Friday, October 14, 2016

Playstation Vita Cheats - Kung Fu Rabbit

To unlock the following PSVita Trophies, complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
BACK WITH A VENGEANCE (Bronze) --- Finish all three worlds. The enemies are coming back in strength. More, stronger, uglier! Finally a bit of fun...
BIENVENIDO, GRINGO! (Bronze) --- Finish a level with the Mexican Avenger.
BREAKNECK (Bronze) --- Get killed in less than 2 seconds. This feat will remain written in the annals for centuries and centuries.
BULIMIA (Bronze) --- Collect 60 carrots. You can now go to the Dojo to train in the following technique: Death from the sky.
GOURMET ENDING (Bronze) --- Collect 15 carrots. Now go to the Dojo to purchase a Power Aura.
GRAND DRAGON (Silver) --- You finally won. They're erecting statues in your honour and fans are throwing flower petals before you. You're pure class.
I LOVE CARROTS (Bronze) --- Pick up a carrot. Use your carrots in the Dojo to purchase new equipment!
INITIATE OF THE SECRETS (Bronze) --- Finish a secret level. The secret levels contain harder and harder challenges.
KAMIKAZE (Bronze) --- Kill an enemy after you die. Banzai!!
MASTER OF THE SECRETS (Silver) --- Finish the bonus levels to become a real Master of the Secrets.
PERSISTENT (Bronze) --- You have died over 100 times and you're still here!
RABBIT AVENGER (Bronze) --- Kill more than 100 enemies during your journey. It's absolute slaughter.
STRAIGHT TO THE WALL (Bronze) --- Stay on one of these ghost walls when it appears to get yourself walled in alive!
THE BIG FAT CARROT (Bronze) --- Pick up a gold carrot. These carrots are worth more than ordinary carrots, and reappear at the end of a level. Play levels over to collect the carrots.
TWO WITH ONE BLOW (Bronze) --- Kill two enemies with one blow. That's what you call economising.
WHAT POWER! (Bronze) --- Show you've got lots of vigour by using a Power Aura.

WRONG SETTINGS (Bronze) --- You died over 20 times in the same level!

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