Friday, November 18, 2016

Sega Master System Cheats - Alex Kidd In Mircale World

Continue game play:
Hold Up and press 2 eight times at the game over screen. Note: This code may only be enabled if there is a total of $400 or more when game play ends.

Hint: Extra lives:
                Go to the second question mark in the first level. Punch it out and a ghost will appear. Run away from it. Go to the question mark at the end of the level. Punch it and there will no longer be a ghost where one usually appears. Instead, an extra life will appear.
                Some of the question mark blocks have ghosts in them. Do not avoid them -- release them all. If you release a ghost without dying, the next question mark block is always an extra life. To get away from the ghost, move quickly towards the right side of the screen until it has disappeared. Once the ghost has gone, it is gone for good. If this is done with every ghost encountered, you can collect quite a lot of extra lives.
                On the first level, the second question mark box you punch out will be a ghost. When you get there, punch out the rocks near the three money boxes. Make sure you punch out the bird before you collect the three money boxes. Then, punch the question mark box and run directly to the three money boxes and punch. The first two and the ghost should disappear. When you get to the end of the level, the last question mark box will be an extra life.

Hint: Defeating the octopus:
When you enter the second water scene, take on the octopus and kill it. To do this knock off all of the tentacles. When it disappears, holdDown on its "pot" or where it was sitting. You should enter a new water scene which leads to another island.

Hint: Defeating frogs:

In underwater levels, you can kill the bubble blowing frogs by swimming to the right far enough so that you can see just half of the creature. Then, swim back to the far left edge of the screen and start punching. You will kill the frog. Note: If you swim too far to the right and can see the whole frog, this trick will not work.

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