Sunday, July 30, 2017

Sega Saturn Cheats - Die Hard Trilogy

Cheats Menu
At  the  copyright  screen, press  C, A, B, B, Y, C, A, B, B, Y,  then start a new game.  Pause the game, and you'll find a new Cheat  option available.


Cheat menu:
Press C, A, B(2), Y, C, A, B(2), Y at the copyright screen. Pause game play and select the cheat option to display the cheat menu.

Obtain Bereta:
Destroy the first helicopter in the first stage of "Die Harder" to get the Bereta.

Obtain M16:
Throw a grenade when you are fired upon in the second stage of "Die Harder". The word "M16" will appear to confirm correct trick entry. The M16 will now be the default weapon.

Unlimited ammunition (Die Hard 1):
Fire off all rounds except for one bullet before entering the elevator at the end of a level. Shoot the last round and immediately leave the level with no bullets remaining. The bullet counter will increase to confirm correct code entry.

Good cop bonus:
A large amount of power-ups will be awarded if no hostages or police are hit before entering the terminal in the first stage of "Die Harder".

Police siren:
Hold C while driving a police car in "Die Hard With A Vengeance".

Drive a baby stroller:

Play the game until completing 68% of the "Die Hard With A Vengeance" section that features the rain effect. Immediately turn in a circle when you are able to drive. A police car should pass by. Follow the police car. Note: If the police car disappears from view, use the blue arrows on your indicator to follow its turns. Eventually, a parking lot containing an extra life and a time bonus will appear. The baby stroller is also located in this parking lot. Use the normal procedure to change vehicles to drive the stroller.

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