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3DO Interactive Multiplayer Cheats - Shockwave

[Note: These codes also work with the missions disc: Operation Jumpgate]

Special Codes
While shooting your lasers, pause the game and enter this code B A B A A A B A B A C  [Barbapapa Barbatruc] Then press X and the game should not quit, but allow you to do loops: hold Ls and Down  and spin: hold Ls and Up   And will allow you to enter more codes [See below]

NOTE: Make sure one of your lasers is visible when you pause!

After entering this code, you will be able to enter the following codes:

Finish Mission (1): B A C C A A A - [Baccalaureat]
Boost Mission Number (2): C A A A C A - [Calamar Armoricaine]
Extra Life: C A C A B A A - [Copacabana]
Nuke 'em Missles: C A A B A - [Carambar]
Powered-up Lasers: C A A B A C A - [Casablanca]
Smart Bomb: A C A B A A C A A A - [Macabaneau Canada]
Invincible: A B A C A A B A - [Abracadabra]
Display Player Name: B A B - [Babe]
Display Programmer's Message: B A C A C A - [Bah... Caca]
Refuel & Rearm (3) SW:OJ ONLY: B A A A A B A - [Bankok, Jakarta, Bali]

(1) This will end the current mission with all objectivies filled so you can start the next mission (and see its cool video)
(2) This will increase the mission number you are on. For example, if you are on level 3 and enter this code 4 times when you quit the mission you will begin mission 7 next.

Words in brakets [] represent what EA was thinking when they made up the codes. Makes it easy to remember, I suppose. :)

There is another 'Loops and Spins' code:  B A C C A A [Baccarat]  This code does not work with Shockwave: Operation Jumpgate and limits a few codes. (Smart Bomb can only be done once per mission, and Invincibility can only be done once per player) It also does not work with the Finish Mission or Boost Mission Number codes.

It's not in the book, but you can hold Ls and press L or R to roll.

Milk Run
For a hilarious diversion, load a saved game that has beaten mission 10.  You'll notice the mission is #11, Milk Run.  ICE is now a few beans short of a burrito, if you'll pardon the expression!

Explanation of the funny lights in the cockpit
- The green light going up and down on the left of the cockpit represents the number of pieces being loaded from the CD-ROM.
- The little colored dot on the lower right that changes color is an indication of memory fragmentation.
- The graph on the left is the frame rate : number of VBL per frame.
- The graph on the right is the number of actors in the simulation/8, every 8 frames.

Elvis is in Shockwave
You have to blow up the octagonal shaped moon base at the beginning of level 10. If you fly back over it you'll see a very small Elvis jumping up and down, trying to get rescued (you can't rescue him). This was my only (very small) contribution to Shockwave and I just wondered if anyone had seen it.

Shockwave : Official Solution to All the Levels
Mission 1 - Egypt
3 Objectives:
 1 - Valley of the Kings:
     Destroy all aliens here in order to get your first objective done. You have 18 aliens to destroy there. (10 walker (tripods) and 8 flying aliens (Scout)). Be careful here because one tripod slowly tries to escape on the left of the path. If you are really slow, you may not be able to destroy it.

 2 - Giza:
     Destroy all aliens here in order to get your second objective done. You have 15 aliens to destroy there. (10 regular tripods + 2 strong tripods + 3 Scouts ).

 3 - Cairo:
     Destroy all aliens here in order to get your third objective done. You have 20 aliens to destroy there + 1 Big Boss. (4 regular tripods + 8 stronger tripods + 8 Scouts + 1 fortress).. To destroy the Boss, use the missile you have. Avoid absolutely to be too close. Launch 1 or 2 missiles from far and then Make a U-Turn and redo the approach.

  *  To accomplish this mission you don't have to destroy any other aliens than the ones present on these three sites. But, you may want to destroy the 3 tripods present on the refinery site in the middle of some fuel tanks. If you destroy these 3 tripods but destroy nothing from the refinery than you find later on the left of the path a bonus Refueler.
  *  You have in this mission 4 possible Refueler. The second is conditioned by your performance in the refinery and the fourth is there only if you made the 2 first objectives.
  *  lways check that the last Refueler you saw is not turning anymore before having it out of your path. You may sometime refuel twice. Basically, when you see a Refueler, do a first refueling, then destroy the aliens after this Refueler and then return to this Refueler.
  *  On an objective place, it's generally better to destroy the flying aliens and then the ground aliens. Try to keep your missile for the flying aliens.
  *  Except if you want to make a high score, don't waste your time and energy destroying all the aliens on your way. Stay focused on your objectives.

Mission 2 - Peru
2 Objectives:
    You only have 2 objectives here in the Peru Mission. Destroy all the Aliens in the 2 towns and you will have achieved your objectives

  *  Shoot all the air alien forces then attack ground forces.
  *  Use refueler in the Andes and fly directly to Lima to shoot yourway to the end.
  *  Very easy mission.

Mission 3 - Las vegas -Los Angeles
5 Objectives:
Las Vegas:
     Destroy all aliens here in order to get your first objective done. You have 20 aliens to destroy there. (3 Tripods - 5 Collectors - 7 Scouts - 5 Interceptors).

     Destroy all aliens here in order to get your second objective done. You have 25 aliens to destroy there. (4 Tripods - 7 Collectors - 3 Scouts - 5 Interceptors - 3 MobileAA -1 HeatSeeker - 2 Swarms). You must also destroy the 4 powerCells but NOT the prison.

     Destroy all aliens here in order to get your third objective
done. You have 19 aliens to destroy there. (3 Tripods - 3 strong Tripods - 2 Collectors - 3 Interceptors - 2 MobileAA -5 HeatSeeker s- 1 Swarm). You must also destroy the 4 powerCells but NOT the prison.

     Destroy all aliens here in order to get your fourth objective done. You have 20 aliens to destroy there. (6 strong Tripods - 3 Collectors - 3 Interceptors - 4 MobileAA - 3 HeatSeekers - 1 Scout). Be careful here because 2 MobileAA quickly try to escape on the left of the path. If you are not fast enough in the beginning of this objective, you may not be able to destroy them.

Los Angeles:
     Destroy all aliens here in order to get your fifth objective done. You have 15 aliens to destroy there(5 Scouts - 4 strong Tripods - 6 Swarms). You also have to destroy a fast moving new craft called Cobras (their number depends on your performance on the first objectives). You have to destroy 12 PowerCells in order to free 3 prisons. Finally, you have to be careful with the satellite dishes. Don't destroy more than 1.

  *  On Las Vegas, if you don't destroy any civil building, then you get two bonuses:
       o  Your first Refueler is going to be full, else it's going to be partial. This first Refueler is not visible on your radar because a tripod is exactly at the same position.
       o  An extra Refueler in Riverside, far on the left of the path, invisible on the radar.
  *  You need to protect the Atomic Power Plant form the Collectors walking towards it (else you're probably dead) and also save the 6 close towers from the tripods. If you save them, then you get an extra Refueler far on the left of the path in Los Angeles.
  *  After Pasadena, in the Refinery region, you have a partial Refueler (invisible on your radar) on the right of the path.
  *  To destroy a Swarm, just shoot the immobile one.

Mission 4 - England
4 Objectives:
  *  Destroy all transport vehicles and aliens in the first section. ICE will tell you when you have completed this stage.
  *  Destroy all transports in the next section. This means all alien ships and transport units.
  *  This one is a little tricky. ICE tells you that you might be OK to ust fly by this cluster of aliens. However, this is a mission obective so you must destroy everything in this region. The aliens also will leave the screen so you have to be very careful not to let anything get past you.
  *  There is a construction sight that ICE tells you to destroy. It is a line of alien ground-to-air "directors" that can cause extreme damage to the shields of the craft.

  *  At the end of of mission, there is a line of alien ground-to-air "Directors" that fire at you. Destroy the center one and use your thrusters to move past them. This will complete the obective.
  *  When you are past the construction site you will come across a lot of aliens and a helicopter. The helicopter is used to pick up Howser, so if you accidentally blow up the helicopter , you have failed the mission.

Mission 5 Hawaii
Your main goal is to destroy the communication systems (Radar) and then to save the Kennedy.

5 Objectives:
  *  1st Radar Site: (ground) Find and destroy the first group of 5 Radar. (Listen to ICE).
  *  Prisoners Rescue Operation: (sea) You have to free 2 groups of 2 barges of prisoners. For that, destroy the two leading alien boats without destroying the 4 barges and the Love Boat.
  *  2nd Radar Site: (sea) Find and destroy the second group of 7 Radar. (Listen to ICE).
  *  3rd Radar Site: (sea) Find and destroy the third group of 5 Radar. (Listen to ICE).
  *  Kennedy Rescue Operation: (sea) Destroy all the aliens surrounding the Kennedy and avoid the Kennedy to be destroyed. You will have to destroy 15 to 19 aliens (or less if you succeed in your first objectives). They are: 2 Skeeters, 5 Skimmers, 4 Submarines, 3 Scouts, 1 to 5 Cobras (depending on your previous performances).
To end this final objective, you have to destroy the final Boss, named "Morphing Tower". Don't get to close of it to avoid to start the morphing operation.

  *  In the middle of the volcano, you have to destroy a 'Pumper' that provide the energy of the Energy fence located on the land between objective 4 and 5. If you destroy this pumper, the fence will be inactive, else the fence will be active and very dangerous.
  *  On the Prisioner rescue operation (Objective 2) you have to be very careful on what vessels you destroy. The lead vessels you have destroy are actually the last ones when you are flying towards them. They are going in the same direction as your flight path. There are two sets of ships so destroy them both. Be very careful on the second one because there is a ship right next to it. If you destroy the ship, you won't be able to pick up the prisoners and won't complete the objective.
  *  Between the objective 4 and 5, you'll find 3 giant alien boats. Destroy them and you'll get a bonus Refueler on the right of the Path after the Kennedy location.
  *  Between the objectives 3 and 4 (two radar location), you can find on the left of the path a extra Refueler not displayed on your radar.
  *  Avoid to get to close of the Kennedy, you may collide with it and with the "Special Force Shield arming your aircraft, you may destroy the Kennedy already fragile.

Mission 6 - Utah
6 Objectives:
  *  Destroy the three escavators just past the wall of AA's.
  *  Destroy the four escavators past another wall of AA's
  *  Destroy the first egg sight. It is guarded by a lot of alien units so once you have destroyed it, use your thrusters and get past them.
  *  Destroy another four escavators. ICE will tell you once you've completed that there are no egg sights left.
  *  Destroy another egg sight. Use the same tatical strategy as you did with destroying the first egg sight.
  *  Destroy the giant alien in the city of Dubway.

  *  To destroy the escavators you need to hit them with two nuke missiles and some random laser fire.
  *  There are two ways to destroy the egg sight:
       o  Destroy the egg itself by using your missiles and lasers on it.
       o  Destroy the surrounding alien units and thte egg will automatically be destroyed.
  *  When you confront the giant alien in Dubway don't worry about destroying the building because all you need to do is to destroy the alien to pass the objective.
  *  There are a lot of aliens in this mission that you don't need to kill. Don't waste your time with them because all they do is drain your missiles and lasers. Use your thrusters and get past them.
  *  There is a hidden fuel drone in the canyon that is not on the radar.

Mission 7 - Mexico
4 Objectives:
  *  Destroy the two escavators and the first egg sight. Remember that they are both heavily guarded so you must be precise when attacking them.
  *  Destroy the second egg sight. Use the same technique that you used in mission 6.
  *  Destroy the third egg sight.
  *  Destroy the robotic type aliens. There are three and they are heavily armored so you will have to use both missiles and lasers to destroy them.

  *  The two escavators in the first objective need to be hit with three missiles and some random laser fire to be destroyed.
  *  Destroy the fortress and receive a better fuel drone later in the mission.
  *  Destroy the four flying alien units "Hunters" or they will follow you throughout each section.

Mission 8 - Congo
4 Objectives:
  *  Destroy the landing pads and everything inside the first two silos.
  *  Destroy everything in the next two silos. It is very important that all the eggs are destroyed in order to complete the objective.
  *  Destroy all the landing pads. ICE will tell you that this is very important!
  *  Destroy the spider alien.

  *  The first fuel drone is guarded by mines. To disable the mines and create a clear path to the fuel drone you must take out the magnetic field underneath the fuel drone. Then take out the two radar stations just over the hill. There is also a tri-pod alien that must be destroyed.
  *  There is a giant alien directly after a fuel drone near the end of objective one. You need to fly through really fast and fire your missiles immediately. The continious fire from the missiles will destroy the alien. After completing this, fly slowly back through the fuel drone and regain the missiles you lost.
  *  The third silo that you have to destroy is really tricky! After you have destroyed all the eggs you will have to manuever your craft past a set of steel fangs. If your ship gets hit in any way by the steel fangs, you will be destroyed. You must use your thrusters time your exit out of that silo just right to go onto the next objective.
  *  In the last objective, you will be confronted by a giant spider-type alien. You should destroy the magnetic field first then start using your missiles on the alien. Once you have depleated your ammo, there is a fuel drone directly to the west side of the screen that will enhance your shields and missiles.

Mission 9 - Paris (Clouds)
7 Objectives:
  *  Destroy the first communication tower.
  *  Destroy the second communication tower
  *  Destroy the third communication tower
  *  Destroy the fourth communication tower
  *  Destroy the fifth and sixth communication towers
  *  Destroy the giant snake alien. You might have to double back and hit it a few times with missiles lasers in order to destroy it.

  *  When destroying any of the communication towers, you want to destroy the big unit first. After it is destroyed, you can pick off the little communication devices that surround it. Make sure that you make good use out of your fuel drones because there are a lot of swarming alien units that guard these communication devices.
  *  After you pick up the first two 02 generators you will be confronted by a giant snake like alien. Make sure that you don't get too close to it because the damage it gives out is deadly. Also make sure that you don't destroy the third 02 generator when trying to destroy the alien. If the third 02 generator is destroyed you will not be able to complete the mission.

Mission 10 - Moon (Mothership)
1 Objective:
  *  Reach the mother brain and destroy it. It will take a while to reach it because it is located in the back of the mother ship.

  *  Use your thrusters a lot to bypass many of the aliens. Since there is only one objective, it would be wise not to waste much time on alien units firing at you.
  *  When you reach the mother ship there will be a fuel drone directly above it. Don't use it, destroy it. It will start firing at you if you get too close to it.
  *  Watch the surface of the moon for magnetic fields. They can be quite annoying if you are stuck in one.
  *  Scattered throughout the mother ship are "Pumpers" . They don't fire at you, but take out as many as possible because it makes killing the mother brain easier.

  *  When you approach the mother brain try to destroy the aliens surrounding it first instead of hitting it straight on.. This might make the final objective a little easier.

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