Thursday, October 27, 2016

Playstation Vita Cheats - The LEGO Movie Videogame

Cheat Mode
Pause gameplay, choose the "Extras" option, then "Enter Code". Enter among the following codes to trigger the matching cheat function.
Code: --- Result:
F3VG47 --- Abraham Lincolin
P4YX22 --- Cleopatra
FNHLTK --- Emmet (Clown)
UOOAQY --- Emmet (Lizard)
NIHX2B --- Emmet (Old West)
HJ4C21 --- Emmet (Pajamas)
FXP9AN --- Gallant Guard
OSSVNI --- Green Ninja
A76DN7 --- Lady Liberty
K7TDXJ --- Larry the Barista
KGJ4DU --- Lord Vampyre
UP7HJQ --- Mrs. Scratchen Post
NG73OM --- Panda Guy
FHNCD1 --- Prospector
GFH2F8 --- Robo Swat (Laser)
31S3I5 --- Shakespear
BID12F --- Swamp Creature
BC2XJ5 --- Vitruvious (Young)
V4P96P --- Yeti

Special content
Locate the floating "kit" surrounded by studs next to the police station in Bricksberg. Walk up to it and enter 6LKMNDHR or HVLLRX6R as a code. You will now have access to the Blacktron Fan from the "Rescue Reinforcements" building set and the Musical Pants.

More Special Codes
Locate the floating "kit" surrounded by studs next to the police station in Bricksberg. Walk up to it and enter one of the following codes to unlock the corresponding content.
Code: --- Result:
6LK78NN9 or HVLH63VL --- Angry Kitty and Construction Pants (Emmet's Construct-o-Mech)
6LKMNDHR or HVLLRX6R --- Blacktron Fan and Musical Pants (Rescue Reinforcements)
6LK3FRL6 or HVL4TQT4 --- Johnny Thunder and Super Secret Pants (Super Secret Police Dropship)
6LK3RRY4 or HVL4TB94 --- Robo Pilot and Astro pants (Benny's Spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIP!)

To unlock the following Trophies, complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Ambush Avoided (Bronze Trophy) --- Finish "Cloud Under Attack"
Brick by Brick (Gold Trophy) --- Collect All Red Bricks
Complete Collection (Silver Trophy) --- Unlock all Characters
Everything Is Alright (Silver Trophy) --- Rescue All Civilians and Master Builders
Everything Is Awesome (Platinum Trophy) --- Collect All Trophies
Falling With Style (Bronze Trophy) --- Complete a Skydive as Superman
Head In The Clouds (Bronze Trophy) --- Finish "Cloud Cuckoo Land"
High Noon Showdown (Bronze Trophy) --- Finish "Flatbush Town"
I Fought The Law (Bronze Trophy) --- Finish "Police Station"
I'm Batman! (Silver Trophy) --- Defeat 20 Enemies using Batman's special moves
In The Beginning (Bronze Trophy) --- Finish "Prologue"
Instructions Followed (Bronze Trophy) --- Complete an Instruction Build
Justice Served (Bronze Trophy) --- Have Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern in the same party
Much Statue About Nothing (Silver Trophy) --- Destroy all Lord Business statues
No Fly Zone (Silver Trophy) --- Destroy every SSP Dropship in the game
No Instructions Needed (Bronze Trophy) --- Complete a Build-It or Master Build as Emmet
No One Is Safe (Silver Trophy) --- Defeat one of each enemy type
Not So Special (Bronze Trophy) --- Finish "Flatbush Gulch"
Particular Set Of Skills (Silver Trophy) --- Defeat 50 Enemies using Bad Cop
Prophecy Fulfilled (Bronze Trophy) --- Finish "The Cube Ship"
Rallying Call (Bronze Trophy) --- Finish "TV Station"
Redemption (Silver Trophy) --- Defeat Lord Business With Vitruvius In Your Party
Rooftop Rumble (Bronze Trophy) --- Finish "Flatbush Rooftops"
Scavenger Hunt (Gold Trophy) --- Collect All Minikits
Spaceship! Spaceship!!! (Bronze Trophy) --- Finish "Spaceship Escape"
Special One (Silver Trophy) --- Defeat 100 enemies using special moves
Stick To The Plan (Bronze Trophy) --- Finish "Business HQ"
The High Seas (Bronze Trophy) --- Finish "Submarine"
The Magic Number (Gold Trophy) --- Complete All Multi-Part Challenges
The Speedster (Gold Trophy) --- Complete All Timed Challenges
The Tide Begins To Turn (Bronze Trophy) --- Finish "Attack on Bricksberg"
Think Tank (Bronze Trophy) --- Finish "The Kragle"
Used Your Head (Bronze Trophy) --- Finish "Flatbush Chase"
Where Are My Pants? (Gold Trophy) --- Collect All Missing Pants

You Shall Not Pass (Bronze Trophy) --- Deja Vu for Gandalf

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