Monday, October 31, 2016

Playstation 4 Cheats - Murdered: Soul Suspect

To unlock the following Trophies, complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
A Watery Grave (Bronze Trophy) --- Uncovered the Watery Grave ghost story
Amnesia (Bronze Trophy) --- Helped Julie find peace
Ashes to Ashes (Bronze Trophy) --- Uncovered the ghost story
Baxter's Story (Bronze Trophy) --- Learned about Baxter's Life
Carnage (Bronze Trophy) --- Helped Brad find peace
Cassandra's Story (Bronze Trophy) --- Learned about Cassandra's Life
Codex (Silver Trophy) --- Discovered the meaning of the supernatural graffiti
Collector 1 (Bronze Trophy) --- Collected an artifact
Collector 10 (Bronze Trophy) --- Collected 10 artifacts
Collector 100 (Bronze Trophy) --- Collected 100 artifacts
Collector 150 (Bronze Trophy) --- Collected 150 artifacts
Collector 25 (Bronze Trophy) --- Collected 25 artifacts
Collector 50 (Bronze Trophy) --- Collected 50 artifacts
Collector 75 (Bronze Trophy) --- Collected 75 artifacts
Collector All (Gold Trophy) --- Collected all of the artifacts
Discover Remove (Bronze Trophy) --- Used Remove for the first time
Discover Reveal (Bronze Trophy) --- Used Reveal for the first time
Eternal Flame (Bronze Trophy) --- Uncovered the ghost story
Exorcist (Gold Trophy) --- Defeated a demon
Interrogator (Bronze Trophy) --- Interrogated a ghost for the first time
Investigator (Bronze Trophy) --- Completed the first investigation
Julia's Story (Bronze Trophy) --- Learned about Julia's Life
Man in the Box (Bronze Trophy) --- Uncovered the ghost story
Mindreader (Bronze Trophy) --- Used Mind Read for the first time
Moving On (Platinum Trophy) --- Collected every trophy in the game
Poltergeist (Bronze Trophy) --- Used for the first time
Possess the Cat (Bronze Trophy) --- Possessed the cat
Rex's Story (Bronze Trophy) --- Learned about Rex's Life
Ronan's Story (Bronze Trophy) --- Learned about Ronan's Life
Salem's History (Bronze Trophy) --- Discovered Salem's history
Scorned (Bronze Trophy) --- Helped Katy find peace
Teleporter (Bronze Trophy) --- Teleported for the first time
Terror on the Tracks (Bronze Trophy) --- Uncovered The ghost story
The Bell Killer's Story (Bronze Trophy) --- Learned about the Bell Killer
The Bell Tower Banshee (Bronze Trophy) --- Uncovered ghost story
The Heirloom (Bronze Trophy) --- Uncovered ghost story
The Missing Body (Bronze Trophy) --- Helped Ingrid find peace
The Stalwart Specter (Bronze Trophy) --- Uncovered ghost story
The Witch Trials (Bronze Trophy) --- Discovered information about the witch trials

Faster Credits
As you are seeing the video game's closing credits, you can tilt your analog stick up to make them scroll faster.

Tomb Raider reference
You can possess a woman in town and see her trying to remember Lara Croft's name from Tomb Raider

Just Cause reference
You can find two posters for Just Cause in the police station. One is next to the vending machines outside the investigation room. The other is upstairs, next to a soda machine.

Deus Ex reference
Almost every computer at the police station is displaying the main menu from Deus Ex on their monitors.

Saving Joy from the Bell Killer
Select the "Powerful Scream" clue. The Bell Killer will break his hold on Joy.

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