Sunday, November 27, 2016

Playstation 4 Cheats - Nobunaga No Yabou Online: Kakusei No Shou

To unlock the following Trophies, complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
All Facilities Constructed (Bronze) --- Build all facility types.
Alliance (Bronze) --- Formed your first coalition.
Battle of Okehazama Cleared (Silver) --- Clear the 'Battle of Okehazama' scenario.
Battle Victory (Bronze) --- Won your first battle.
Capture 50 Acquisitions (Bronze) --- Capture 50 acquisitions.
Castle Branch (Bronze) --- Build your first castle upgrade.
Earn 5,000 Koku (Silver) --- Earn 5,000 koku.
Enemy Base Conquered (Bronze) --- Conquer your first enemy base.
Enemy Lord Subdued (Bronze) --- Defeat your first enemy lord.
Facility Construction (Bronze) --- Build your first facility.
Family Estate Inheritance Cleared (Silver) --- Clear the 'Family Estate Inheritance' scenario.
Foreign Reinforcements (Bronze) --- Received aid from a foreign power.
Heirloom Acquisition (Silver) --- Acquire each type of heirloom.
Hojo House Victory (Silver) --- Achieve victory as the Hojo.
Like a Dream Cleared (Silver) --- Clear the 'Like a Dream' scenario.
Marriage Alliance (Bronze) --- Formed your first alliance through marriage.
Mouri House Victory (Silver) --- Achieve victory as the Mouri.
Nobunaga Encirclement Cleared (Silver) --- Clear the 'Nobunaga Encirclement' scenario.
Oda and Toyotomi House Victory (Silver) --- Achieve victory as the Oda and Toyotomi.
Policy Enforcement (Silver) --- Enforce all policy types.
Population of 70,000 (Silver) --- Rule over 70,000 people.
Property Acquisition (Silver) --- Acquire each type of property.
Records of Daimyos (Gold) --- Gain records of all daimyos.
Records of Endings (Gold) --- Gain records of all endings.
Records of Historical Warriors (Gold) --- Gain records of all vassals and warriors.
Safety Ordinance (Silver) --- Implement a safety regulation.
Scenario Cleared (Bronze) --- Clear your first scenario.
Takeda House Victory (Silver) --- Achieve victory as the Takeda.
Total Record (Platinum) --- Earn all other trophies.
Uesugi House Victory (Silver) --- Achieve victory as the Uesugi.

Unification (Gold) --- Defeated all lords and unified the land.

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