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Xbox One Cheats - Halo 5: Guardians

Unlockable Armor and helmets
To unlock the following Armor and helmets, complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Helioskrill helmet and armor --- Earn the "Legend" achievement in Halo
Mark VI (Gen1) helmet and armor --- Earn the "Your Journey Begins" achievement in Halo
Mark VI (Gen1) Scarred helmet and armor --- Earn the "Cairo Stations" achievement in Halo
Nightfall armor --- Watch all five episodes of Halo
Nightfall helmet --- Watch the Halo

Complete one of the following achievements to collect their Xbox Live Gamerscore points:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
A New Dawn (10 GP) --- Completed Mission 14.
All for One (40 GP) --- Completed every co-op Mission on Heroic difficulty.
Argent Moon (10 GP) --- Completed Mission 2.
Benchwarmer (10 GP) --- Spectated a game.
Breakthrough (10 GP) --- Completed Mission 10.
Bringing in the Big Guns (10 GP) --- Called in a REQ that costs 5 Energy or more.
Castle Crasher (20 GP) --- Completed 5 matchmade games of Strongholds.
Civil War (10 GP) --- Completed Mission 12.
Conspiracy Theory (10 GP) --- Found and claimed one piece of Intel.
Cry Havoc (10 GP) --- Completed 3 matchmade games of Warzone.
Death from Above (10 GP) --- Killed a Grunt and smashed a grate with a Ground Pound in Battle of Sunaion.
Double Stuff (10 GP) --- Simultaneously destroyed 2 cores in Guardians on Heroic difficulty.
Emergency Boarding Procedures (10 GP) --- Escaped the doomed Kraken by jumping onto a Phaeton piloted by a Spartan.
Enemy of my Enemy (10 GP) --- Helped the Elite General charge the hill in Osiris on Heroic difficulty.
Escape (10 GP) --- Completed Mission 6.
Fire Drill (10 GP) --- Finished Evacuation within 18:00 without dying on Heroic difficulty.
Flag Monger (20 GP) --- Completed 5 matchmade games of Capture the Flag.
Forging a Legend (60 GP) --- Completed every Mission of the game on Legendary difficulty.
Gamemaster (10 GP) --- Created and saved a Custom Game.
Glasslands (10 GP) --- Completed Mission 3.
Go for the Gold (10 GP) --- Opened a Gold REQ Pack.
Going the Distance (10 GP) --- Completed Glassed without entering a vehicle.
Gravedigger (10 GP) --- Found and claimed a Skull.
Gravelord (40 GP) --- Found and claimed all Skulls.
Harbinger (10 GP) --- Completed The Breaking on Legendary difficulty without the entire fireteam dying.
Heroes Rise (40 GP) --- Completed every Mission of the game on Heroic difficulty.
Hunt the Truth (40 GP) --- Found and claimed all Intel.
I Thought I'd Lost You (10 GP) --- Escaped the Hunters in the lab and fought them in the hangar in Blue Team.
Icy Cool (10 GP) --- Used a Ground Pound on an exterior power core in Guardians on Heroic difficulty.
Into the Fire (10 GP) --- Completed Mission 1.
Kraken Lackin' (10 GP) --- Completed Enemy Lines without destroying a Kraken turret.
Legacy (10 GP) --- Completed every Mission of the game on Normal difficulty.
Lone Wolf (100 GP) --- Completed every Mission of the game by yourself on Legendary difficulty.
Make Your Mark (10 GP) --- Changed your Service Tag in the Spartan Hub.
Maverick (10 GP) --- Teamed up in a vehicle to kill 30 enemies in Unconfirmed co-op.
My Rules (20 GP) --- Completed any Mission with 3+ Skulls active on Heroic difficulty.
No Knock Raid (10 GP) --- Destroyed 10 walls or floors in Swords of Sanghelios.
No Witnesses (10 GP) --- Destroyed the Phantom at the Covenant camp in Reunion on Heroic difficulty.
Off to the Races (20 GP) --- Completed 5 matchmade games of Breakout.
Old Bones (10 GP) --- Completed Mission 9.
On My Mark (10 GP) --- Simultaneously assassinated two Elites in Blue Team co-op.
One for All (10 GP) --- Completed any co-op Mission on Heroic difficulty.
Preying Mantis (10 GP) --- Completed Swords of Sanghelios co-op with both Mantises on Heroic difficulty.
Prison Break (10 GP) --- Simultaneously killed two Wardens in The Breaking on Heroic difficulty.
Raise Your Banner (10 GP) --- Changed your Emblem in the Spartan Hub.
Reclamation (10 GP) --- Completed Mission 13.
Rolling Thunder (10 GP) --- Operated four different vehicles at once in Mission 13 on Heroic difficulty.
Roots of the Earth (10 GP) --- Completed Mission 4.
Savior (10 GP) --- Kept 6 miners alive at the elevator in Evacuation on Heroic difficulty.
Sentinels (10 GP) --- Completed Mission 15.
Shoot from the Hip (10 GP) --- Completed Glassed without any players using Smart-Link.
Spartan Decimation (20 GP) --- Completed 5 matchmade games of Slayer.
Stolen Gauntlet (10 GP) --- Completed Mission 5.
Stormbound (10 GP) --- Completed Mission 11.
Swords (10 GP) --- Completed Mission 8.
Take a Hike (10 GP) --- Traversed the canyon without a Phaeton in Reunion on Heroic difficulty.
Tank Still Beats Everything (10 GP) --- Finished the 13th mission without losing the Scorpion on Legendary difficulty.
Together Again (10 GP) --- Completed Mission 7.
Top of the Food Chain (30 GP) --- Killed a Legendary Boss in Warzone.
Valor Recognized (20 GP) --- Qualified for a Competitive Skill Rating.
Waiting on You (10 GP) --- Killed an enemy that's had its armor repaired in Unconfirmed.
Warlord (20 GP) --- Won a match on all three original Warzone maps.
Worms Don't Surf (10 GP) --- Knocked two Hunters into the ocean during the Battle of Sunaion.
Your Style (10 GP) --- Changed your Spartan's gear in the Spartan Hub.
Your Team is Your Weapon (10 GP) --- Commanded your team of Spartans in Osiris.

Requisition card categories
Requisition cards can belong to the following categories.
Category --- Type --- Availability
Loadout Weapons --- Permanent --- Warzone
Power Weapons --- Single-Use --- Warzone
Vehicles --- Single-Use --- Warzone
Power-Ups --- Single-Use --- Warzone
Armor Mods --- Permanent --- Warzone
Certifications --- Permanent --- Warzone
Weapons Skins --- Permanent --- Arena and Warzone
Assassinations --- Permanent --- Arena and Warzone
Stance --- Permanent --- Arena and Warzone
Boosts --- Single-Use --- Arena and Warzone
Armor --- Permanent --- Arena and Warzone
Emblems --- Permanent --- Arena and Warzone
Visors --- Permanent --- Arena and Warzone
Helmets --- Permanent --- Arena and Warzone
REQ Point Grant --- Single-Use --- Arena and Warzone

Ship Banshee

Location: Mission 2: Blue Team - At the start go to the window and go right to get of the ship. On the deck while you leaving and see the large ship, you need to turn left and then shoot the small black skull located below the large window, after this shoot just slightly below the yellow light on the large ship directly in front of you to spawn a bunch of Banshees... have fun :-)

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