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3DO Interactive Multiplayer Cheats - Wolfenstein 3D

Cheat mode:
Press X during game play to display the options menu. Highlight the "New Game" option and press C. The level password menu will appear. Enter one of the following codes and press P to continue the game. Note: APPLEIIGS will also be accepted as a valid code, but has no effect on the game.

Level select
Enter CHADxx for the level password; where xx is AA (level 1), AB (level 2), AC (level 3), etc.

All keys
Enter BURGER as a password.

999 rounds of ammunition
Enter FENLEY as a password.

All weapons with 99 rounds of ammunition
Enter KICKBUTT as a password.

Secret doors displayed on auto-map
Enter LOGICWARE as a password.

Enter NOKITTY as a password.

Invincibility, weapons, keys, and unlimited ammunition
Enter GREG as a password.

Fast map:
Press C + A to display the map, and release A while keeping C pressed. Press the D-Pad to move the map twice as fast as normal.

Secret rooms:
The secret rooms are like any other room except they are accessed by a "secret passage" (not really a door). There are certain wall panels which can be pushed. The wall will then slide back revealing a passage to another room. Secret rooms are usually used to store treasure, keys, food, first aid and ammo packs and more powerful guns.

Although there are no strict guidelines to where a secret room might be, there are subtle hints on where one might be positioned. Since the maps in the game are true (i.e. they are not warped space), a block of wall which is thick and houses no standard rooms (operated by normal sliding doors) could potentially house a secret room. First try the obvious places on the walls (e.g. Hitler paintings, Nazi banners and other obvious wall decorations). Some secret panels are in the corners of a room, others in the middle of a wall (midpoint of a wall in a standard room). There are also a few between two objects, such as two plants or two barrels positioned against the walls. Secret panels may also be found on walls in straight line extending from an object (such as an overhead lamp). Some secret rooms have secret rooms within them. Sometimes secret movable panels can be moved to block each other.

Secret levels:
The secret levels are just another level which has been made harder to find than others. To get to a secret level a special elevator (in appearance they look like a normal elevator) must be taken from one of the normal (non-secret levels). Special elevators are hidden. There is one secret level per episode. After a secret level is completed, the exit elevator will provide to the next normal level to be completed.


Level select:
Start the game with the -tedlevel [level number] command line parameter. The level number is a two digit number with the tens digit representing the episode minus one and the ones digit representing the level number minus one.

Difficulty select:
Start the game with the -baby, -easy, -normal, or -hard command line parameters.

Unlimited lives:
Start the game with level select and difficulty select command line parameters.

Full health, ammunition, keys and chain gun:
Press L + I + M during game play. Note: Your score will reset to zero after this cheat is enabled.

Unlimited ammunition, invincibility, all keys:
Press M + L + S during game play.

Commander Keen cheat message:
Press A + B + T during game play.

Music test:
Hold M at the memory screen that appears while the game loads. Three music menu options will appear after the game finishes loading.

Cheat mode:
Start the game with the -goobers command line parameter. Press [Left Shift] + [Alt] + [Backspace] to enable debug mode. Enter one of the following codes to enable the corresponding cheat function.

Effect --- Code
Change border color --- [Tab] + B
Display number of items, doors, and actors --- [Tab] + C
Skip two levels --- [Tab] + E
Displays coordinates --- [Tab] + F
Toggle God mode --- [Tab] + G
Lose health --- [Tab] + H
Free items --- [Tab] + I
Display memory usage --- [Tab] + M
Pause without message --- [Tab] + P
Exit game --- [Tab] + Q
Toggle slow motion --- [Tab] + S
View graphics and play sounds --- [Tab] + T
Add extra VBLs --- [Tab] + V
Level select --- [Tab] + W
Extra stuff --- [Tab] + X


Codes are entered by pressing X during gameplay to display the Options Menu. Highlight the New Game option and press C. The Level Password Menu will appear. Enter one of the following codes and press P to continue the game. "APPLEIIGS" will also be accepted as a valid code, but has no effect on the game.

Level skip     CHADxx    [where xx is AA (level 1), AB (level 2), etc]
All keys       BURGER
Ammunition     FENLEY    [999 rounds of ammuntion will be available.
All weapons    KICKBUTT  [All weapons will be available, with 99 rounds of ammo]
Secret door    LOGICWARE [Secret doors will be visible on the auto-map screen]
Invincibility  NOKITTY

Invincibility, weapons, and keys code: Enter "GREG" for the level password. The player will be invincible, have all keys, and have all weapons with unlimited ammunition.

Fast map

Press C + A to display the map, and release A while keeping C pressed. Press the joypad to move the map twice as fast as normal.

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