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Playstation 4 Cheats - Skylanders Trap Team

To unlock the following Trophies, complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
All the Way Up! (Bronze) --- Level up any Skylander to level 20.
Arena Mogul (Bronze) --- Unlock Brock's special arena.
Aroma Avenger (Bronze) --- Complete Chapter 10.
Back From the Future (Bronze) --- Complete Chapter 13.
Ball Sprawler (Silver) --- Chapter 8
Bird Buddy (Bronze) --- Complete Chapter 4.
Cannon Completest (Bronze) --- Chapter 5
Chairman of the Rumble Club (Gold) --- Complete all Arena levels.
Chompy Champ (Bronze) --- Complete Chapter 3.
Clock Crusader (Bronze) --- Complete Chapter 12.
Da Pinchy Defacer (Bronze) --- Chapter 12
Desert Dominator (Bronze) --- Complete Chapter 16.
Do a Barrel Roll (Bronze) --- Chapter 18
Dream a Little Nightmare (Gold) --- Complete Story Mode on the Nightmare difficulty setting.
Dreamcatcher Catcher (Bronze) --- Complete Chapter 8.
Evilikin Eliminator (Bronze) --- Chapter 9
Exhaust All Possibilities (Bronze) --- Chapter 14
Garden Gladiator (Bronze) --- Chapter 16
Hero Hunter (Bronze) --- Capture 10 Villains.
Highwire Act (Bronze) --- Chapter 17
IMPOSSIBLE!!! (Platinum) --- Earn all other Trophies.
Just to be Safe (Bronze) --- Chapter 13
Kaos Komeuppance (Bronze) --- Complete Chapter 18.
Kaos Mode Master (Bronze) --- Defeat 100 enemies in Kaos Mode.
Krankcase Kapturer (Bronze) --- Complete Chapter 11.
Look Ma, No Rockets! (Silver) --- Chapter 15
Lumber Liberator (Bronze) --- Complete Chapter 9.
Master of Chefs (Bronze) --- Complete Chapter 5.
No Coins Left Behind (Bronze) --- Chapter 7
No Goo For You! (Bronze) --- Chapter 10
Not Out of Your Element (Bronze) --- Unlock your first Elemental area.
Now YOU Know It All (Bronze) --- Complete Chapter 2.
Pipe Down (Bronze) --- Chapter 6
Preemptive Power (Bronze) --- Chapter 4
Ride the Rails (Bronze) --- Chapter 11
Road to Redemption (Bronze) --- Complete a captured Villain's quest.
Rocket Recoverer (Bronze) --- Complete Chapter 14.
Royal Flusher (Bronze) --- Complete Chapter 17.
Savior of Skylands IV (Gold) --- Complete Story Mode on any difficulty setting.
Skystones Scavenger (Bronze) --- Collect 20 Skystones.
Soda Saver (Bronze) --- Complete Chapter 1.
Squadron Star (Bronze) --- Complete Chapter 15.
Squid Seeker (Bronze) --- Complete Chapter 6.
Star Star (Silver) --- Earn 50 Stars in Kaos Mode.
Statue Smasher (Bronze) --- Chapter 3
Swamp Survivor (Bronze) --- Complete Chapter 7.
Wow, That's Tough! (Silver) --- Achieve Portal Master Rank 5.

Soul Gem locations
Chapter 1 "Soda Springs"
- Instant Swirl Shards: Move forward from the gate with a mystery element. Take the Bounce Pad to the raised center of Twisting Top, then jump up to the higher area to collect the gem.
- Hypercharged Haymaker: In Grape Flavored Vista, use the ramp on the right to get to Fizzlewort's Rooftop. Search for the location where Gulper's giant hands blocks the way. Eliminate the hands then destroy the vat. Get on the ledge with a Bounce Pad and jump to the right towards a second Bounce Pad to find the gem.

Chapter 2 "Know-It-All Island"
-That's How I Roll: After meeting with Gumbus, jump up from the Bounce Pad near the bridge to reach the gem.

Chapter 3 "Chompy Mountain"
- Boomerangs 4 Breakfast: Look for a flashing button at the back of the room inside Nort's House. Jump on it then wait for the platform to reach the top. Jump to your right to collect the gem.
- Now That's A Hammer!: In Mountain Falls Lagoon drop into the water from the wooden path. Move to your right and destroy the Traptanium Crystal to get the gem.
- Timber: Defeat the Chompies, Trolls and Broccoli Guys in the Troll Fortress, the follow the stone path and escape the Mabu Defense Force. The gem is located past a small house at the end of the path.

Chapter 4 "The Phoenix Psanctuary"
- A Shard Act to Follow: Enter the doorway in Rare Species Walk, then kill the Trolls and Shrednaught to get the gem.
- Healing Paws: In Clockwork Nest, defeat the enemies and Chill Bill appears. Look above the locked gate to find a ledge. Plant a nut to make a bridge to it, then continue forward to get the gem.

Chapter 5 "Chef Zeppelin"
- Ultimate Dino Destruction: To the left of Main Counter Top is Main Kabobs. Jump over the railing above to collect the gem.

Chapter 6 "Rainfish Riviera"
- The Boiler: In the Water Waste Cove, find the pass between the stones behind Mags. The gem is in the sand.
- Black Hole Bedlam: Walk to the yacht gangway in Dire Sands. Break the wooden fence, talk to Mags, then jump to the sand. Find the Earth Gate, then push snail to create a path leading forward to get the gem.

Chapter 7 "Monster Marsh"
- Healing Hack: Clear the path to wooden gate near Haunted Wreck and destroy it. Pass Cali to the Iron Gate and the wooden gate that can be destroyed. Move boxes to expose a lower part of the ground to clear the way to Undead Gate. Create a ramp with boxes back to Haunted Wreck and collect the gem.
- Riding the Rails: When the path splits in Spirestone Graveyard, one side goes to Undead Gate and the other leads to a Lock Puzzle. Solve the puzzle to access the gem.

Chapter 8 "Telescope Tower"
- Lion Form: Slightly after the start of the level is the Slumbering Hawk that gives a quest in Galactic Bubble Centre. Jump on the platforms that are close to Newt to get the gem.
- Great Balls of Bats!: When Dreamcatcher sets up a Battle Gate in Pulseblock Pillow Pit, bring pulseblocks from underneath the ground. Then, move boxes to clear the pump buttons. Raise the platform by jumping on pump button. You can catch the gem while moving upwards.

Chapter 9 "Mystic Mill"
- Rocket Boost: The gem can be found inside Wheelhouse next to a Troll Radio.
- The Incinerator: In the Eastern Storage Unit, follow either wooden ramp that leads to the overhead metal bridge. From there, use the Super Bounce Pad to go up a tree trunk and collect the gem.
- Sea Slammer: In the Nature Bridges North, take the wooden bridge across the bamboo bridge and the Traptanium bridge. Then, place the wooden bridge ahead and go up and collect the gem.

Chapter 10 "Secret Sewers of Supreme Stink"
- Call of the Siren: Collect the Treasure Chest in Effluent Deck, then destroy the Traptanium Crystal near Flam Bam. Jump on the Bounce Pad, then step up and take the gem.
- Organic Slam Apples: After getting to Splash Station and Barge Basin, move the pipe blocks to alter the water's flow. The water will knock down the gem, which you can then collect.

Chapter 11 "Wilikin Workshop"
- Make It Rain: In the Big Train Loading Area, leave Kaos behind. Follow the wooden fence on the right until it ends. Drop off from the side to find the gem on a ledge.
- Horns Aplenty: Collect the treasure chest after moving a few levels up in Smashing Area, then ride the conveyor belt close to the red button to a platform with another bounce pad. Use it to reach a higher platform that has the gem.

Chapter 12 "Time Town"
- Boulder Posse: Destroy Da Pinchy statue in Grand Approach, then the Traptanium Crystal to uncover a moving platform. Use it to reach a floating island with the gem.
- Lightning Rain: Tag in Dr. Krankcase to access a doorway to Backstage. Jump on the Bounce Pad outside to reach a Super Bounce Pad on top of the building. Cross over to the purple pad and move over the line of blocks to reach the gem.

Chapter 13 "The Future of Skylands"
- Swing Shift: Get rid of Blaster-Tron at the Ice Cream Planet. Take the taxi on the left to reach the gem.
- HeatWave: Kill the enemies inside Harmonic Hold, then destroy the Traptanium Crystal to uncover a bridge. Use the metal bridge and then take it with you. Use it to reach the various platforms; one of which has the gem.

Chapter 14 "Operation: Troll Rocket Steal"
- Big Basket Bomb: Past Troll Firing Range, enter the Tank Factory on your left. Find the stone ramp at the back of a bomb and enter the nearby door to get the gem.
- An Eye For Several Eyes: Follow the winding path beyond the Troll Weapons Lab until you find a Teleport Pad. Use it to reach the gem.

Chapter 15 "Skyhighlands"
- Lock Puzzle Psychic: Take the gear in Upper Elevator bring it upwards. Jump to the smaller gear and continue upwards to a platform that has the gem.

Chapter 16 "The Golden Desert"
- Garden of Pain: Defeat Chompy Worm in the Temple of Topaz. Destroy both Traptanium Crystals found to your left and right to form a bridge. Use the bridge to reach a third Traptanium Crystal. Destroy it to get the gem.

Chapter 17 "Lair of the Golden Queen"
- Scissor Stilts: Find Glumshanks in the Halls of Treachery on the other side of a rickety bridge. Pass him to find the gem.

Chapter 18 "The Ultimate Weapon"
- Missile Rain: Defeat Smoke Scream and his allies in Power Exhaust Ports. Cross the new bridge across the room then follow the platforms to reach the gem.

Hat locations
Chapter 1 "Soda Springs"
- Turtle Hat: In Seltzer Pit, push over the turtle closest to the Bouncing Pads, then hop on it to ride to the ledge where the Hat Box is located. Look inside the hat box to find the Turtle Hat.
- Melon Hat: In Twisting Top, shove the large pumpkins on top of the wooden platform to raise a platform filled with Chompies while fighting enemies. Afterwards, jump on top of the higher platform and collect the Melon Hat from the box.
- Bucket Hat: In Sugar Free Landing, use multiple platforms starting from the left to reach the right bank. Get on the higher ledge then jump across to the left side to find the Bucket Hat.

Chapter 2 "Know-It-All Island"
- Sleuth Hat: In the Stuck-Up Steppes, find two stone platforms that linked together. Push all three stone blocks onto the one on the left, then jump on the right platform. Next, jump on the ledge with the hat box which contains the Sleuth Hat.
- Hedgehog Hat: In Windbag Woods, once near the spinning arms, use the Bounce Pad and reach another Chainsaw Tank. Defeat it, and follow the trail of coins to Bounce Pads that will lead to a bomb. Throw it on the tank to destroy it, and reveal the path to the Hedgehog Hat.

Chapter 3 "Chompy Mountain"
- Horns Be With You Hat: After getting on top of the round platforms, gates will block the way ahead and back. To open the gate, collect all the coins that appear then continue to the next platform. Keep going to the third platform while avoiding the orbs and still collecting all the coins. Doing so will open the final gate and allow you to get the Horns Be With You Hat.
- Paperboy Hat: In Overgrown Ramparts, while freeing the miners trapped by a rockslide, take out Bruiser Cruiser for clearing the rocks. You can collect the Paperboy Hat after entering the cave.
- Hunting Hat: In the Artillery Storage, kill the Chompies that are guarding the lock puzzle. Solve the puzzle by using the following moves to get the Hunting Hat: move left, down, down, down and collect coins; move left, left and collect a drop of water; move right, left, down, right, and up to collect coins; move left, right, right to get coins; and finally move left, up, down, left, up, right and right.

Chapter 4 "The Phoenix Psanctuary"
- Parrot Nest Hat: At the Fledgeling Rise, use the nuts to grow a vine bridge. Follow the left fork and find Buzzer Beak. Complete his mission reuniting him with his family. You will be rewarded with additional abilities for Buzzer Beak and the Parrot Nest Hat.
- Daisy Crown Hat: In Aviary Gate, jump onto the ledge with the hat box that contains the Daisy Crown Hat.

Chapter 5 "Chef Zeppelin"
- Scooter Hat: In Main Counter Top, jump up from the Bounce Pad to get to the floating balloon. Use it to reach a ledge with the Villain Stash. From here, ride the other balloon and follow the trail of coins towards the Scooter Hat.
- Colander Hat:*: In the Command Kitchen, use dough pans from the rear wall to survive the flames. Bake a path to the left that leads to the Treasure Chest. From here, follow the metal path moving upwards then use the last dough pan to fill the path to Colander Hat.

Chapter 6 "Rainfish Riviera"
- Metal Fin Hat: At Brackwater Falls, run diagonally where the floor is covered with squares that shoot cannons. Continue running until reaching the square with a skull on it. Face the row of cannons on the back. Run towards the cannons that are set back from the others, using the same line of the skull square. Jump on the square which erupts from the sand, and proceed straight to the hat.
- Imperial Hat: In Dire Sands, once past the Earth gate entrance, push the giant snails into the water to form a bridge made of shells all the way to the hat box which contains the Imperial Hat.

Chapter 7 "Monster Marsh"
- Dragon Skull Hat: In the Spirestone Mausoleum, push the blocks to the right, then use the ledge above them. Push the block on the ledge to the channel on the right to fill it. Afterwards, look for the highest ledge. Jump on it to reach the Dragon Skull Hat.

Chapter 8 "Telescope Tower"
- Rugby Hat: When in the Meditation Pool, talk to the scientists to learn about the flying paintings. Keep attacking the flying paintings until the stone platform appears. The platform will provide a path to the Rugby Hat.
- Old-Time Movie Hat: At the Observation Loggia, jump on the gears on the left side to reach the pump button. Jump on it to start the gear in the front. Drop down and do the same thing on the right side to make the central gear float up and down. Go to the central path, then jump on the floating gear. Ride it up to eventually reach the gear with the Old-Time Movie Hat.
- Synchronized Swimming Cap: Drop from the Spiral Balcony and pass through each ring on your way down to make the phantom platforms appear. Use them to reach the Synchronized Swimming Cap.

Chapter 9 "Mystic Mill"
- Garrison Hat: In the Mabu Flagship, get the "Demolition" mission from Rizzo. Plant eight bundles of TNT within ten minutes in the Troll fortress while defeating the trolls. You will be rewarded with the Garrison Hat after completing the mission.
- Mountle Hat: In the Eastern Storage Unit, collect the nut in the corner. Then, use the second Bounce Pad. Plant the nut, then cross the bridge. Ride the balloon up to the treasure chest then further towards the tiny platform. Use the nut there, then go to the chimney. Use it to do jump down to find the Mountle Hat.
- Volcano Hat: In the Fire Falls, take the wiggling platforms up towards the coins. Collect them until you find the Volcano Hat.

Chapter 10 "Secret Sewers of Supreme Stink"
- Rubber Glove Hat: In Back Flow Alley, Bag O' Bones will ask you to take a singing gecko group out of a hostile area. Defeat all enemies and protect the group while bringing them to their destination. You will be rewarded with the Rubber Glove Hat from Bag O' Bones after completing the mission.
- Trash can Ltd Hat: Inside the Drainage Central inner headworks is a double locked gate at the entrance. You will need two keys to open it. To get first one, move right, fill the hole with a box, and bounce up over the gap. Next, reach the highest level with the Bounce Pad, then cross another gap to find the key. To get the second key, use bombs to blow up stones while moving towards the top ledge until you find the key. Use both the keys to unlock the gate. Search behind the gate to find the Trash Can Ltd Hat.
- Shower Cap: In the Splash Station aqua deck, knock out the Goo Chompy by pushing the pipe block towards the channel. You can collect the Shower Cap after destroying the other Chompies.

Chapter 11 "Wilikin Workshop"
- Clown Bowler Hat: When the bone themed gates close, you will see a gift falling down. Keep fighting until clearing three gates, after which you can find the Clown Bowler Hat.
- Lil' Elf Hat: At End of the Line, get past the gate to find the small gift packages that reward you with gold and a hat box with the Lil' Elf Hat.

Chapter 12 "Time Town"
- Alarm Clock Hat: In the Broken Toe Plateau, cross the bridge that leads to Buzzer Beaks. Then, go further up and go under the bridge to reach Waterfall Cave. Clear out the rubble, collect the glowing pick, and go outside clearing the path towards the Alarm Clock Hat.

Chapter 13 "The Future of Skylands"
- Extreme Viking Hat: In the Sub Orbital Combat Plaza, move slowly towards the sun while avoiding the flames from the mini-sun. Follow the trail of coins to reach the Extreme Viking Hat.
- Tin Foil Hat: In Anti-Grav Truck, complete the mission from Q.U.I.G.L.E.Y. that involves taking 100 imps to the Vacuum Droid in ten minutes. The imps will be lured towards you when you destroy the bags of blue grain. You can take them to the Droid to collect The Foil Hat as a reward.

Chapter 14 "Operation: Troll Rocket Steal"
- Nurse Hat: Complete the mission given by Buzz that requires Bone Chompy to work as a medic for the Mabu Degfense Force to get the Nurse Hat as a reward.
- Sunday Hat: In Mabu Main base's Crawler Canyon, jump from one platform to the other to keep ascending higher. Do this to eventually reach the Sunday Hat. Make sure you do not get hit by platforms approaching from the opposite direction.
- Kepi Hat: Completing a mission at the Mabu Base Entrance to get the Kepi Hat as a reward. During the mission, Wooster will ask Krankenstein to help build Wilikin soldiers.
- Cubano Hat: Around the Factory Storage Area, quickly jump between the rotating platforms to reach the top platform. Once there, avoid the two boxes that keep sliding out to reach the Cubano Hat.

Chapter 15 "Skyhighlands"
- William Tell Hat: In the Upper Elevator, you will see blocks on the other side of the gate. Push them down to the lower level. Next. push one of the blocks on top of the deeper ground and use them to reach the higher ledge to find the William Tell Hat.
- Radar Hat: Reach the treasure chest in the Greenhouse. Then, walk ahead on the ramp found on the right side. Use the buttons that increase the water level one after the other. Once on top, you will see a plank with the Radar Hat.

Chapter 16 "The Golden Desert"
- Batter Up Hat: In the Golden Springs, jump on the floating balloons and the platforms to move upwards until you find the Batter Up Hat. To descend, use the Teleport Pad.

Chapter 17 "Lair of the Golden Queen"
- Classic Pot Hat: In the Halls of Treachery, you will see large fans producing vortices, get to the other side of the room by crossing them without being pushed back to the starting point and you will be rewarded with the Classic Pot Hat.
- Beetle Hat: In the Darkest Reach, help Glumshanks etch Bad Juju's help in moving sand to get an extra remote or the Golden Queen's Ultimate Weapon. You will be rewarded with the Beetle Hat.
- Crazy Light Bulb Hat: Cross the bridge behind the Magic Gate near The Seat of Flowinng Gold to find a treasure chest. Take a left from there to reach the Crazy Light Bulb Hat.

Chapter 18 "The Ultimate Weapon"
- Brainiac Hat: At Repair Platform H, ride a balloon to a giant gear. From here, take a platform that leads to another balloon. Jump between the balloons and another large gear, until you reach the Brainiac Hat.

Adventure Pack: Nightmare Express"
- Outback Hat: The escalators that go up are rolling on the wrong side. Jump up to the escalators and push down two blocks to create an alternate route from the staircase on your left. Follow the steps, then throw the bomb at the wall to get Outback Hat.
- Coconut Hat: In Tank Terrace Ruins, help Peebs with his problem. Note: When doing this for the first time, progress with the chapter until you have trapped Lob Goblin. Afterwards, return to Peebs and speak to him as Lob Goblin, which will unlock the gate. You will be given the Coconut Hat as a reward.
- Medic Hat: In Cliffside Sanctuary, jump on to the lowest platform which is going to be on your right and then go across a couple of other platforms on the same side. The top platform will have the Medic Hat waiting for you.

Adventure Pack: Mirror of Mystery"
- Cornucopia Hat: At Chomp Dude's Rest, reach the lazy lookout then leap up the series of ledges after defeating some Chompies. Reach the top to get the Cornucopia Hat.
- Gondolier Hat: In DoomHelm Pass, follow the water straight down to the platforms by walking off the first edge you encounter. Then, follow the slowly spinning patterns as you continue to drop until you find the Gondolier Hat.

Legendary treasure locations
Collect the listed legendary treasure from the indicated location in each chapter. You can place it at the Academy.
- Legendary Tribal Statue: In Chapter 2 "Windbag Woods", take out the enemies after the short bridge past the locked gate. Use bombs to destroy the gate and the tank, then take out the group of trolls that are supporting the tank. Instead of following the Blobbers, destroy the Traptanium crystal to reach the Legendary Tribal Statue. Place it in the Courtyard to get the floating statue.
- Legendary Chompy Statue: In Chapter 3 "Nort's Rescue & Chompy Hatchery", when you reach Nort's Rescue, destroy the wooden fence on your left to uncover the Legendary Chompy Statue. Place it in the Main Hall to make the large statues appear.
- Legendary Golden Egg: In Chapter 4 "Rump Feather Roost", make a forked vine bridge using the nut. Follow the right fork to reach a switch. Use the switch to unlock the Bounce Pad, then use it to jump up to Rump Feather Roost. After defeating Shrednaught and winning a fight with trolls, locate the blue platform on top of a cage on the right side. Ride the cage down then get off on the side to find the Legendary Golden Egg. Place it in the Main Hall, and attack it to open it.
- Legendary Pepper: In Chapter 5 "Main Counter Top", defeat the Trolls and Grinnades then use the deck gun to destroy two doors. Walk towards the a gun on the right, and search for a low spot in the bread railing. Jump over at that location to find the Legendary Pepper. Use the Teleport Pad to return to the deck. Place it in the Kitchen to get a decoration.
- Legendary Bubble Fish: In Chapter 6 "Bluster Squad Island", after crossing the bridge near Earth Gate and killing Chompies and the evil minions, follow the bridge to reach the larger island. Destroy the Traptanium crystal will be in front of you to find the Legendary Bubble Fish. Place it in the Courtyard to get a decoration near quick travel spots.
- Legendary Golden Frog: In Chapter 7 "The Mystery Marshes", two puzzles must be solved to free Marsha. Afterwards, follow her without leaving her field until she stops at dry land. Next, walk to the other, side away from her, to reach the stone blocks. Push the blocks to create a path over the water to reach the Legendary Golden Frog. Place it in the Outer Walkway to change the appearance of the area.
- Legendary Cyclops Teddy Bear: In Chapter 8 "Library Lock Out", solve the lock puzzle on the door, then destroy all the stacks of books. Get on top of the stone platforms then reach the highest platform by using the steam vents. The Legendary Cyclops Teddy Bear will on top. Place it in the Courtyard to make it float between buildings.
- Legendary Saw Blade: In Chapter 9 "Nature Bridges West", reach the back corner platform by using the bamboo and metal bridges. Collect the Legendary Saw Blade back there. Place it in the Main Hall to get a wall decoration.
- Legendary Eel Plunger: In Chapter 10 "Digestion Deck", find the two round-shaped goo spouts. Get pass them when they stop spouting to reach the opposite side. The Legendary Eel Plunger can be found with a pile of coins on that side. Place it in the Outer Walkway to make the Eel appear from pools.
- Legendary Masterpieces: In Chapter 11 "End of the Line", reach the last platform where the train stops. The Legendary Masterpieces can be seen floating over the platform. Collect them then place them in the Main Hall to have paintings appear over the fireplace.
- Legendary Clocktower: In Chapter 12 "Tower Approach", destroy all the enemies to open the Battle Gate. Destroy the Traptanium Crystal then get on the platform over the wires and continue to reach the platform that has Legendary Clocktower. Place it in the Persephone's Treehouse to get a grandfather clock.
- Legendary Rocket: In Chapter 13 "Containment Tower", destroy the Traptanium Crystal. Then, pick up the metal bridge. Take it to Q.U.I.G.LE.Y.'s platform. Use the Super Bounce Pad to find a treasure chest and the Legendary Rocket. Place it in the Game Room to open the Observatory.
- Legendary Mabu Parachute: In Chapter 14 "Troll Base Entrance", the Northwest Tower and Northeast Tower doorways can be seen on the other side of the gates past the lock puzzle. Once there, on your right side you can see a Health Regenifier and Timberwoods behind it. Destroy the Timberwoods to open a path that leads to the Legendary Mabu Parachute. Place it in the Courtyard for raining Mabu.
- Legendary Geode Key: In Chapter 15 "Middle Defenses", defeat the Sky Pirates and get past the closed gate near a turret. Defeat Hawkmongous with a Skystones Smash rematch. Afterwards, collect the Legendary Geode Key seen nearby. Place it in the Kitchen to open the Crystal Caverns.
- Legendary Golden Dragon Head: In Chapter 16 "Dust Bowl", force the Chopmy Worms to fly away then follow Cali to the cleared bowl. The Legendary Dragon Head can be found on a platform to the left .Place it in the Main Hall to get door decorations.
- Legendary Hippo Head: In Chapter 17 "The Secret Vault", move to the rear of the room where the crystal beam puzzle is located. Do not miss any tiles; step on each of them to get rid of the wall that is past, which is wher ethe Legendary Hippo Head can be found. Place it in the Upper Hallway for a new pillar base.
- Legendary Windmill: In Mirror of Mystery", once in the Rainbow Rockside, move to the left side of Rainbow Harmony Farms. Search a location that has is a grassy ledge because of a guard rope being cut. Jump down from that area. Walk forward until you find the Legendary Windmill. Place it in the Courtyard to make the windmill appear.

- Legendary Flynn Statue: In Nightmare Express", after getting a bomb, open the Villain Stash after changing to a Villain. Toss the bomb at the Stone Cage and release the artifact. Search for the ledges on your right then jump up to reach the Legendary Flynn Statue. Place it in the Upper Hallway to make the statue of Flynn appear.

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