Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Sega Saturn Cheats - Cyberbots: Fullmetal Madness

Additional Robots
Beat the game with Chiyomaru, Kagura, Shade, and Devilotte to gain access to Super-8, Gaits, Helion, and Warlock.


Play as Zero Gouki:
Complete the game with each of the pilots on the bottom row of the pilot selection screen (Chiyomaru Kaguru, Shade, and Devilotte). The Super 8, Gaits, Helion and Warlock will now be accessible on the VA selection screen. Complete the game with any of the original pilots. A message near the ending will confirm correct trick entry. Gouki will appear on the VA selection screen at the very bottom beneath the Warlock. An alternate method to obtain him is to complete the game on any difficulty level above four stars without using any continues. He will be selectable in Vs. and arcade modes. Another alternate method is to successfully complete arcade mode 99 times.

Play Mid-Bosses VAs in Vs. mode:
Defeat any of the mid boss characters (Chiyomaru, Tessan, Devilot, Shade, Gaits, Helion, Super-8) on arcade mode under a difficulty of four stars or more, then complete the game. You may use as many continues as needed. The Mid-Boss' mechs will then be available in Vs. mode.

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