Saturday, July 15, 2017

Sega Saturn Cheats - Darkstalkers 3: Vampire Savior

EX options:
Complete the game under any difficulty level without using any continues. Hold L + R and enter the options menu. RGB, life bar and English language options will now be available.

Fight against Oboro Bishamon:
Complete the game under the following conditions: no rounds lost, manual play, no continues used, execute the required EX special finishing move to knock down each opponent twice.
Required EX moves for each character
Demitri: Midnight Pleasure
Gallon/Talbain: Moment Slice
Victor: Gerdenheim 3
Bishamon: Decap Violent
Rikuo/Aulbath: Aqua Spread
Lord Raptor/Zabel: Hell Dunk
Anakaris: Pharaoh Magic
Felicia: Please Help Me
Hsien Ko (Lei Lei): Big Bomb
Sasquatch: Big Sledge
Q-Bee: +B
Bulleta/Baby Bonnie Hood: Beautiful Memory
Jedah: Purova=Di=Seruvo
Morrigan: Darkness Illusion
Lilith: Gloomy Puppet Show

Fight as Oboro Bishamon:
Defeat Oboro Bishamon. Highlight Bishamon at the character selection screen and hold L while choosing him.

Fight as different character in each stage:
Highlight the "?" box at the character selection screen. Hold Down and press L(5), then press Punch. You will play as your previous opponent in each stage.

Fight as Dark Gallon:
Highlight Gallon at the character selection screen, then hold L and press all three Punch buttons.

Fight as Vampire Hunter Phobos:
Highlight Phobos at the character selection screen, then hold L when selecting that character.

Fight as defeated character:
Highlight the "Random Select" icon, and press [L + R] four times. Then, hold L + R and press all three Punch buttons. The Soul Stealer will appear behind your character to confirm correct code entry. Begin game play and defeat an opponent. The Soul Stealer will appear during the victory pose, drain your character, and move over the defeated character. The defeated character may now be controlled in the next match.

Random versus mode stage select:
Select a character and battle handicap. Hold R and press any button to select a random stage.

Alternate stage color:
Hold L and press A before selecting a stage in versus mode.

Alternate costume colors:
Highlight a fighter at the character selection screen. Press all three Punch or all three Kick buttons to select that character.

Vampire reset:
Hold A + B + C + Start during game play to reset the game. The word "Vampire" will be spoken at the title screen.

Select victory pose:
Hold A, B, C, X, Y, or Z after winning a match.

Faster credits:
Hold any button while the credits are displayed.

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