Friday, July 15, 2016

Playstation 4 Cheats - Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved

To unlock the following Trophies, complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Beat Andy (Silver) --- Beat the Developer high score of 21,468,350 on Pacifism Classic.
Beat Col (Silver) --- Beat the Developer high score of 4,769,150 on Gate Dash.
Beat Craig (Silver) --- Beat the Developer high score of 11,261,635 on Peanut Dreams.
Beat Phil (Silver) --- Beat the Developer high score of 21,478,525 on Nufo Flow.
Best Friends (Silver) --- Beat the Garnet boss in Co-op Mode.
BFF (Gold) --- Achieve 3 Stars on all 10 levels in Co-op Mode.
Boom (Bronze) --- Kill 100 enemies with a single Smart Bomb.
Bossman (Bronze) --- Defeat any boss in Adventure Mode without using a Drone Super or a Smart Bomb.
Bullet Proof (Silver) --- Score over 2 million on Maze without dying.
Cleaning Up (Bronze) --- Destroy the cleaner.
Deadliest (Silver) --- Complete Deadline Classic without losing a life.
Dying Time (Silver) --- Be killed by every enemy type at least once.
First Step (Bronze) --- Earn 3 Stars on any level in Adventure Mode.
Gatherer (Silver) --- Collect 1 million Geoms in Adventure Mode.
Geometry Warrior (Gold) --- Earn 3 Stars on all 50 levels of Adventure Mode.
Geomtastic (Gold) --- Earn a multiplier of at least 1000 on any level in Adventure Mode.
Keen Adventurer (Gold) --- Beat the Topaz boss in Adventure Mode.
Kill Them All (Silver) --- Kill every enemy type at least once.
King Killer (Silver) --- Spend 60 seconds outside of the safety King Zones in King Classic.
Maximise (Silver) --- Upgrade all 5 Drones to their maximum level.
Millionaire (Bronze) --- Score at least 1 million points on any level in Adventure Mode.
Multi Millionaire (Silver) --- Score at least 100 million points on any level in Adventure Mode.
Peacekeeper (Bronze) --- Survive for 60 seconds on Deflector without shooting and pass the level.
Platinum (Platinum) --- Geometry Wars Dimensions Platinum Trophy.
Powered Up (Bronze) --- Activate each Super State at least once.
Retro (Silver) --- Score over 10 million on Evolved Classic Level before losing a life.
Rocket Destroyer (Bronze) --- Destroy 10,000 Rocket enemies in total.
Sharp Shooter (Silver) --- Score over 500,000 on Twisted Blister without moving.
Specialist (Bronze) --- Upgrade any Drone to its maximum level.
Stationary (Silver) --- Score over 500,000 points on Waves Classic without moving.

Survivalist (Silver) --- Survive for 30 seconds on Pacifism Classic without going through a gate.

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