Monday, October 31, 2016

Playstation Vita Cheats - Lemmings Touch

To unlock the following Trophies, complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
A Real Contender (Gold Trophy) --- Complete All Hard Levels
A Slight Detour (Bronze Trophy) --- Complete 10 Objectives
A Taste of the Best now Finish the Rest (Bronze Trophy) --- Obtain All Stars on a level
Bringing the Bling (Gold Trophy) --- Buy 20 items from the Look & Style menu
Cakewalk (Silver Trophy) --- Complete All Easy Levels
Dedicated (Gold Trophy) --- Obtain all the stars from the Taxing Levels
Easy There (Bronze Trophy) --- Unlock Tricky Difficulty
Easy, with a pinch of Difficult (Silver Trophy) --- Obtain all the stars from the Tricky Levels
Getting Tricky (Bronze Trophy) --- Unlock Taxing Difficulty
Going out of your way (Silver Trophy) --- Complete 25 Objectives
Hats Off to you Sir (Bronze Trophy) --- Buy your first item from the Look & Style menu
He deserved it! (Bronze Trophy) --- Kill your first Mischievous Lemming
In The Big Leagues (Silver Trophy) --- Unlock Hard Difficulty
Leave No Lem Behind (Gold Trophy) --- Obtain All the stars from the Hard Levels
Lessons Learned (Bronze Trophy) --- Complete the Tutorials
Make it your Business (Bronze Trophy) --- Business Costume: Black Body/Hair/Moustache/Umbrella, Bowler Hat and Tie.
More of a Handful than Usual (Bronze Trophy) --- Obtain all the stars from the Easy Levels
Showing your wares (Bronze Trophy) --- Play a level with any item from the Look & Style menu
Side Mission Manic (Gold Trophy) --- Complete 50 Objectives
Stepping Up (Silver Trophy) --- Complete All Tricky Levels
The 95% (Gold Trophy) --- Obtain 290 Stars or more
Turning Up The Heat (Silver Trophy) --- Complete All Taxing Levels
Wardrobe Malfunction (Silver Trophy) --- Buy 10 items from the Look & Style menu
What did I do? (Bronze Trophy) --- Complete 1 Objective
You went out like that? (Silver Trophy) --- Play 20 levels with any item from the Look & Style menu
You're a Wizard, Lemming! (Bronze Trophy) --- Wizard Costume: Black Hair/Body, Wizard Hat, Glasses and Wand.

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