Monday, July 4, 2016

Xbox One Cheats - Frozen Free Fall: Snowball Fight

Complete one of the following achievements to collect their Xbox Live Gamerscore points:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
1,000,000 Overall Points (50 GP) --- Obtain a total of 1 Million points
10 Iceberg Glacier (50 GP) --- Combine 10 Iceberg and Glacier Gems
100 Winter Levels (50 GP) --- Finish first 100 Winter levels
15 Double Iceberg (50 GP) --- Combine 15 Double Iceberg Gems
150,000 Point Game (70 GP) --- Obtain 150,000 Points on one level
20 Windchill Glacier (50 GP) --- Combine 20 Windchill and Glacier Gems
25 Windchill Iceberg (30 GP) --- Combine 25 Windchill and Iceberg Gems
30 Double Windchill (30 GP) --- Combine 30 Windchill Gems
5 Double Glacier (70 GP) --- Combine 5 Double Glacier Gems
50 Snowball Fight Matches (100 GP) --- Complete 50 Snowball Fights
50,000 Point Game (30 GP) --- Obtain 50,000 Points on one level
Beat 10 characters (100 GP) --- Beat your opponent with 10 different characters
Obtain 100 Stars (50 GP) --- Obtain a total of 100 stars
Obtain 500 Stars (100 GP) --- Obtain a total of 500 stars
Snowball Dodge (50 GP) --- Dodge 3 Snowballs in a round
Super Snowballs (70 GP) --- Throw 3 Super Snowballs in a round
Throw 10 Snowballs (50 GP) --- Throw 10 Snowballs in a round

25 Windchill Iceberg - Achievement / Trophy Guide
Play level 5 twenty-five times. The tutorial in this level is a Windchill Iceberg combination.

150,000 point game - Achievement / Trophy Guide

Play level 9. It has no obstacles and features a square 8x8 layout. This will allow many combinations that cannot be done in other levels.

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