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Sega Saturn Cheats - Dark Savior

Parallel summary:
Your performance in the introduction determines the parallel to be followed:
Parallel 1: Get to the captain's cabin after 4:30.
Parallel 2: Get to the captain's cabin between 3:30 and 4:29.
Parallel 3: Get to the captain's cabin before 3:29.
Parallel 4: Automatically follows parallel 3.
Parallel 5: Get to the captain's cabin between 3:30 and 4:29, but lose the fight.

Captain's cabin short-cut:
Use the following route to reach the Captain's cabin in less than 3:30. Climb the stairs after entering the room with Musashi in the cage and the Record Kaiser in the upper corner. You will enter a room with rotating boxes on platforms. Do not climb the ladder. On the right side of this room is a tan box. Hit it twice with your sword to reveal a hidden passage. Jump into the passage to land on top of some cages in the room with Musashi. Enter the doorway to the left to leave the ship. Ignore the advice that Jack will gives you. Turn to the right and follow the passage outside, and around the ship. After some jumps and ladder climbing, you will reach an apparent dead end. Cut through the rope on the right, then jump down. Climb the ladder and break through the door by hitting it three times. Jump into the opening. Jump seven more times to reach the room just underneath the ship's deck.

Switch mine cart views:
Press R during the mine cart race in Parallel 2 to switch to a first person view. Press L to return to normal.

Two-player mode:
Beat Parallel 5, and enter it again. The fighting tournament will now support two players.

Player piano:
Press X, Y, Z at the sound test screen. A piano at the bottom of the screen will follow each song as it is played.

Love Love Mini Racer mini-game:
Begin game play in Parallel 3 use the game machine.

Gold badges:
Beat a Parallel and wait until the credits have completed. Answer "Yes" to save your game. A gold roman numeral badge for the parallel that was beaten will be displayed.

Hint: Defeating Bilan:
When fighting large Bilan on parallel 1, use Doc in the fight. Run from Bilan in the opposite direction. Jump behind the rocks and run all the way to the end. Keep building up your special attack by holding A and waiting for the bar to blink. Use the attack and fire will appear and hit Bilan. He will not be able to do anything, because he is too big to get back there. Keep repeating this until he has been defeated.

Hint: Defeating Lance:
To defeat Lance on Parallel 1, hit him with the sword until he gets to the edge of the track, then hit him to make him fall off. Note: You will not gain any points.

Hint: Defeating Max:
To fight Max on Parallel 1, when encountering Lance after he walks up to you and starts the fight, jump off track during battle. You will be lying on the ground at the entrance of that part. Jack will talk to you. You will stand up continue on your way but Lance will no longer be there. When you get to the area of the Bilanium, Garian will stop and talk, but something will change. Instead of you having to walk down to Warden to talk to him, Lance and Warden will be standing together. When Jack asks you to pour the liquid nitrogen on one of the two, pour it on either character. The same thing will happen, but Warden is Bilan after you pour it on the character. Max will catch you in a cage and drop you in the ruins. After you are in and you are about half way there, Max will stop you. You will have to fight him and he can be captured.

Hint: Defeating Musashi and Golden Statue:
You must have Max and Copper Statue captured in order to do this trick. When you enter the Golden Castle on Parallel 2, complete the maze. Save the game at the end of maze. When you enter the room, Musashi will be standing with Miranda. Before the battle starts, use Max in the fight. When Max hits and knocks down Musashi, captured chance should appear. Capture him and the battle will be over. When you are done talking to Miranda and the platform goes up, put the top parts of each wall picture in the correct place and go to the middle of the room for it to go up. When Jack asks to use another captured monster, pick Copper Statue. When the battle starts, knock down Golden Statue and capture chance should appear. Capture him and the battle will be over.

Hint: Go back in time:
To go back in time on Parallel 2, when it is time to save Kay, do not do so. Continue the game without her. Get to the sewers. Since you did not save her, nothing will happen there. Instead of going through the opening at the start of the sewer (where Kay would have been standing) you will have to take the long route. When you reach the end, Jack will talk about the large rat which is standing in front of you. He is asleep if Kay has been saved. Fight him to continue. After that, climb up the ladder. You will be back in JLO headquarters. You will see Bruno and Tracy standing together. Talk to Bruno and he will tell you to get the diary from Warden's mansion. He will give you a key and you will have to go through the other way in the room to get in the mansion. After you do everything in the mansion, return to JLO and Tracy will be gone. Continue with the mission and sooner or later you will encounter Tracy (standing in the same place as Kay as if you saved her). She will get captured (just like Kay) and get dropped in the ruins. Go in after fighting Max and you will see Tracy getting chased by Warden (also as with Kay) and continue. You will see two or three more scenes with Tracy and Warden before you finally catch up. When you get there Warden will take the diary from you and Tracy will start talking to you. She will ask you to help her find Kay. Jack will ask you to continue lying. Answer "No". He will then ask you to get it off of your chest. Answer "Yes" and you will tell her the truth. She will cry and you will apologize. She will say "It's all right" and you will say "I wish I could go back in time". The screen will start blinking and you will restart in the location where the guards put you in the torture chamber. Note: You will lose all items, equipment, and captured monsters, and it will be Parallel ?. If you answer "Yes" when Jack asks you to continue lying, a rose will fly overhead and land in front of Tracy. She will find out that you were lying and you will have to fight. Note: You cannot defeat her since she has infinite HP. After she kills you, a few messages will appear and the game will end. Save before you get to this part in case you make a mistake.

Hint: Pass the bat and ball spike trap carrying Drizzit without activating them:
In Parallel 1, Deadman's Castle, after you meet Regine and enter the room, place Garian to the front right side of the big square without stepping on it. Note: Close to the pipes, but not in front. Make sure the bats are not under him. Then, press Jump and quickly press A when he is in the air. If done correctly, he should have thrown Drizzit to the far right corner of the square, close to the other side of the floor. Move Garian across the square to the other side and pick Drizzit up. Again, make sure he is not standing on the square. If you activate the trap, do not worry. Just run out of the room to where Regine is located, then come back inside. It will be back just as it was before. To get over the second trap, the floating spike balls, enter into the zigzag maze from the left and walk across to the right to the wall. Stop at the right end, face the second square, and do the same jump and press A to throw Drizzit over the maze fence. He should land next to the second square, but not on it. Then, continue walking through the maze, across the second square, and pick up Drizzit once you are in the clear then proceed. Note: This trick also works in Parallel 2, when carrying Kay through Deadmen's Castle.

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