Monday, July 18, 2016

Xbox One Cheats - The Golf Club

Complete one of the following achievements to collect their Xbox Live Gamerscore points:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Ace (120 GP) --- Score a hole-in-one on an official course.
Amateur Golfer (10 GP) --- Finish an 18-hole round of golf.
Build It And They Will Come (50 GP) --- Publish a created course.
Close But No Cigar (30 GP) --- Place the ball 1 yard from the hole from 250+ yards out, on an official course.
Driving The Point Home (25 GP) --- Drive a ball 315 yards or greater on an official course.
Eagle (15 GP) --- Score an Eagle on an official course.
Explorer (100 GP) --- Play 100 unique user-created courses designed by other Members.
FIR Collector (30 GP) --- Hit all fairways in regulation in one round on an official 18-hole course.
GIR Collector (30 GP) --- Hit all greens in regulation in one round on an official 18-hole course.
Give Them An Inch (20 GP) --- Putt a total of 1 mile.
Goldie Bounce (15 GP) --- Land on the fairway or green after striking a tree.
Golf Buddy (10 GP) --- Play against a live rival.
I Would Walk... (30 GP) --- Play holes totalling length of 500 miles.
I'll Take That... (15 GP) --- Beat a friend's course record on any course.
KAPOW! (50 GP) --- Drive a ball 1,000 yards or greater.
Lucky Number Seven (100 GP) --- Finish a 70+ par course at par or better using only a seven iron.
Party Planner (20 GP) --- Invite 3 unique live friends to one of your rounds.
Playing Favourites (20 GP) --- Favourite 10 courses.
Super Ace (100 GP) --- Score a hole-in-one from 250+ yards.

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