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3DO Interactive Multiplayer Cheats - Space Hulk

Debug mode:
Hold LS and press A, B, Right, A, C, A, Down, A, B, Right, A at the Annex room with the two doors. An option menu will appear. Press X to exit the debug menu after the desired options have been selected. If cheats are used in the Campaign Missions, they will be kept in the saved game, with no opportunity to turn them off.

Invincible player
Set to "Yes" to allow the currently controlled terminator to be invincible.

Invincible terminators
Set to "Yes" to allow all terminators to be invincible.

Easy close assault
Note that the terminators still may be killed even if this is set at "Yes".

Player always wins
Set to "Yes" to allow the current mission to be completed successfully, even if all objectives are not met or the squad is killed.

No new stealers
Set to "Yes" to prevent the genestealer generators from producing reinforcements.

Infinite freeze time
Unlimited time for strategy mode.

Infinite ammo
Unlimited ammunition for all weapons.

No jams or malfunctions
Prevent bolters from jamming and flamer throwers from exploding.

Allow any campaign mission to be played. Games played from this option cannot be saved.


Win mission (CD version):
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "hulk.bat" file in the game directory. Add "cheat" as a command line parameter on the line that loads the game. Press W during game play to win the current campaign mode mission.


Multi function code
From the room with two doors (to select Campaign or Vigil mode) hold down Left Shift and press: A B Right A C A Down A B Right A (Abracadabra).

[Note: If you use the code in Campaign mode, it will be saved into your save game, and cannot be turned off.]

Vigil Missions Summaries
[Note: Sometimes I used an * to separate sections, where it didn't fit nicely into columns.]

Purge and Retrieve  T2      SB,HF,PG    NO      AREA,RELIC,FLAME
Limited Resistance  T2      SB,PG       GS      SEAL
Escape              T1      SB,PG       GS      AREA
Covering Fire       T3      SB,PG       GS      AREA

Suicide Mission     T5      SB,PG,HF    GS      FLAME
Exterminate         T5,TM5  SB,PG,HF    GS      SURV(3)
Rescue              T?      SB,PG,HF    GS      AREA(1),CAT
Cleanse and Burn    T?      SB,PG,HF    GS      FLAME
Decoy               T10     SB,PG,HF    GS      AREA(5)
Defend              T10,TM5 SB,PG,HF    GS      CNTCT

Purify              T5      SB,PG,HF    GS      FLAME
Swarm               T5      SB,PG       GS      AREA(1)
Baneful Foe         T1      SB,PG       GS,PT   SEAL,CAT,AREA-No need kill PT
The Perimeter       T5      SB,PG       GS      SEAL,AREA(4)
                                                -Get Terms to different areas
Tech Support        T10     SB,PG       GS      AREA,EXPL
Honour On Trial     T10     SB,PG       GS      AREA(10)
                                                -Must get ALL 10 Terms to area

sang-froid          T1      SB,GL       GS      AREA,POWER,NOMAP
Blockage            T1      SB,PG       GS      AREA,POWER
Entombed            T1      SB,CF       HY      AREA,KILL
Torpid Adversary    T1      SB,GL       GS,CH   POWER
Torchuous           T5,TM22 SB,PG,HF,GL GS      AREA(2),FLAME,PFG
Allocate            T8      SB,PG,PS    GS      POWER,FLAME,EXPL,SWCH
Penetrate           T?,TM3              GS,MG   AREA(1),CAT - Move fast!
Funeral Pyre        T10     SB,HF,PS    GS      FLAME,SWCH

Caged Fury          T5,TM7  SB,PG       GS      AREA(3),PFG
Escort              T10,TM6 SB,HF,GL,PS GS      AREA(2),SWCH
Spiral of Strife    T5      SB,PG,HF,GL GS      FLAME,SWCH,PFG
Inferno             T7      SB,PG,HF    GS      AREA(2),FLAME

Chilling Encounter  T10 * SB,PG,LC,TH,SS * GS,MG * AREA(4)
Gauntlet            T10     SB,PG,PS,AC GS,MG   AREA(5),PFG
Triad               T3      SB,PG,HF    GS      FLAME,NOMAP
Execution           T1      SB,PG       GS,MG   KILL,NOMAP,PFG
                                                -Magus teleports a lot!

Unholy Amalgan      T5      SB,PG,HF    GS,HY   AREA(2),RELIC,FLAME,FALSE
Phantom             T5      SB,GL,PS,CF GS,MG   AREA(3),CAT
Plunder and Purge   T5      SB,PG,HF,CF GS,MG   FLAME,RELOAD
Snatch              T5      SB,PG,HF    GS      RELIC
Nemesis             T5 * SB,PG,HF,GL,CF * GS,CH * AREA(3),EXPL,NOMAP

Grand Hall          T10     SB,PG,HF,LC,AC  GS  AREA
Sanctum             T10 * SB,PG,GL,TH,SS,AC,CF * GS,PT * AREA(2),RELIC,KILL,PFG
Vigil               T5,TM6 * SB,PG,HF,GL,LC,TH,SS,AC * GS * CNTCT
Tempus Fugit        T?,TM5  SB,PG,GL,CF GS,HY   EXPL,NOSCAN
Pursuit             T1      SB,GL       GS      AREA,CAT
Clandestine Evil    T1      SB,PG

Tx = Number of Terminators in the mission. e.g. T2 (Two Terminators)
TMx = A timed mission where x is the number of minutes to complete the mission

Weapons:                         Enemies:
PG = Power Glove                 GS = Genestealers
CF = Chain Fist                  HY = Hybrids
GL = Granade Launcher            CH = Chaos Marines
LC = Lightning Claws             MG = Magus
SS = Storm Shield                PT = Patriarch
TH = Thunder Hammer              NO = No enemies in this mission
PS = Power Sword
SB = Storm Bolter
AC = Assault Cannon
HF = Heavy Flamer

Mission Objectives and Characteristics:
AREA   = Move to a specific area
POWER  = Find/Use Power Field Generator(s)
RELIC  = Find/Place Relic(s)
FLAME  = Flame room(s)
EXPL   = Find/Place Explosives
SWCH   = Activate Switch(es)
SEAL   = Seal door(s)
KILL   = Kill something
SURV   = Survive for a specific time interval
CAT    = Find/Place C.A.T.
CNTCT  = Prevent enemy contact at a specific area
NOMAP  = The layout is mapped out as you go.
PFG    = Power Field Generators available for use in this mission
FALSE  = False lifeforms on scanners
NOSCAN = No enemies show up on scanner, it will still give proximity beep

RELOAD = Find/Use weapon reloads, weapon starts out empty

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