Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Xbox One Cheats - Fruit Ninja Kinect 2

Complete one of the following achievements to collect their Xbox Live Gamerscore points:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
All Bonused Out (30 GP) --- Get all bonuses at least once in Arcade
All for one and one for all! (30 GP) --- Earn a cumulative score of over 650 with your friends in a single Party game
Big Money (30 GP) --- Slice a Jumbo Starfruit
Bring on the Pain (60 GP) --- Get hit by all shurikens in a single Katsuro's Ninja Dodge
Clean Slate (40 GP) --- Go back to zero strikes after receiving two
Comeback (20 GP) --- Hit 3 bombs and get a total score over 250 in Arcade
Dragon's Breath (30 GP) --- Equip the Fiery shadow and the Fire blade at the same time
Easy There, Tiger (30 GP) --- Throw 15 daggers in under 5 seconds in Han's Apple Range
Feels like the lottery (50 GP) --- Slice the (not so secret anymore) secret fruit
Fruit Adept (20 GP) --- Reach Ninja belt level 10
Fruit Ninja (20 GP) --- Reach Ninja belt level 30
Fruit Salad (40 GP) --- Slice 6 different fruits in one combo
Fruitarian (20 GP) --- Reach Ninja belt level 20
Golden Skills (30 GP) --- Reach 50 slices on the Golden Pomegranate
Green Thumb (60 GP) --- Slice 60 seeds in a single game of Nobu's Bamboo Strike
I Don't Give a Flying Fruit (60 GP) --- Slice all propellers in a single game of Katsuro's Ninja Dodge
In the Spotlight (20 GP) --- Stay at least 5 consecutive seconds in a spotlight in Mari's Strawberry Stealth
Juicinator (40 GP) --- Slice 10,000 fruits
Just like a mirror (30 GP) --- Do all the Ninja Poses in Party
Lightning Fast (40 GP) --- Slice 10 fruits inside spotlights without losing points in a game of Mari's Strawberry Stealth
Nature Lover (20 GP) --- Let 20 seeds fall back to back in Nobu's Bamboo Strike
Overpowered, much? (30 GP) --- Get 3 powerups at once in ARCADE.
Pulpverizer (40 GP) --- Slice 5,000 fruit.
Surgeon (20 GP) --- Perform a 4-fruit combo with Mini-Fruit
Target Practice (50 GP) --- Hit every target in a game of Han's Apple Range
The more, the merrier (30 GP) --- Have a friend jump in a Quickplay or Festival game
There ain't no party like a Ninja party (30 GP) --- Play 5 consecutive games in Party
Welcome to the Festival! (20 GP) --- Unlock all four Festival modes
What happened? (20 GP) --- Perform 4 combos within a single Freeze powerup

Zensei (40 GP) --- Don't miss a single fruit during a Zen game

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