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Playstation 4 Cheats - Metro: 2033 Redux

To unlock the following Trophies, complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Air Bender (Bronze) --- Kill 50 humans with pneumatic weapons.
Blogger (Silver) --- Complete all 51 of Artyom's hidden Diary pages.
Cowboy (Bronze) --- Kill 100 enemies using revolvers.
Demolitionist (Bronze) --- Blow up the tunnel and airlock at CURSED STATION.
DJ Artyom (Bronze) --- On the level OUTPOST reach the radio tower and broadcast the commander's message.
Fire in the hole (Bronze) --- Kill 20 lurkers.
Fire! (Bronze) --- Kill 30 enemies with flame grenades.
Gunman (Bronze) --- Kill 100 enemies with shotguns.
Heavy Reader (Bronze) --- Kill a librarian.
Hedge-hopper (Bronze) --- On the level FRONTLINE kill all of the enemy Red Army and Fascist Soldiers.
Hunter (Bronze) --- Kill 200 Mutants.
Inquisitor (Bronze) --- Kill 2 demons.
Invisible man (Bronze) --- Complete FRONTLINE level without killing anyone.
Ka-Boom! (Bronze) --- Explode 30 enemies.
Manhattan Project (Bronze) --- Spend 60 seconds in a Radiation Hotspot.
Marksman (Bronze) --- Kill 15 human enemies with Headshots from at least 30 meters' distance.
Merciful (Bronze) --- Complete the level BLACK STATION without killing or knocking out any enemies.
Metro Trader (Bronze) --- Make 30 deals in weapon shops.
Ninja (Bronze) --- Kill 30 enemies with throwing knives.
Nosalis hunter (Bronze) --- Kill 100 nosalises.
Pathoanatomist (Bronze) --- Kill 5 amoebas.
Platinum Trophy (Platinum) --- Get all Trophies.
Pyro (Bronze) --- Kill 30 enemies with a flamethrower.
Quick Draw (Bronze) --- On the level HUNTER kill the nosalises before they break through the ventilation grilles.
Raider (Bronze) --- On the level DEPOT silently kill the first guard and break into the Fascist station unnoticed.
Ranger (Bronze) --- Find all Ranger stashes in Dead City.
Rescue Ranger (Silver) --- Save a group of Reds from Fascist captivity.
Scrooge (Bronze) --- Save 1000 military-grade rounds.
Shocking (Bronze) --- Get 30 kills with Hellbreath.
Slice & Dice (Bronze) --- Kill 30 human enemies in close combat.
Snake (Bronze) --- Stealthily kill 15 Enemies.
Sniper (Bronze) --- Kill 30 human enemies with headshots.
Soft Touch (Bronze) --- Disarm 15 wire traps.
Spartan 2033 (Gold) --- Complete the game in Spartan Mode.
Spider hunter (Bronze) --- Kill 10 Spiders.
Stunning (Bronze) --- Knock 30 human enemies out in close combat.
Survivor 2033 (Silver) --- Complete the game in Survival Mode.
Tank (Bronze) --- Kill 10 Enemies without taking any damage.
Thief (Silver) --- Open 15 locked safe boxes.
Toast! (Bronze) --- Drink at every occasion.
Tonic Man (Bronze) --- Use a Medkit 75 times.
Trigger Happy (Bronze) --- Kill 100 enemies with assault rifles.
Warrior (Bronze) --- Kill 100 Human Enemies.
Watchman hunter (Bronze) --- Kill 50 Watchmen.
Weaponsmith (Silver) --- Kill at least one enemy with each weapon available in the game
Wheeler-Dealer (Bronze) --- Exchange 500 Military-Grade 5.45 rounds at Exchange kiosks.
Who goes there? (Bronze) --- Wipe your Gas Mask 20 times.

Secret Trophies
To unlock the following Secret Trophies, complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Enlightened (Gold) --- Find the truth.
Generous (Bronze) --- Help the poor, a coin for the kid, medicine for the sick. You help everyone you see.
If it's hostile, you kill it. (Gold) --- Become a true ranger.

Easy "DJ Artyom" achievement or trophy
There is an objective in "Outpost" about an S.O.S. message from "Defense". Enter the first Nazi controlled building, where a Demon snatches a fleeing Nazi. Fight through the area until reaching the upper level of that building. Once there you will find a hallway with three tripwire mines and two Demons. Get past the mines and check the right room at the end of the corridor to find a ramp that gives access to the rooftop. You will find a corpse with a Kalashnikov on the rooftop. The communications apparatus for the achievement is found in the corner of the rooftop

Extended filter
Avoid jumping and sprinting to extend the use of your filter.

Nightvision goggles
Besides buying the Sneaking Suit at Armory Station, you can get a pair of nightvision goggles at Front Lines. When in control of Artyom, turn around and follow the train tracks. The nightvision goggles will be in a red breaker box guarded by two soldiers.
Realist - achievement or trophy guide
Decline the kid's offer to lead you at Riga Station.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series references
- When in the Library, the two rangers will announce the titles of several books. One of them is "Roadside Picnic" (1977) by the Strugatsky brothers, which was the book that Andrei Tarkovsky's 1979 movie "STALKER" was based on, which then was the inspiration behind S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow Of Chernobyl.
- The first person you can talk to resembles a "loner" Stalker and says "Take it easy bro!"
- The scene with the campfire with the guitar.

- The winter mask that are on dead people.

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