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Playstation Vita Cheats - LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham

To unlock the following Trophies, complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
An unlikely alliance (Bronze) --- Complete chapter 5.
And stay down (Bronze) --- Perform 30 ground finishers.
Aq-where-ium? (Bronze) --- Discover Aquaman's tea party.
Arkham, I saw, I conquered (Bronze) --- Complete chapter 8.
Batbuilding (Bronze) --- Complete all the Gold Brick Builds in the game.
Batcaveman (Silver) --- Complete all Free Play in the Batcave.
Batvandel (Bronze) --- Destroy all Batman LEGO objects.
Bouncy futon thingy (Bronze) --- Complete chapter 4.
Brawn over Brainiac (Bronze) --- Complete chapter 6.
Butcher Beater (Bronze) --- Complete chapter 12.
Caped Crusader (Silver) --- Complete all the Gold Brick Combat challenges.
Card work (Silver) --- Find all the Joker cards.
Counter crazy (Bronze) --- Perform 20 counter attacks.
Crocaught in the act (Bronze) --- Discover the Killer Croc goon's prank.
DC-peasy (Silver) --- Unlock and purchase all characters.
Eurover Reacting (Bronze) --- Complete chapter 7.
Everyone is awesome (Bronze) --- View the credits without skipping them.
Galactic Attack (Silver) --- Complete all the Gold Brick Space Combat Challenges in the game.
Gold 100 (Silver) --- Complete 100 Gold Brick challenges.
Gold Rush (Gold) --- Complete all Gold Brick challenges.
Greedy Guts (Bronze) --- Complete chapter 13.
Heart Breaker (Bronze) --- Complete chapter 9.
Hinteresting (Bronze) --- Unlock and purchase all hints.
Ice, Ice, Batman (Gold) --- Complete chapter 15.
It wasn't the speech (Bronze) --- Complete chapter 2.
Larfleeced Special (Bronze) --- Collect 100,000,000 studs.
Lex do this! (Bronze) --- Destroy all Luthor LEGO objects.
Metagamer (Bronze) --- Use the arcade machine.
Microver (Bronze) --- Collect all the microchips.
Ner-ner na ner-ner (Bronze) --- Defeat 10 enemies with Superman's heat vision while flying.
No Joke (Bronze) --- Destroy all Joker LEGO objects.
Nok, Nok (Bronze) --- Complete chapter 11.
Nostalgia Trip (Bronze) --- Complete The Containment Facility with the Batman 1966 Mode Red Brick active.
Okaara Run (Silver) --- Complete The Breach of Okaara in 3 loops or less.
Platinum (Platinum) --- Complete all other trophies.
Power Rings (Bronze) --- Complete all Lantern Constructs.
Red all over (Silver) --- Unlock and purchase all red bricks.
Rock, Paper, Sinestro (Silver) --- Complete chapter 14.
Saint Walkers Saviour (Bronze) --- Complete chapter 10.
Suitably Impressed (Bronze) --- Unlock all the suits in the game.
Techno Prisoners (Silver) --- Get maximum studs on all the Techno Access puzzles in all the levels.
To catch a Croc (Bronze) --- Complete chapter 1.
Watchtower Wanderer (Silver) --- Complete all Free Play in the Watchtower.
You Gotham all (Gold) --- Achieve 100% completion.
Zero-G-whiz! (Bronze) --- Complete chapter 3.

DLC Trophies - Bizarro
To unlock the following Bizarro DLC Trophies, complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
All Minikits Lost! (Bronze Trophy) --- Complete Bizarro level with all Minikits unlocked
Collect no LEGO studs! (Bronze Trophy) --- Complete Bizarro level after achieving True Hero status
Darkseid on the Moon (Bronze Trophy) --- Play as Darkseid on the Moon
Level not complete! (Bronze Trophy) --- Complete Bizarro level
The Omega Powers (Bronze Trophy) --- Set both Free Play characters as Darkseid and Desaad

DLC Trophies - The Squad
To unlock the following The Squad DLC Trophies, complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
If only Mr. J could see me now! (Bronze Trophy) --- Complete The Squad level after achieving True Hero status
Pizza Party! (Bronze Trophy) --- Complete The Squad level
Task Force Expert (Bronze Trophy) --- Complete The Squad level with all Minikits unlocked
Vroom! Vroom! (Bronze Trophy) --- Complete any hub race using Harley Quinn's Motorcycle
Wardens of Belle Reve (Bronze Trophy) --- Set both Free Play characters as Amanda Waller and Harley Quinn (The Squad)

Adam West in Peril locations
Adam West can be found in each level, and at least one more in every hub area. Find and rescue him as indicated.
- #1 (Free Play): While passing through the sewers in level 1, you will find Adam West before going after Killer Croc. There is a swamp-like area over the final ladder. Use Solomon Grundy to bring a bottle of spray. Now jump on it and spray Adam West.
- #2 (Free Play): During the "Catching up to Batman" objective in level 2, find the gold crate over the station where you charge the Illumination Suit. Destroy it and create a Lantern pad out of the bricks. Create a large water slide to help Adam West.
- #3: When infiltrating the Watchtower in level 3, look up and find the satellite. Destroy the satellite with lasers to rescue Adam West.
- #4 (Free Play): During the "Defeat the Joker and Lex Luthor" objective in level 2, search for a vent on the floor to your left. Use Martian Manhunter to go to the crates on the other side. Destroy them and build a Lantern pad from the bricks. Use it to make a vacuum cleaner and use it to extract Adam West from the cell below.
- #5 (Free Play): While escaping from confinement in level 5, travel to the orange lever that is used to get the third MiniKit. Adam West is nearby. Extinguish the flames to rescue him.
- #6 (Free Play): In level 6 when you are accessing the ships power core, search for a blue magnetic pipe to the left of where the mission begins. Smash the nearby objects and use the bricks to create a spinner. Shoving the green side will result in a lot of goo. Find the gold lock on the container and blast it open to get Adam West out.
- #7 (Free Play): While saving LEGO England in level 7, stop before crossing the goo. Search for the techno panel on your left. Hack it, then hack the nearby monitor. Select the three ships to help Adam West reach safety.
- #8 (Free Play): While defending the botanical gardens in level 8, go to the right side and destroy the statue of Poison Ivy. Create a Lantern pad and use it to make a rescue boat to save Adam West.
- #9 (Free Play): In level 9, when opening the first gate and get the Parasite's character token, you will find another cave on the left side. Wear an Illumination Suit and enter it to find Adam West.
- #10 (Free Play): When locating the saint walker in level 10, go to where the monster came from. Get on the top ledge above it. Find the boulder above you and shrink it. Rocks will begin falling and scare away the bird that is frightening Adam West. Get some bricks from under the nest and create a safe passage for him.
- #11 (Free Play): When leaving the entrance room in level 11 during the objective to investigate the surface, you will find Adam West. Destroy the objects until you reveal a dirt mound. Dig it up and use the brick from it to create a drone. The drone will free Adam West.
- #12 (Free Play): When breaching the security gates in level 12, stop before you pass the second gate. Fly to the right side to find Adam West. Use a stealth ability and move to the lever next to him. Pull the lever to free him.
- #13: During the "Bribe the Statue" objective in level 13, take Green Lantern to a Lantern Pad located high on the right side. Create a pair of pliers and remove the teeth from the statue too free Adam West.
- #14: When defeating Sinestro in level 14 you will hear Adam West close to the rubble. Swap to Wonder Woman and convince the jailers to free Adam West by pulling the lever.
- #15 (Free Play): In level 15 when you are saving Superman, go to the platform between Bat-Mite's platform and the Diary of Superman. Smash it and make a object from the bricks that will bring Adam West to safety.
- #16: In the Hall of Doom Exterior, Adam West can be found on the right side after completing the "I, Penguin" quest. Hit the crocodiles so that they cannot harm him.
- #17: In the Hall of Doom Interior, go to the right side and find the hopping bricks. Turn them into a techno panel and use it to hack the monitor. Press left, right and middle in the same sequence to free Adam West.
- #18: In Zamaron Hub area, locate the Lantern above. Fly around and search for Adam West near some fallen crystals. Shatter the crystals to free him.
- #19: In the Odym Hub area, go inside the Reach mothership. Find a space suit fueling station. Power the techno panel then pull the lever above to free Adam West.
- #20: In the Batcave's main room, go to the costume display on the right to find Adam West inside. Break the glass with sonar to free him.
- #21: In the Batcave's Trophy Room, take the classic Batman TV set on your right and break the table and chair close by. Use the bricks to create a hook. Pull the hook after it is attached to the candle stand to free Adam West.
- #22: On Qward, go to the roof of the tall building. Use Atom to enter the small pipe and follow it all the way to the end. Get on top of the button to turn off the lasers guarding Adam West.
- #23: In Okaara, find the silver dropship on the top of a crumbling building. Use a missile to open the ship and free Adam West.
- #24: In Ysmault, go to the Red Lantern to find Adam West on top of a geyser. Search for a nearby a silver rock and turn it into a second geyser to lower the first geyser and bring Adam West down.
- #25: In Nok, find Adam West near the entry locations for one of the caves. Search for him on the top of the trees, where he is stuck in a nest. Get close and pull him down by using a grappling hook on the nest.
- #26: In the Watchtower hub area, find Adam West stuck inside the Lab. Freeze the flames that are about to burn him.
- #27: Travel to the Watchtower's Containment Cells and go down the left side. Swap to Shazam! or Black Adam and power up the panel to save Adam West.
- #28: You will hear Adam West on the left side of the Hall of Justice. Destroy the silver statue of Batman to free him.
- #29: Go to the right side of the Hall of Justice to find a vending machine that has Adam West inside. Locate the nearby electrical panel and drain the electricity to rescue him.

Locations for all Red bricks
Search the indicated location for the corresponding brick.

Stud multipliers Studs x2
- Location: Level 1 "Pursuers in the Sewers" (Video)
- Price: 1,000,000 studs
- Required character(s): Flying character and Plastic Man

Stud multipliers Studs x4
- Location: Level 2 "Breaking BATS!" (Video)
- Price: 2,000,000 studs
- Required character(s): Plastic Man

Stud multipliers Studs x6
- Location: Level 3 "Space suits you, Sir!" (Video)
- Price: 3,000,000 studs
- Required character(s): Plastic Man

Stud multipliers Studs x8
- Location: Level 4 "Space Station Infestation" (Video)
- Price: 4,000,000 studs
- Required character(s): Stealth suit character and Plastic Man

Stud multipliers Studs x10
- Location: Level 5 "The Big Grapple" (Video)
- Price: 5,000,000 studs
- Required character(s): Plastic Man

Detector Gold Brick Detector
- Location: Level 7 "Europe Against It"
- Price: 200,000 studs

Detector Minikit Detector
- Location: Level 8 "Big Trouble in Little Gotham"
- Price: 200,000 studs

Detector Quest Detector
- Location: Level 9 "Power of Love"
- Price: 100,000 studs

Detector Adam West in Peril Detector
- Location: Level 10 "A Blue Hope"
- Price: 100,000 studs

Detector Character Token Detector
- Location: Level 13 "Need for Greed"
- Price: 800,000 studs

Gameplay Attract Studs
- Location: Level 11 "Jailhouse Nok"
- Price: 100,000 studs
- Required character(s): Plastic Man

Gameplay Fast Build
- Location: Level 14 "Aw-Qward Situation"
- Price: 100,000 studs
- Required character(s): Plastic Man

Gameplay Mini Characters
- Location: Available by default
- Price: 100,000 studs

Cosmetic Disguises
- Location: Level 6 "The Lantern Menace"
- Price: 300,000 studs
- Required character(s): Magnetic suit character and Plastic Man

Cosmetic Festive Hats
- Location: Level 12 "All the Rage"
- Price: 600,000 studs
- Required character(s): Tech suit character and Plastic Man

Cosmetic Collect Ghost Studs
- Location: Level 15 "Breaking the Ice"
- Price: 100,000 studs
- Required character(s): Plastic Man

Cosmetic Bat-Fight Captions
- Location: Bonus Level "Same Bat-time! Same Bat-channel!"
- Prerequisite: Complete Level 15 "Breaking the Ice"
- Price: 100,000 studs

- Required character(s): Batgirl or Non-1966 Robin and Plastic Man

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