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Xbox One Cheats - Gems Of War

Complete one of the following achievements to collect their Xbox Live Gamerscore points:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Arch Duke (100 GP) --- Capture 5 Kingdoms.
Brawler (30 GP) --- Successfully invade an enemy.
Centurion (100 GP) --- Reach level 100.
Challenger (10 GP) --- Defeat a Challenge and gain a star.
Champion (40 GP) --- Master any Challenge by gaining 5 stars
Double Digits (20 GP) --- Reach level 10.
Fashionista (10 GP) --- Change your hero's costume.
General (100 GP) --- Unlock 50 different Troops.
Golden Jubilee (100 GP) --- Reach level 50.
King of Kings (100 GP) --- Capture 15 Kingdoms.
Mentor (70 GP) --- Train any troop to level 10.
Prince Regent (100 GP) --- Capture 10 Kingdoms.
Rabble Rouser (25 GP) --- Unlock 10 different Troops.
Raid Leader (60 GP) --- Unlock 25 different Troops.
Robber Baron (50 GP) --- Capture 2 Kingdoms.
Silver Platter (50 GP) --- Reach level 25.
Student (5 GP) --- Finish the Tutorial.
Team Player (30 GP) --- Join or create a guild.

Collect gold, Skills and Chests
- Tip 1: Gather gold from liberated cities at regular periods. There is a limitation to just how much gold a city can hold, and you will certainly lose the overflow if it is not gathered.
- Tip 2: Keep playing missions in a city to enhance the amount of gold that city can gather at one time.
- Tip 3: Get into other players to make gold.
- Tip 4: Log in every day to obtain gold as a commitment reward.
- Tip 5: The order of your fighters is very important. When 3 skulls end up being lined up, the very first fighter in your line-up will certainly carry out physical attacks. Mana goes to the very first fighter in the line-up that has the matching rune.
- Tip 6: Do so if you have an opportunity to match 4 or more mana orbs. Even if that match does not straight benefit any of your fighters, you will certainly get an additional turn that might end up being helpful after the pieces have actually moved. In addition, making the match obstructs your challenger from making it.
- Tip 7: Concentrate on matching skulls over mana. Constantly take it unless you can match 4 or more mana orbs to get an additional turn if provided an option to make a match with 3 or more skulls.
- Tip 8: The "Wake the Dead" ability ought to be used thoroughly. This ability from undead warriors positions 3 skulls on the field at random. This might not lead to a match-up in your favor, and rather might benefit your challenger more.
- Tip 9: Abilities that provide an additional turn in addition to some type of attack are really helpful.
- Tip 10: Invest the Souls rewarded for winning matches to train your fighters. Your leader levels up immediately, soldiers can just level up by investing Souls.
- Tip 11: When you win an iron key, use it to chests at the "Chests" menu to obtain 3 new cards. You can also get iron keys for gold, and magic keys (which enhance your opportunities for a rare card) for gems, which is the game's exceptional currency.

Mentor - Achievement Guide
You must gain enough souls to upgrade your units. Use your gold to do this by spending gold to get keys, then units, then souls. To transform units into souls, select "units" then "disenchant".

Conqueror - Achievement Guide

Repeatedly select the "Try Another" option until you matched with someone who is about the same level or lower than you. After winning a match, you will get two stars until you lose. Because you can never lose a rank, attempting this against slightly tougher opponents is fine. Ignore their PvP Rank, as it does not indicated anything important. However, losses will cost gold. Note: You can pay for souls and level your minions without actually leveling your hero. Additionally, manual defense fights that are won will also count as PvP victories and also advance your rank.

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