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Playstation 4 Cheats - Tropico 5

To unlock the following Trophies, complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
... But To Take Part (Bronze) --- Issued the "Host the Olympics" edict.
A Barrel Of Monkeys (Silver) --- Earned $50 000 yearly revenue from Entertainment buildings.
Agricultural Community (Bronze) --- Had more than 20 Plantations, Hydroponic Farms, Factory Farms and Ranches in a single game.
Architerissimo (Bronze) --- Won a multiplayer game by construction.
Booked Solid (Bronze) --- Had Slob, Family, Cultural, Eco and Wealthy tourists at the same time on the island.
Bureaucrat (Bronze) --- Issued 20 edicts in a single game.
Cause of Death (Bronze) --- Executed a Rebel Leader.
Claustrophilia (Bronze) --- Won a Sandbox game on a Tiny island.
Dictatorship 101 (Bronze) --- Finished all tutorials.
Everlasting Colony (Bronze) --- Ruled for 100 months as a colonial governor.
Extraordinary Popular Delusions (Bronze) --- Had all happiness values above 50.
For Science! (Silver) --- Researched all technologies at least once before the year 2005 in a single game.
Friends With Benefits (Silver) --- Had relations higher than 90 with all factions in the Modern Era.
Fundamental Principles (Silver) --- Amended the Constitution 6 times in a single game.
Globalist (Bronze) --- Had 5 foreign powers in your Embassies at the same time.
Good Sportsmanship (Bronze) --- Finished a multiplayer game.
Greasing Palms (Bronze) --- Bribed a Faction Leader.
Heir And Now (Bronze) --- Recognized a new heir.
History Will Absolve Me (Bronze) --- Survived a rebel attack against the Palace.
In Seventh Heaven (Silver) --- Reached overall happiness of 77.
Infrastructor (Bronze) --- Built more than 2 000 meters of roads in a single game.
It Prints Money! (Bronze) --- Won a multiplayer game by money.
Let Them Eat Cake (Bronze) --- Survived an uprising.
Made In Tropico (Bronze) --- Exported 100 000 Luxury Goods.
Middle Manager Of The Revolution (Bronze) --- Had managers in more than 15 buildings in a single game.
Mine! All Mine! (Bronze) --- Mined 100 000 ores and coal in a single game.
Mirror, Mirror On The Wall (Bronze) --- Changed the looks of a dynasty member.
Naughty Docks (Bronze) --- Connected a dock with that of another player.
Overqualified (Silver) --- Had a dynasty member with a level 5 skill.
Pension Plan (Bronze) --- Earned over $$200 000 Swiss bank account.
Presidente's Seven (Silver) --- Had 7 Dynasty members.
Project Beale (Bronze) --- Won a multiplayer game by points.
Putsch and Judy (Bronze) --- Survived a Military Coup.
Retro-futurism (Silver) --- Advanced to the Modern Era before the year 1960.
Sheep For Wood (Bronze) --- Had a fleet of 12 trade ships.
The Bay Of Pigs (Silver) --- Survived an invasion from the USA.
The China Card (Silver) --- Successfully completed 5 trade routes with China in a single game.
The Great Mogul (Bronze) --- Had 10 different industry buildings in a single game.
The Madness Of Crowds (Bronze) --- Had more than 500 citizens in a single game.
The Town Of Cityville (Silver) --- Built 150 buildings in a single game.
Think Tanks (Bronze) --- Had 5 Army Bases in a single game.
To Live In Interesting Times (Bronze) --- Won a Sandbox game on an island with Relentless Disasters.
Tower Defense (Bronze) --- Had 20 Guard Towers in a single game.
Tropico 5 Platinum trophy (Platinum) --- Collected all other Tropico 5 trophies.
United States of Tropico (Bronze) --- Finished a game with relations of 100 with the US.
What Energy Crisis? (Bronze) --- Produced and shared 1 000 MW of power with another player.

Secret Trophies
To unlock the following Secret Trophies, complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
A New Dawn (Silver) --- Completed "A New Dawn".
Back to the Past (Silver) --- Completed "Back to the Past".
Day 0 (Silver) --- Completed "Day 0".
Hope (Gold) --- Completed "Hope".
Leon Must Die! (Silver) --- Completed "Leon Must Die!".

DLC Trophies - Espionage
To unlock the following Espionage DLC Trophies, complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Antiutopia (Bronze) --- Had Ministry of Information, Dungeon and 10 Security Checkpoint.
Big Brother (Bronze) --- Had 5 Police Blimps.
Catch me a Spy (Silver) --- Dealed with 10 foreign spies in a single game.
From Tropico with love (Silver) --- Had 13 loyal spies at the same time.
Kill all Humans (Bronze) --- Eliminated 20 undesirable citizens with drones.
Presidente 007 (Silver) --- Completed Espionage campaign.
The Greybar Hotel (Bronze) --- Had 20 prisoners in Dungeons and Supermax Prisons.
The Maltese Toucan (Bronze) --- Completed mission 1.
The Silent Front (Bronze) --- Completed a Sabotage action in multiplayer.
Tropicoleaks (Bronze) --- Exposed secrets of 2 different superpowers in a single game.

DLC Trophies - Waterborne
To unlock the following Waterborne DLC Trophies, complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Do not press! (Bronze) --- Fired missiles from a Nuclear Submarine during a battle against another player.
Herbivore (Silver) --- Defeated Captain Plant in the final battle.
My Precious (Silver) --- Finished the Waterborne campaign with the Black Pearl in your possession.
Offshore Haven (Bronze) --- Have 5 superpowers in Offshore Offices.
Seasteading (Silver) --- Had 1 of each waterborne buildings in a single playthrough.
Surfin' Tropico! (Bronze) --- Completed Waterborne campaign.
Thanks for all the fish! (Bronze) --- Had a fleet of 3 Fishing Trawlers.
The Black Pearl (Bronze) --- Completed "Treasure Hunt".
The King of Pearls (Bronze) --- Had 3 Oyster Farms and a Jewelry Workshop.
Waterworld (Bronze) --- Had 10 Floating Apartments and no residential buildings on land (excluding shacks).

Globalist achievement or trophy guide
Fot this build 5 Embassies and also invite all foreign powers to each one. Keep in mind that this can be paired with the "For Science!" achievement or trophy.

Everlasting Colony - Achievement or Trophy Guide
You cannot declare your independence. Do this early, while still a colony. Complete missions to earn mandate extensions until "Everlasting Colony" is earned.

... But To Take Part - Achievement or Trophy Guide
Build any type of power plant, a Stadium (Modern Times required), then issue the "Host the Olympics" edict.

Greasing Palms - Achievement or Trophy Guide
Faction leaders can be found through the game menu or by browsing your city. They will have a blue square above their heads. Select "Bribe". The amount of money required will depend on how much influence the leader has and the weight of the faction.

Middle Manager Of The Revolution - Achievement or Trophy Guide
Some of your family members may be helpful. The easiest way to gain managers is to issue the "Census" edict. It will find managing skills among ordinary citizens and can easily result in fifteen managers over time.

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall - Achievement or Trophy Guide
Select the icon to access to your family on the lower bar. Choose family member then change his or her appearance.

Let Them Eat Cake - Achievement or Trophy Guide
Uprisings occur when your people are dissatisfied. Have a low approval rate, low happiness, and a constitution not in line with the majority. Killing faction leaders will speed the process. To survive an uprising, several army bases and barracks will be needed. Upgrade them if possible. Make sure you have high loyalty with your army. High wages will help accomplish this. Note: This can be earned with "Think tank".

Overqualified - Achievement or Trophy Guide
Consider doing this over five missions due to the cooldown for each upgrade of a family member. Access your family by using the icon in the lower bar. Select a family member, then select "Upgrade". The upgrades will cost $10,000, $20,000, $30,000, and $40,000 from your Swiss bank account funds.

Putsch and Judy - Achievement or Trophy Guide
Do not have an army that is too powerful. Consider only having a single barracks. You have to defeat them with your palace guards. Preferably, upgrade them to death squad. Pay them low wages to lower their loyalty. Then, issue a kill order on the faction leader. This will inevitably lead to a military coup.

Big Brother - Achievement or Trophy Guide
Police blimps can be created through a specific construction. This occurs during a campaign mission where the police increase the tourism rating.

Catch me a Spy - Achievement or Trophy Guide
During the first mission you must bribe 25 agents to win. Save the game, arrest or kill ten agents, then reload the saved game.

The Greybar Hotel - Achievement or Trophy Guide
Build at least five dungeons or Supermax prisons to get a twenty prisoner capacity. You must then arrest more than twenty people to fill them, as because by the time you arrest some of them other prisoners will escape. Note: You also must have a strong army to defeat the rebels, because some will revolt as you make the arrests.

Tropicoleaks - Achievement or Trophy Guide
Start a sandbox game under the easy difficulty setting with unlimited money. Build a Spy Academy, fully upgrade it, and staff it to the maximum. The Spy Academy will begin creating spies, to a maximum of thirteen. Select the Spy Academy, then choose "Espionage". Select "Expose Secrets" and add spies to the mission. The Spy Academy will show how long the mission will take and the percentage for success.

Herbivore - Achievement or Trophy Guide
Wait out for the calendar to progress while suffering multiple attacks from Captain Plant. Druing the final battle, he will have 24,000 experience points and strong attacks. You will need several army bases and barracks.

My Precious - Achievement or Trophy Guide
You must make the correct choice when defeating Captain Plant. During the final mission, Presidente will need money. Instead of selling the Black Pearl try to get the money yourself.

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