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3DO Interactive Multiplayer Cheats - Wing Commander 3: Heart Of The Tiger

Debug menu code:
From a previously saved game, boot any one of the four discs. Hold LS + P at the New game/Load game/Continue screen. Press A when the Continue option is highlighted. Alternatively, start a new game and enter a call sign of Origin systems, Bean, Prowler, Skywise, Nice Guy, Batfink, or Trip hawkins. The sound of a door opening will confirm correct code entry. Then, press LS + P.

Pick Mission
Choose from any of the 53 missions in the game. You can play and continue from the selected mission.

Play Movie
Choose and play any movie scene from the game. Most consist of three letters, one for the set-up, and the other two for the results of each of the possible choices. The landing and launching sequences have a different letter for every vehicle.

Show Sprites
View any of the 283 sprites used in the game, with size and frame number information.

Play In-flight Movie
Plays any of the 438 communication videos.

System Flags
When changed from space, this may be used to set four different flags to true or false. Access the debug menu by pressing LS + P (after the menu has been accessed at least one time previously from booting the disk).
- Killable: set to FALSE to to gain invinicibility through any mission.
- Bangable: set to FALSE to turn off collision detection.
- Finger Of Death: set to TRUE. While in flight, press X + A to destroy any highlighted target (enemy or friendly)
- System access menu: if set to FALSE, will prevent further access to the debug menu.
View Objects
View any of the 35 objects in the game with display of RAM usage, number of textures, and size of each texture.

Benchmark CD
Displays the speed of the CD drive with checks in 100kb, 1 Mb, 10 Mb, 100 Mb, and 500 Mb seek times. It will also check the throughput of a 393kb blockfile and diskstream.

Gameflow flag, Test Stream, Test SFX
These options are inoperable in the consumer version of the game.

Keep Flint as a wingman:
Flint may still be used as a wingman even Rachel was selected over her as a love interest. Just do not talk to her on the lift.

Enter Kilrah without firing a shot:
After getting the Temblor Bomb and the cloaking device, fly to the point where you can make a jump. Jump to emerge at a point defended by gun platforms and ships. Activate the cloaking device and jump to emerge at a point defended by Thrakhash and other Kilrathi. Jump once more, then sit back and enjoy the ending.


Easy battles:
Start the game with the wc3 -mitchell command line. A voice will yell "Mitchell" when Blair is preparing to launch to confirm correct code entry. Press [Ctrl] + W during a battle sequence to destroy the targeted ship. Press [Ctrl] + [Alt] + W to destroy all enemy ships on radar.

View FMV sequences:
Press [Caps Lock], then hold [Shift] + [Delete] + [F10] and type lordbritish during the opening credits. A menu will appear that will allow any of the FMV sequences in the game to displayed. Press [Alt] + O during flight mode to display the special menu.
Forced crash:
Press [Alt] + Y during a mission.

Display debug information:
Press [Alt] + D during game play.

FMV sequence fast forward:
Press [Ctrl] + [Alt] + S during a FMV sequence.

Cheat menu:
Press [Alt] + O during a mission for invincibility, no collision detection, skill level, detail level, video mode, and audio mode options.


Debug menu
At any 'Load Game, New Game, Continue' menu hold Ls + P and as it cycles through the selections, press and release A over Continue. If you keep holding Ls + P you will jump directly to the debug screen, or you can release shortly after releasing the A button which will bring you to the flight deck. From there you can load a save game. The cheat can be activated at any time by pressing Ls + P.

An alternative is to start a new game, and enter one of the following as names for your call-sign: "Origin Systems" "Skywise"  You will hear the noise of a door opening. Ls+P will bring up the debug menu.

[Note: Some selections of the debug menu do not work, and others (like viewing movies) will not allow you to exit the debug menu.]

With 'Finger of Death = TRUE' you can destroy anything (even friendly targets in blue) with Stop + A.

Flightstick bug
If you have a Flightstick, be sure to select your conversation choices with the A button , not the trigger. If you press the trigger, your choice is accepted, but the FMV is canceled. If you use the trigger by accident, you can just re-select the character, and the video will play again from the beginning, with your choice already made.

Mission table
The missions in WC3 are divided into groups, usually of three or four missions each. One mission in each group is designated as a "deciding mission," the success or failure of which determines whether the player will proceed among the winning path or the losing path in the mission tree. The names in the table below represent the solar systems in which a particular mission group takes place, with the corresponding number of the deciding mission in that series.

     System        Victory       Loss
    Orsini-4      Tamayo        Tamayo-2
    Tamayo        Locanda-2     Locanda-2
    Tamayo-2      Locanda-2     Proxima
    Locanda-2     Blackmane-1   Blackmane-3
    Blackmane-1   Blackmane-2   Ariel-1,2,3
    Blackmane-2   Blackmane-3   Blackmane-3
    Blackmane-3   Ariel-1,2,3   Proxima
    Ariel-1,2,3   Caliban-1     Delius-1
    Caliban-1     Caliban-2     Torgo
    Caliban-2     Caliban-3     Torgo
    Delius-1      Torgo         Delius-2
    Delius-2      Delius-3      Proxima
    Delius-3      Torgo         Proxima
    Torgo         Torgo-2       Torgo-2
    Torgo-2       Loki-3        Loki-3
    Loki-3        Alcor-4       (Stranded)
    Alcor-4       Freya         Proxima
    Freya         Freya-3       Freya-3
    Freya-3       Hyperion      Proxima
    Hyperion      Kilrah-1      Proxima
    Kilrah-1      Kilrah-2      Proxima
    Kilrah-2      Kilrah-3      (Lose 1)
    Kilrah-3      Kilrah-4      (Lose 1)
    Kilrah-4      (Win)         (Lose 2)
    Proxima       Sol           Sol
    Sol          (Lose 1)       (Lose 1)

(Win): Kilrathi surrenders. Fly home to Earth in shuttle.
(Lose1): Ejection seat. Picked up by Thrakhath. Confederation defeated.
(Lose2): Ejection seat. No pick-up by Thrakhath. Confederation defeated.
   Note: The numbers represent the deciding missions in that series.

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