Monday, October 10, 2016

Playstation 4 Cheats - Mega Man Legacy Collection

To unlock the following Trophies, complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
A New Ambition!! (Bronze Trophy) --- Escape the Skull Castle and complete Mega Man 4.
All Appearing Blocks (Silver Trophy) --- Complete the "ALL APPEARING BLOCKS" Challenge.
Bring Them All On! (Gold Trophy) --- Complete the "ALL ROBOT RUSH" Challenge.
Bronze x1 (Bronze Trophy) --- Earn 1 bronze metal by completing a Challenge.
Bronze x50 (Bronze Trophy) --- Earn 50 bronze metals by completing Challenges.
Gold x1 (Bronze Trophy) --- Earn 1 gold metal by completing a Challenge.
Gold x50 (Silver Trophy) --- Earn 50 gold metals by completing Challenges.
Proto Man's Trap (Bronze Trophy) --- Discover the truth about Proto Man and complete Mega Man 5.
Rock and Roll (Bronze Trophy) --- Stop Dr. Wily's plans and complete the original Mega Man.
Silver x50 (Silver Trophy) --- Earn 50 silver metals by completing Challenges.
The End of Dr. Wily?! (Bronze Trophy) --- Turn Gamma to scrap metal and complete Mega Man 3.
The Greatest Battle Ever! (Bronze Trophy) --- Unmask Mr. X and complete Mega Man 6.
The Mystery of Dr. Wily (Bronze Trophy) --- Take out the Alien and complete Mega Man 2.

The Mystery of Dr. Wily - Achievement / Trophy Guide
Use the route order: Metal, Wood, Air, Crash, Flash, Quick, Bubble, Heat.

Rock and Roll - Achievement / Trophy Guide
Each boss has a weakness to a specific weapon. Use either of the following paths through the Bosses to have a strong weapon ready for use. Note: Although Guts Man is sometimes difficult, his AI is a lot easier when faced first and he does less damage.

- Fire, Bomb, Guts, Cut, Elec, Ice
- Guts, Cut, Elec, Ice, Fire, Bomb

Then, use the following weapons on the remaining Bosses.

- Yellow Devil: Use the Electro weapon.
- cwU-01P: Remain on top of the bricks in the middle and use your regular blaster. When only four of them are remaining, use the Guts weapon and throw bricks at them.

- Wily: In the first phase use Fire and during the second phase use Lightning.

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