Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Playstation 4 Cheats - Nobunaga No Yabou: Souzou

To unlock the following Trophies, complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
50 Captures (Bronze) --- Capture 50 enemy officers.
Acquire All Herilooms (Silver) --- Acquire all heirlooms.
All Generals Acquired (Gold) --- Acquire all generals and retainers.
All Lords Acquired (Gold) --- Acquire all lords.
All Property Acquired (Silver) --- All property acquired.
Alliance (Bronze) --- Negotiate your first alliance.
Battle of Okehazama Scenario Cleared (Silver) --- Clear the 'Battle of Okehazama' scenario.
Building Construction (Bronze) --- Build your first structure.
Capture an Enemy Castle (Bronze) --- Capture your first enemy castle.
Castle Construction (Bronze) --- Build your first castle.
Complete All Construction Projects (Bronze) --- Build all structure types.
Earn 5,000 Koku (Silver) --- Earn 5,000 koku.
Foreign Reinforcements (Bronze) --- Receive your first foreign reinforcements.
Fulfillment of All Outcomes (Gold) --- See all endings.
Fulfillment of All Records (Platinum) --- Completed everything in Nobunaga's Ambition.
Hojo Family Daimyo (Silver) --- Complete the game as a Hojo lord.
Like a Dream Scenario Cleared (Silver) --- Clear the 'Like a Dream' scenario.
Marriage Alliance (Bronze) --- Conclude an alliance with a marriage.
Mouri Family Daimyo (Silver) --- Complete the game as a Mouri lord.
Nobunaga Encirclement Scenario Cleared (Silver) --- Clear the 'Nobunaga Encirclement' scenario.
Oda Family Daimyo (Silver) --- Complete the game as an Oda lord.
Order Cleared (Silver) --- Order cleared.
Policy Enforcement (Silver) --- Enforce all policies.
Population Reached 70,000 (Silver) --- Reach a population of 70,000.
Scenario Clear (Bronze) --- Clear your first scenario.
Subjugate an Enemy Lord (Bronze) --- Subjugate your first enemy lord.
Succession Scenario Cleared (Silver) --- Clear the 'Succession' scenario.
Takeda Family Daimyo (Silver) --- Complete the game as a Takeda lord.
Uesugi Family Daimyo (Silver) --- Complete the game as an Uesugi lord.
Unified Country (Gold) --- Defeat all enemy lords.

Victory in Battle (Bronze) --- Win your first battle.

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