normally stands next to the barbecue. To find her, go to the Cabrito amusement park, and reach the small sandy beach under the roller coaster. There is a barbecue close to one of the roller coaster's supports. Marie is in jeans and a yellow t-shirt, and will eventually stand in front of that barbecue. Once this happens, head-butt or kick her into it. If she accidentally trips and falls, you can still kick her body into the barbecue.

Easy "Vegas, Baby" achievement
Start a custom game in the "Goat City Bay" level. Follow the orange car, and proceed down the road until you see a blue building with large balconies on the right side. Past that blue building, on the same side of the road, is a grayish house with a garage. Enter that house to find a pot named "Jack" in a room with red walls on the second floor. Hit, touch, or lick the pot to get the "Vegas, Baby" achievement.

Easy "The Flapmaster" achievement
From where you spawn, travel north until you are almost at the tunnel, then go east and walk into the second house you find. If done correctly, the "A Goat Amongst Legends" challenge will begin. Go up to the second floor, and press R at the television to play "Flappy Goat". The mini-game is easier if you do not have any other powers available, or rebind the "Action" key to something else. Additionally, try knocking the sofa and table out of the way, and zoom into the television for a better view. Make it past ten obstacles in the mini-game without dying to score 10 points and get "The Flapmaster" achievement.

Easy "Rymdskepp i Rymden" achievement
Enter the open garage of the house directly across from the goat pen where you spawn. Grab the glowing blue beacon on the table in the garage with your tongue. Then, go to the nearby field, and find the two crop circles. Stand in the center of the second crop circle to automatically place the beacon on an object. Wait approximately 30 seconds for a UFO to appear and teleport you to the spaceship. You will then appear in space. However, you are not able to really do anything in space or move around. You will also get the "Rymdskepp i Rymden" achievement for traveling to space.

Easy "Neckbeard" achievement
In the "Goat City Bay" level, get the "Repulsive Goat" power by entering the sewer tunnel under the bridge (where the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are hiding). Alternately, activate the "Repulsive Goat" mutator at the "Custom Game" menu. Then, get a fedora hat. Go to the "Weathers" store that is across the road from the Put-In hotel. If you need money, first collect some from the counter of the shop next to the "Weathers" store. Go behind the counter until the "Pick a hat from a window" option appears. Approach and choose the fedora (in the center) to get the "Neckbeard" achievement.

Easy "Disgusting" and "Ling Ling Into Battle Go" achievements
In the "Goat City Bay" level, locate the sewer entrance pipe in the water between the roller coaster carnival and the Put-In hotel. It is next to the bridge. Enter the tunnel, and follow it to find and fight the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and get the "Disgusting" and "Ling Ling Into Battle Go" achievements.

Easy "Dodge This" achievement
Locate the large boulder that is sitting on a hill, near a party. Use your tongue to get the boulder to roll down the hill. Then, use your tongue to drag the boulder to the field where the hillbilly is driving around. Place the boulder in his path to cause him to crash into it and get the "Dodge This" achievement.

Too much fun - Achievement Guide
You will need the above DLC in order to play GoatZ. Once you boot up the game, click on either Before Infection or After Infection, then click on Tutorials. The tutorials present you with the best opportunity to get this achievement as it not only provides you with a minifun, but also spawns a ton of zombies in a small room where you can easily get multiple kills. If you attempt this outside of the tutorials, you're gonna have to find a minifun that spawns from a crate. You get 12 shots so use them wisely.
Masterchef - Achievement Guide
You'll have to find Voodoo Island. You can do this in normal mode (pre-outbreak) so you don't have to worry. From the church, go to the barn, then towards the RV. Continue on the path until you reach some docks. From here, you should be able to see the island with a head on it, make your way there. Once you've gotten to that island, go up and you should see a giant cauldron with green bubbles. Drag one of the inhabitants into the cauldron.

Big in japan - Achievement Guide
There is an obstacle course called Whiplash. As soon as you get to the top of the ladder with banner "Start" above you will get the message that whiplash is started. Go through the obstacles there and don't fall in the water. You can restart if you fall simply by going to the Start point again. I'd recommend using Sky Goat or any other similar mutator (like Angel Goat) which allows you to glide in the air to avoid unnecessary falls as much as possible.

There are hidden traps on the way:
- Don't stand in the middle of the top of the white pillar with the red "pillows" - there is a trapdoor right under the "pillows" which will throw you into the water.
- Second orange wall block is a trapdoor which will attempt to throw you to the left.
- Red floor block right before spinning bar will bump you into the air above the spinning bar (so, it's actually helpful), but be careful with the last orange wall block at the top in case you reach it since it's a trap-door as well. It will have no effect if you will be gliding at that moment.
- Third pillar right after the orange wall will bump you into the air as soon as you step on it.

Try Hard - Achievement / Trophy Guide
The trophies are found at the following locations.
- On the very top of the crane. To get up there, use the jetpack and go to the edge where the NPC is sitting. Turn around then jump up, then thrust just enough to clear the top of the crane. Walk across the top and up the cable.
- On the power lines near the road. There is a shed on the side of the road with fans on top that will take you to it. Hit the fan and land on the lowest power line.
- On top of the shed used to reach the power lines.
- Behind the shed across from the school. Follow the building around the side facing the road.
- Under the bell on top of the school. Use ragdoll mode to slide under the bell.
- On the edge of the size changing pit.
- Behind the Boulder of Doom.
- Against the fence behind the Goat Fight Club.
- Buried in the bushes underneath the water slide.
- On top of the scaffolding over the control room in the Low Gravity building. Jump into the fan room and use a burst from the jet pack to land on top of the office. It is in the far corner, on the highest beam.
- On top of the Low Gravity building, under one of the spinning arms.
- Using the fan in the Low Gravity room, then get up into the vent that shoots out from the roof.
- To the right of the harvester, next to a small sedan.
- Under the power tower next to the Goatagram.
- On the scaffolding platform on the roof of the construction site building.
- Behind the goat on top of the tower near the spawn point.
- Under the tree in the middle of the fields.
- To the right of the outhouse.
- Inside Coffee Stain Studios
- On the Coffee Stain Studios chimney.
- On top of the diving boards.
- In the blue shipping container hanging from the crane. To get on top of the container, use the fans on the lower roof of the construction site building, where the NPC is sitting on the edge. Bounce multiple times to get enough height. When you drop into the container, immediately headbutt the G2 robot guarding the trophy to not get shoved out.
- In a blue shipping container on the ground level of the construction site, near the road.
- Behind the Protesters' stage.
- In the gas station.
- In the bedroom of the house next to the spawn point, in a corner of the room to the right from the stairs.
- In the greenhouse next to the Time Trial starting point, but not near the spawn point.
- On a limb on one of the two trees between the party and the empty pool.
- On a box on the left side just as you enter to the throne room of the Goat Castle.
- On the very top of the power line pole closest to the Goat Castle.

A story about my goat - Achievement / Trophy Guide
Go to the skate park area in "Goat City Bay" map. Follow the road towards the Ferris wheel. Enter the open garage named "Uncle Fred's Workshop" on your left. Look behind the crates to find a glowing blue object. Touch it to earn "A story about my goat".

A story about my elevator - Achievement / Trophy Guide
- Go to the Put-In Hotel on the "Goat City Bay" map. Instead of walking into the hotel, go around the right side and jump onto the garden bed, onto the roof awning on the side door. You can partially wall run onto the ledge to the right. You should be able to get on the roof above the bar area. There is a mattress here. You must take this mattress above the first pool area. Looking towards the building, try to bounce at least five times to get significantly higher than the first pool area, then land on the fan that is further in. The fan is located slightly towards the left. If you can land the fan, it will send you high enough to reach the roof. Note: Use the Double Jump goat and Angel Goat mutator to help get on the roof. It is easier to control the ragdoll than it is to control an active goat if you are having issues getting placed in the proper locations.
- Wait for the helicopter to fly through the town. It passes very low at the first street intersection near spawn point or at the wooden ramp above the skate park. Air lick it to ride it to the Put-In Hotel. Completing the task may require a few attempts due to the motion of your goat while flying there.
- Obtain the grappling tongue power from the glowing blue object from "A story about my uncle". You can then make your way up the side of the building.

SteamWorld Goat - Achievement / Trophy Guide
Transform into the Queen Goat mutation. Enter the house in front of the pink house near the spawn point. Inside is a television that is running the game. Activate the Queen Goat power until the game's frame rate drops. You can now easily dig in the game while it is slow.

The Savage - Achievement / Trophy Guide
Take the wind statue on top of the second windmill (the one in the middle). Then, bring it to the altar located to the left of the skate park. Look for a path with torches to find it.

Powerhoof SMASH - Achievement / Trophy Guide
In Goatville, go to the gas station and kick the man standing next to the stopped car.

Pedestrian - Achievement / Trophy Guide
After spawning on the "Goat Ville" map, turn around and enter the house. Go upstairs and find the walker statue in the bedroom.

One Ball - Achievement / Trophy Guide
Find one of the following bikes:
- In the "Goat Ville" map, there is a red bike on the first floor of the construction building.
- In the "Goat City Bay" map, go to the bike rack on the lower level near the river, on the dam side.
- In the "Goat City Bay" map, find the pink house with the pool near the initial spawn point. Go down the hill there and find the green bike to your right.

Get on the bike and remain on it for sixty seconds. Moving it forward is not required. To do this easily, repeatedly jump with the bike once you are on it, then dismount. Note: You can also use slow motion to help keep your balance.

Plentiful masquerade - Achievement or Trophy Guide
Go to from the Baa machine and go to "crew gear", from there you can buy masks and equip them. For this achievement you need to equip 30 masks at the same time, so buy one of the cheapest masks for $25 and equip, then buy 28 more until you have enough and you'll get the achievement (You might have to exit the machine and click g to equip the masks before you get it). If you don't have enough money then do some pranks to get money fast.

Le Voyage Dans la Lune - Achievement or Trophy Guide
To reach the moon, you have to find a copy of Sanctum 3 and bring it to the Pirate Ship. The copy is in a vault on the hill, where you can find a blue cannon aimed at the road. Bring a drill with you - there is a drill shop near the police station and the bank. Take Dolph or Valentino for the job, because the vault is a pit and you'll need to climb it up.

Once you have brought the copy to the Pirate Ship, stay on it while it's moving away. You'll take off for the moon! Be aware at least that you'll be trapped there, so you'll have to restart the map to come back to the town.

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